TRANSCODIUM: Platform for rapid decentralization of large media data

What is Transcodium?
Transcodium is a transcoding platform that runs on a blockchain platform that allows rapid decentralization of large media data into small pieces and for easy conversion into multiple formats to support different devices.
Transcodium is a transcoding, editing and distribution of blocked, decentralized, blocked, high-quality, high-computing and highly cost-effective media. To me, this is a 21st century solution for digital-to-digital conversion directly from one encoding file to another. By using the Transcodium Platform, users who are willing to rent their idle machines for use as workers (miners) will have access to the global market on the Transcodium platform, where at the end of the transcoding process, the worker (processor) will be rewarded with the TNS Token.
Why is this unique?
This is remarkable in its activity as it does not run in the cloud in contrast to its different rivals such as Google, Amazon … but at the stage of programming blockchain that has been filled as the world’s driving programming stage for computerized resources along the lines of Transcodium fixtures with utilities it is important to keep running at supersonic speeds.
This kind of calculation will take into account the handling of records at a fast rate, the substantial part of the document becomes less and then scrambles this note, compresses it and sends it to set up the gadget. Part of this extensive note is a way to prepare quickly, because even cell phones will have the capacity to handle handling because the lighter of each bump ensures there are many hubs that take care of one request. They call this gadget specialist ‘and they provide TNS tokens [Transcodium virtual cash officially used on Transcodium Platform, it depends on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 Standard)] for these workers after preparing before the specified time limit.
Clients who need their records are transcoded or changed to various organizations starting this worker.
Until now, the cheapest transcoding administration administered is with the likeness of Google and Amazon, while Transcodium, which used to run in the clouds will also with the current blockchain stage make it much cheaper to achieve media transformation to various organizations. for various gadgets.
Indeed, getting quick results at a cheaper price is enough to make us all build about Transcodium but even so, you do not need to emphasize server outages, which can lead to starting the whole procedure once again. Likewise, regardless of everything you get at a very brilliant rate and inaccessibility the hub does not affect transcoding because various hub processes do the job. The blockchain stage makes it more reliable than running on a cloud server.
One may not fully understand the integrity brought on by this stage to the media world, to the point where you consider the cheaper administrative way of implying startups and low-spending companies, no doubt reaching these administrations without burning all the resources available. The various focal points that prepare media information at a very fast and bad rate may make Transcodium the best thing that has happened in the media world of late.
Placing resources into Transcodium will also be very productive for the reasons that go with it
There is a substantial market for transcoding and media circulation as an online networking app that consolidates spills and will need to change more of their records to fit the typical gadgets that get to their stage.
Transcodium is at the cloud transcoding stage before moving to blockchain, so they are specialists in the field of current media transcoding, which will bring the most extreme proficiency.
The size of the video programming market that radiates around the world is relied upon to develop from USD 3.25 Billion every 2017 to USD 7.50 Billion by 2022 and with Transcodium taking a noteworthy share, it is sheltered to state that the purchase of ICO is an ingenious choice.
Transcodium ICO pre-deal starts on 07/01/18 with 5,710,000 tokens marked down from 120,000,000 tokens to be sold, with a 30% discount rate and from the date of the official deal goes forward for 6,680,000 tokens sold with a 20% , and will continue to run up to 5% rebates and each of the 120 million tokens sold.
Here are the settings proposed by Transcodium for the above problems:
Blockchain and the look of decentralized innovation empower the setting up of other cheaper and reliable options for cloud transcoding.
Due to the unlimited strength of preparation, all because of the specialists, the records will be transcoded in fast speed, spending with long lines and maintaining the time.
Solitary transcoding applications will be prepared by many hubs and specialists, so blackout of a hub or worker will not impact the procedure, making it more effective and efficient.
Transcoding will not be limited to voice and recording only, but also other document organizations, for example, images and archives.
Token TNS.
TNS tokens are a significant advanced asset, which will be used on the Transcodium platform. With the help of ICO Transcodium intends to attract speculative assets over a wide range. Assume, token agreements will be enthusiastic for sophisticated asset owners, who may want to move them into safer business apparatus and not tremble when they hear news about the imaginable rate of Bitcoin falling. All tasks on Transcodium Platform are run using TNS Token. This is a platform environment token. Transcodium requires its own specific token to avoid overuse and spam from Ethereum’s proposition. The TNS Token is a consistent Ethereum-based token ERC-20 intended to erode Transcodium. Token will be the average installment in the system. Transcodium means making use of the store amid a TNS token agreement to encourage increased tasks, installation of payment rates and future costs. This will help speed up progress and further empower the group to work throughout the day by adding tasks.
In another to take part in ICO, take after this means below:
• Buy token: Transcodium will publish various tokens in the center of ICO.
• Receive a profit installment: As the token holder, you have the privilege of earning an equal installment of the investor’s profit.
• Convert your token into shares: As the token holder, you also have the privilege of turning your tokens into Common Shares
Details of ICO
Token: TNS
Price in ICO: 1 TNS = 0.376 USD
Pre-ICO start: January 7, 2018
Pre-ICO end: February 28, 2018
ICO start: March 1, 2018
Final ICO: April 30, 2018
Supply: 120,000,000 TNS
Sales: 86.4 million TN
Emission Level: No new token will be created
Accepted Currency: ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum goal: $ 500,000 USD
Maximum target: $ 30,000,000 USD
Budget Allocation:
Project Development: 50%
Overseas Company Expansion: 3%
Marketing & Branding: 20%
Operating Cost: 15%
Law & Insurance
Additional Budget
Token Distribution
Sales Token: 72%
Bonus, Discount, and ICO Fees: 4%
Counselors & Partners: 4%
Bounty: 1%
Team Members: 10%
Visit the link below for more information:
White Book:
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