TradePlayz is the combination of two industries in one. It is equal parts mobile gaming and mobile trading, collectively. TradePlayz is a mobile platform for playing «Fantasy Trading and Investment» with real rewards provided by our Zed token. We believe that the best elements of gaming, excitement and the passion of trading and investments, can be obtained from an honest and fair platform, that is equally thrilling.

With these elements decidedly in mind, we have coupled them with blockchain technology; where all games are held between real people. Thereby, players are creating the unique and thrilling personality, and environment, of our product.

TradePlayz is the world’s premiere platform for fantasy trading and investment that allows you to earn winnings / rewards based on real value, with your own mind, from simply playing the game, learning the markets, teaching yourself through experience and trading actively. In this way, we actively encourage and help our users to enrich their lives mentally, and literally. Raise the stakes!

Games are held through an elimination basis and are conducted on the basis of real time quotes within the cryptocurrency markets through the use of blockchain technology. The TradePlayz token, released by the TradePlayz organization, will be the official game currency that sources the entry fees as well as the winnings / rewards.

Our aim is to provide the best binary options platform in the market by providing an honest, fair, guaranteed payout with 100% transparency at the highest reward rate and best user friendly system to gamers / users / players. The TradePlayz Platform doesn’t make money from traders’ losses but from fees per game.


TradePlayz’ token smart contracts and trading history(s) will be deployed on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard). Trader and Bankrollers funds are also stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
The link to the smart contract and the address will be available at least 24 hours before the beginning of the token sale.



Over the past year, the team at TradePlayz has been building the platform on which its game/trade services will be launched. The next stage in our development will be the release of our playable beta version of the app for the public.

100 Million Zed Tokens have been created to support the demand of users. These will be issued once the crowdsale is concluded on April 15 of 2018.


Zed tokens are issued for internal (tournament entry fees) and external (rewards, withdraws) payments on the TradePlayz platform. Zed tokens are profoundly integrated into the system to ensure maximum trade flow — as a rule, as the number of users within the system grows, the value of any cryptocurrency increases.

The platform fund will be actively growing via collection of fees, but these tokens shall not be sold on the exchange market. Their future purpose will be determined upon analyzing the project development during its first years of operation. In the event of favorable business activity, the said tokens may be used to enhance and improve further development of the platform.


For each member of the crowdsale, a personal wallet will be created, the address ofwhich will be used to enroll the tokens.

• A private key of the wallet will be sent in the automatically generated letter in a PDF file.

• Tokens can be purchased for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments and possibly others

• The user can transfer the wallet to any convenient service with ETH ERC20 support independently.

• All information about the transfers will be kept in Blockchain and user account

• All tokens will be stored in the generated private wallets on the site and can be sent to personal wallets after the end of the token sale.

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