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About GlobeCas

GlobeCas is the World’s first integrated entertainment platform connecting land-based casinos throughout the world to livestream their real-time dealer games. We provide a perfect solution to simplify the process of land-based casinos making the move to an online format while minimizing the cost.

Together with our GlobeCas Token (GCT), a utility token that will solve most of the transaction issues, players can enjoy gaming worldwide.

A Credible Team with An Incredible Idea

By partnering with brick and mortar casinos in different countries, players can visit casinos worldwide with their computers or mobile devices, all in real time! Together with our well-developed casinos games, GlobeCas will completely reform the gaming industry.

Based on 13 years of solid business experience and the deep analysis of the crypto-world, GlobeCas will be the leading example in how this industry is meant to be.

  • Began as a gaming consulting firm
  • Licensed by the UKGC
  • Operated own Software Developing Houses in the UK, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Became a casino games supplier
  • Acted as a solution provider to some famous casino brands
  • Built two very strong sales and marketing teams in Europe and Asia respectively
  • Several land-based casinos agreed to join GlobeCas platform

More than a WIN-WIN Situation

In the gaming industry, both the land-based casinos and the online players face many challenges on multiple fronts. With the ongoing popularity of the online casinos, land-based casinos would be slowly replaced. On the other hand, many online players find that playing online simply does not offer the same experience of playing in a land-based casino. Our company GlobeCas, rises in response to these challenges and provides a full solution.


  • Providing a turnkey solution for land-based casinos to go online effectively and economically
  • Covering the licensing and compliance issues by our UKGC Operating License
  • Providing the initial equipment setup, gaming software, customer services and technical support package services
  • Using GCT as the standardize settlement method that replace the old traditional ways which often come with difficulties


  • Driving the GCT demand by a range of promotional activities
  • Holding tournaments, regular lottery events and lucky draws to enhance excitement
  • Buying GCT for settlement by partnered land-based casinos
  • Signing a number of land-based casinos in a short period of time with our strong sales and marketing teams


  • Enjoying land-based casino games comfortably at home or via their mobile devices without visiting the real casinos
  • Playing live dealer games with a sense of reality instead of monotonous computerized casino games
  • Using GCT as the deposit and withdrawal method to avoid time-consuming and expensive traditional payment methods
  • Triple guarantee of trust and fairness by the proof of the licenses, blockchain technology implementation and the credibility of live dealer games


  • Purchase of Land-Based Casino – 30%
  • Product Development & Maintenance – 20%
  • Legal, Advisory & Compliance – 5%
  • Marketing / Advertisement – 20%
  • Business Growth & Development – 15%
  • Operation – 10%


  • Casino Bank Reserve – 40%
  • Team – 10%
  • Sale – 45%
  • Bounty Program – 5%


May – Oct 2018

Crowdsale Program

VIP sale > Pre-ICO > ICO

Nov 2019

Cryptocurrency Exchange

List on different exchange platforms

Jan 2019

GlobeCas Entertainment Platform

Soft launch with our well-developed full feature poker and RNG games

Feb – Apr 2019

Land-based Casino Prototype

Purchase a UK land-based casino and implement live broadcast technologies for instant live dealer streaming

May – June 2019


Connect three UK land-based casinos, who we have dealt in advance

July 2019


Integrate our complete Sportsbook into the GlobeCas platform

Aug 2019 – 2021

More Land-based Casinos to Join

1st Year – at least 15 land-based casinos

2nd Year – at least 50 land-based casinos

Aug 2019 – 2021

Worldwide licenses

Our team will apply for a worldwide gaming license to suit our ambitious expansion

Team Members

Mr. Sunny LamChief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Ken Au YeungChief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mr. Nathaniel WongDirector of Product Management

Mr. Wilson ManOnline Marketing Director

Mr. Victor YuHead of Security Audit and Risk Management

Mr. Daniel WolstenholmeOnline Business Strategy & Digital Marketing Expert

Mr. Bradley WilliamsonCompliance Officer


Mr. John Van der VosICO Advisor and Compliance Professional

Mr. William CartmellLawyer, Legal Advisor

Mr. Faisel ShuibOn-Chain & Off-Chain Security Advisor



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