TradeMate – New Level of Trading

TRADEMATE is a Trading platform with advanced functionality for trading on Binance, Poloniex and Bitmex. has developed a revolutionary platform where traders can raise their trading to the next level with the

The modern instrument on Trademate allows you to create take profit, and stop loss quickly and conveniently, directly on the TradingView chart. Limited deals do not freeze assets now.

Key Platform Features

  • Copy trade

If you do not understand what technical and fundamental analysis is, you do not want to delve into the subtleties of money management and risk management, but you want to make money on the stock exchange – just find a trader whose work you like and copy his transactions.

On the platform there is a convenient statistics that shows the profitability of traders’ transactions, what percentage of the deposit they risk, what stop loss and take profits they use. Everything is simple and extremely clear. Chose – subscribed – began to receive income.

  • Smart trade

You are able to earn on the stock exchange, but cryptocurrency platforms do not allow you to reach your full potential? It is impossible to simultaneously set Stop Loss and Take Profit for one deal, and when placing a warrant do the funds freeze? Trade-mate will avoid such shortcomings in your strategy.

Simply connect your exchange account via API and automate your strategy through a convenient and functional interface. Move SL and TP directly on the TradingView chart. It is worth noting that Trade-mate does not have access to the funds on your account, and all data is securely protected on individual servers.

  • Trader’s Cabinet

Are you a professional trader with a working strategy that brings stable profits? Create your channel and take in the management of investments of your subscribers! With each successful transaction you can get up to 30% of the profits in the form of commission.

  • Dashboard

Dashboard shows the current state and statistics of all your actions with the service. Customize your unique dashboard and watch your trading statistics on one screen.

  • Statistics

View detailed reports on selected filters and stay in the know of all your trades on different exchange accounts.

Why choose TradeMate?

For investor

Subscribe to the best traders and follow them

  • Choose the channel that suits your trading style based on the latest statistics. All channels in the ranking are monitored by verified traders
  • You will automatically create tasks based on their signals


Trade yourself in Smart Trade

  • If you like to keep everything under control, you can create tasks based on signals manually and edit them in advance
  • If you are tired of tracking, you can use Smart Trade and create tasks by specifying take profit and stop loss directly on the chart

Signal Maker

Do you feel confident? Get into the ranking of the best traders and monetize your knowledge

  • Create a channel in the trader’s office and generate signals
  • Get up to 30% of the lucrative transactions’ profit of your subscribers
  • Keep your hand on the pulse of your signals: panic sell, editing and averaging are at your disposal
  • Withdraw the money earned to your BTC and ETH wallets

Distinctive features

  • Trading View

Our service is fully integrated with the familiar TradingView charts. Right on them, you can set take profit and stop loss levels, see the average order price, as well as save your indicators, lines, and settings.

  • Averaging

If the market were unpredictable, you could always carry out averaging using the TradingView chart and the average order price calculated according to your orders.

  • Task editing

If the situation has changed, and you have already set a strategy for a certain currency pair, you can always change the active task and adjust the necessary actions to maximize the profit.

Innovative copy trading ecosystem

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