Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency created with technology controlling its creation “Crypto” is short for “cryptography”, and cryptography is computer technology used for safety, hiding information, identities and more. Currency simply means “money currently in use”.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money designed to be swifter, inexpensive and more dependable than our regular government issued money. Instead of confide in a government to create your money and banks to store, send and receive it, users transact directly with each other and store their money themselves. Because people can send money directly without a middleman, transactions are usually very affordable and fast.

To prevent fraud and manipulation, every user of a cryptocurrency can simultaneously record and verify their own transactions and the transactions of everyone else. The digital transaction recordings are known as a “ledger” and this ledger is publicly available to anyone. With this public ledger, transactions become efficient, permanent, secure and transparent.

With public records, cryptocurrencies don’t require you trust a bank to hold your money. They don’t require you trust the person you are doing business with to actually pay you. Instead, you can actually see the money being sent, received, verified, and recorded by thousands of people. This system requires no trust. This unique positive quality is known as “trustless” and protection, while hiding the identities of its users

Business Model

Travelvee is an innovative travel platform for travel and travel bookings, in which the client chooses among the exclusive offers from hotels and other tours of objects – offered exactly to him and exactly on his necessary dates. Travelvee – decentralized, users of the site directly send their wishes at the price and the terms and territory on which they will travel and hotels in this territory send in response their offers directly to the user who sent the request. Each user will be able to announce early and / or hot requests for preferred vacation, as well as a planned budget, and tourist sites will fight for him with attractive offers

For customers

Early booking: the tourist can use a lot of filters and state; Number of holidaymakers, age, desired destination, country, sea, mountains, minimum requirements, internet, planned budget from to and much more. When the request is published, all tourist facilities that fall under these conditions will be invited to make personal offers within 24 hours. To avoid cartel arrangements between tourist sites, all offers will be anonymous and visible only to the client. As soon as the client accepts one of the offers, other tourist sites will be automatically notified that the choice is another object.

Tourist facilities: Tourist facilities for their part will be able to directly negotiate with the client without additional fees and commissions for each residence. Opportunity of personal offers to all Travelvee clients Access to the rating with the most active users We will create a rating of active users, which will be available only for tourist objects, which, in turn, can invite them and make personal offers. With the development of Travelvee, active users will receive a “mile card”, which will give additional bonuses and discounts on traditional methods of booking.

The announcement of everyday, off-season and seasonal packages for auction; All hotels, pensions, hostels, and many other tourist facilities have accurate statistics for the unoccupied sector. We are introducing an innovative method of selling this sector at an auction.

Hot reservations: They are most likely suitable for business trips and will be processed day in and day out with the same conditions as for early booking. In the world, there is practically no hotel or other tourist facility filled with 100%, especially on weekdays. When arriving at a certain place, the client simply enters the desired parameters of the tour of the object, as well as (if desired) the budget that it has. In other words, if you fly to London for 4 days from Frankfurt, having a budget for a 2 star hotel – you write the available budget in the application on the Travelvee website, your application is seen by all London hotels and, based on their occupancy, they send you accommodation proposals, naturally not higher the budget indicated by you, so there is a chance for the user to get an exclusive offer from a 4-star hotel with a stated budget of 2 stars.

When the request is published, all tour objects falling under the specified conditions, but not depending on the number of stars (unless explicitly indicated by the client) will be invited to make personal offers within 4 hours.

Market Analysis

Contribution of tourism to world GDP ($ billion)

We all know about billions of turns and profits in the tourism industry, which is the second after the extraction of hydrocarbons. According to various estimates, the tourism industry is estimated at 15-17% of world GDP, and its growth rate changes annually from 12-20% regardless of the development of the world economy.

For every tourist site, hotel or sanatorium, apartments, etc., even during the season or holidays it is rarely possible to work with 100% filling. Typically, the average is 30-55% per year, and it is considered successful and profitable. On the other hand, it leads to an increase in the cost of services provided, affects quality, increases staff turnover, and a number of other negatives. Not because of the impossibility of large discounts on the services offered, but the intermediary interest forms high prices in the industry, which leads to a restriction of the flow of tourists.

Separately, it should be noted that almost every tourist facility that has been operating for more than a year has approximate attendance statistics for the coming year. These statistics, as well as fixed costs such as taxes, wages, local taxes, energy, etc.,will allow managers of tourist facilities to make individual decisions about the symbolic prices for services. Even free hotel accommodation or another tour. object will bring profit from visiting the restaurant, spa center and other services offered by the tourist facility.

Each investor in this business invests a lot of money in advertising and attracting new customers. There are many tour operators and sites that offer quick and convenient reservations. Such as,,,,, and others, and there is no tourist site that does not use their services.


The project team believes that with the growing popularity of the Travelvee portal, tourists from all over the world are provided with a variety of options for tourist routes, hotel rooms with transparent prices and no commission collection, which will allow tourists to monitor their individual travel plans and save their own budget. Take advantage of innovative solutions when choosing a tourist destination; participate in auctions, receive very interesting and profitable offers from the tourist sites at the lowest market rates, increase their own bonus points within the project and travel at their expense. For tourist facilities. The project provides small companies with the opportunity to compete with the giants of the tourist industry. And also all tourist facilities without exception receive a wide range of tools to implement their proposals.


A huge number of proposals creates the need to find different ways to reach consumers. We are creating a new market that is focused on vacant or constantly vacant places in tourist sites. We create Travelvee as a society with high intelligence and creativity that will be oriented to the market of unoccupied rooms – which will be sold on exclusive terms, which are discussed between the hotel and the buyer – confidentially, of course with the help of the Travelvee platform.

Innovation of pricing models.

Saves hotel expenses and fills the hotel base.

Increases profit opportunities for hotels.

Reduces costs for customers.

High turnover of crypto currency

Savings from lack of fees and commissions.

Travelvee will profit only from annual fees that will be paid by tourist facilities. Payments will be in tokens and will be equivalent to 100 to 300 euros per year, depending on the size of the tourist site, but will be paid after the transaction. That is, the hotel subscribed to the platform and pays the annual subscription payment to TRAVEL tokens, buying them on the exchanger or the exchange only after it received the first customer from our platform! Travelvee guarantees that there will be no other hidden charges or commissions.

The structure of the company

To implement the Travelvee project, a company will be registered in Liechtenstein, a jurisdiction not as expensive as Switzerland, but quite loyal to crypto projects and a good tax haven. For the social policy of Travelvee is aimed at optimizing the tax burden in the direction of decreasing, but increasing the charitable deductions, constantly spending part of the profit on charity.

All managers and specialists will be appointed on a competitive basis. We will create on us already existing department base; programming, design, marketing, advertising, legal, call center, innovation, human resources, etc. In each country we will have a main partner in the person of an existing profile company or organization through which we will look for partners, such as: tourist facilities, marketing and advertising agencies, profile associations and organizations, etc. All this will save us time and money and ensure a broad and aggressive penetration in the international market.

Depending on their productivity, our main partners will also receive their profits. The rapid implementation and scale of the project depends on the budget that we can create. The project can be run in a separate country with a minimum budget, but with minimal results and a long implementation period. With a full budget, we can aggressively enter the world market, which will lead to rapid implementation of the project, increase in turnover and quick payback. A separate site will be created and launched for the report to investors – holders of TRAVEL tokens, where we will publish reports, news on the development of the token, information about burnt tokens.


In view of the fact that the platform, along with an innovative approach, implies the formation of income and an increase in the price of Token’s domestic currency. Tokens will serve as the only unit of account between us (the Travelvee platform) and hotels.

Payments between the client and the hotel are planned to be made in a fiat currency, debit cards, as well as the domestic currency of Tokens TRAVEL. The hotel in turn receives a digital currency, which is then used to calculate with the platform Travel or uses the same money to buy TRAVEL tokens on the exchange and in this way calculates.

The function of the TRAVEL token is as follows: the annual subscription fee for each of the hotels or other tourist objects, which is 100 EUR for a small object, 200EUR for an average facility and 300EUR for a large object, is paid only by TRAVEL tokens at the current exchange rate. At the same time, we will always tie the price of our services to fiat money – now it is: 100 EUR for a small object, 200EUR for an average facility and 300EUR for a large object, and the price of a token will be floating and will depend on the demand for tokens that are needed for payment annual customer service for hotels on the platform Travelvee, so that for a modest fee to receive many additional customers. The result of this policy:

The popularization of the Travelvee platform at the expense of funds raised at ICO will make it popular all over the world with millions of users and tens of thousands of subscriber hotels. Subscribers will simply need TRAVEL tokens to pay for subscriber maintenance. This will create a stable demand for tokens, without large pampas and dumps for the hotel will buy tokens exactly when the payment date of the annual payment comes.

Burning of TRAVEL tokens according to the declared program will lead to a sharp decrease in their number, and the growing demand for them – to a multiple increase in their value.

TRAVEL token Info

Distribution of tokens TRAVEL

Token Proceeds





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