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Over the past few years, adoption of cryptocurrency has grown exponentially, primarily because of its attractiveness to people looking to use alternative money. Because all cryptocurrencies are decentralized, anonymous, and electronic, they’ve been called the currency of the future. Let’s take a look at a few of the areas where cryptocurrency is having an impact on the world.

Cryptocurrency Is Becoming A Larger Part Of Our Everyday Lives

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and remains the most prominent. Because of its growing popularity, it’s now being used every day, for ordinary transactions. Well-known businesses such as Etsy and Subway accept bitcoins as payment. The BitPay Visa debit card allows you to transform your bitcoins into conventional money within minutes, and use the card anywhere that accepts Visa. Another platform, ChainTrade, is using blockchain to revolutionize the trade of food and raw materials. This financial sector represents more than $2 trillion annually.

It’s no surprise, then, that there have been movements to legitimize cryptocurrencies as real forms of payment in countries like Japan and Russia. Japan has already accepted bitcoin as legal currency with numerous major retailers. Russia is seeking to recognize cryptocurrencies as legal financial instruments, which will allow them to deal with the problem of money laundering.

Even more surprising is that cryptocurrency has begun to be used for crowfunding programs, or better known as initial coin offering. The scheme is almost the same as IPO, but ICO uses cryptocurrency which will efficiently and speed up the process of selling tokens.

TradeTex: Invest in ICO trade in different Crypto currencies and earn profit

Once you know the greatness of cryptocurrency, you will definitely think you can invest your money in the cryptocurrency market, and you are right to read this article.

This time it will be explained about a cyrpto platform called Tradetex. Tradetex is a wallet, exchange created to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all crypto currency conversions. TradeTEX is a zero commission crypto currency exchange with decentralized account balances that governs itself autonomously. TradeTex is driven by blockchain technology. Right from the use of its own cryptocurrency to eliminate transaction fees, to storing account balances in a decentralized smart contract and allowing its traders & investors to participate in different investment plan, everything that makes TradeTex revolutionary is only made possible by embracing the disruptive power of new blockchain technology that until very recently didn’t even exist.

TradeTex Exchange has its own native cryptocurrency, called the TDX token. Traders speculate on the price of Alt coins against the US dollar, where 1USD = 1TDX. The tick value of each TradeTex market is 1 TDX token, i.e. one needs TDX Tokens to participate in all investment plans which includes Staking, Alt coin Mining & Trading different cryptocurrencies. All trading profits and losses are denominated in TDX tokens. Margin requirements are payable in TDX tokens and traders account balance, deposits and withdrawals are also denominated in TDX tokens. Therefore, traders must own TDX tokens to trade on TradeTex commission-free, trustworthy exchange, which creates demand for the TDX token.

TradeTex Features

  • Zero Transaction Fee
  • TradeTex is not charging any fee on each transaction during Long Term Trading whereas a fixed fee of 2TDX
  • 100% dividend distribution
  • TradeTex exchange charges 2TDX per transaction as fee for Margin Trading but at the end of the quarter, 100% of its profit is distributed among the TDX share holders.
  • Immediate token Distribution
  • TDX tokens will be credited to your Tradetex personal wallet immediately after payment transaction, no need to wait for tokens or ICO to close. TDX Tokens will automatically be credited to your wallet and are ready for trading and withdrawal.
  • Add Funds
  • This feature allows users to add money to their TradeTex account through Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Buy and exchange crypto
  • Everyone everywhere will be able to buy major cryptocurrencies with TradeTex. Moreover, it will be possible to use Altcoins for all purchases with your TradeTex. No external, manual exchange necessary, no complex processes.
  • TradeTex Native Crypto Currency
  • The Tradetex Exchange has its own native crypto currency, called the TDX token.
  • Send funds
  • This feature allows TradeTex users to send funds to anyone, at anytime, worldwide.
  • No KYC
  • As an offshore exchange that accepts only TDX tokens, TradeTex is not bound by intrusive, ineffective and pointless KYC/AML regulations that intrude on our users privacy and which put them at risk of identity theft by making the exchange a target for hackers seeking personal information.
  • Immediate referral income
  • As per TradeTex, there is no need to wait for your hard work so TradeTex team planned a unique referral system where your referral earnings in form of TDX Tokens will be immediately credited in profit wallet within 24 hours after your Refered investment, and is available for withdrawal as well as for trading and other investment plans.
  • Any time Withdrawal from ICO
  • TradeTex makes it simple and transparent by giving an option of buyback as there is no Time bound during initial offering, ICO investors & traders can give their TDX Tokens back anytime when they want as per the withdrawal cycle.
  • Decentralized Account Balances
  • Traders do not need to rely on TradeTex for holding their account balance in order to trade on the exchange. Your account balance is held by a decentralized, independent smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, not by the exchange.
  • Blockchain Driven
  • Our system is based on the Ethereum blockchain application platform and follows the crypto currency standards offered by Ethereum at the deployment moment: Proof-of-Work (PoW).

Token Sales

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