TRAVELVEE – Choose The best Exclusive Offer for Hotel Purchases And Tour services

Hello everyone, in this post I will introduce a very good project, TravelVee, and for more details, let’s just go to the following discussion:

The normal thing now is centralizing the office according to the type of destination. In the models described below, various objectives make it easy to choose between many options without having to go through several travel agents or offices.

This is the model offered by Travelvee.
Various accommodations can be chosen, which, for more globetrotting, can be a mandatory stop to choose your destination, various accommodations are worth mentioning.

While some platforms on the Internet offer hotels, others offer rural homes, so segmented we can find this sector. This is the usual trend in the world of the web, the decentralized community designed by Travelvee will offer a broad spectrum in terms of types of accommodation.

Travelvee is a decentralized community, consisting of people who choose the best exclusive deals for hotel and tour service purchases from all levels. Includes resort hotels, villas, apartments, cabins, huts, hostels and various other types

The unique economy of TRAVEL tokens is designed for super profits for token holders. How these results will be achieved is explained in detail in the Whitepaper and TRAVEL Tokens section.

For advanced bookings until all types of details are chosen, including:

  • Order amount
  • Age range
  • Aim
  • Country
  • Sea / mountain
  • Minimum requirements
  • Internet
  • Planned budget
  • And many other options for finding what we really are looking for, thanks to an unlimited combination.

Watch this video!

The TravelVee platform offers custom-made trips, offering versatility and multiple purposes. When a request is sent to receive an offer, all tourist facilities that meet client requirements will send you their best offer within a maximum of 24 hours.

To avoid agreements between tourist sites, all offers will be anonymous and only visible to clients. As soon as the client receives one of the offers, the other site will be notified automatically so they don’t send the proposal again.

The system of proposals for customers to change in the hands of Travelvee, canceling orders will still be an individual option for each tourist attraction. By joining varieties to your system, this service also maximizes customized offers.

If the client has not agreed on one of the proposals, the tourist location will be invited to make a new proposal. The good thing is that by updating the history, the client does not receive more than twice the same service conditions or the same offer. When the offer is adequate, the selected object will automatically receive 100% payment for this service.

The ICO process is active and ends on February 15. Despite the bear market in recent times, we can find interesting projects as mentioned today, 2017 seems to have been a year of big price increases, while 2018 has become a scandal in terms of launch. More than 500 new projects related to blockchain technology have been released in 2018.

Travele is in the middle of the final presale, offering TRAVEL tokens for initial acquisitions. The initial price of the token is $ 1 with each bonus in a different phase.

TRAVEL token

Platform: Ethereum
symbol: TRAVEL
standart: ERC – 20
Decimal: 18
Smart contract: 0x38a811bb19665E9f4FF4061FA4b7e0Cca92507BA

Token Sale

Today live Crowd Sale. Round 2
1 ETH = 125.78 TRAVEL Tokens
Minimum purchase size: 0.01 ETH
Price1 TRAVEL = 1 $
Accepted TokensETH

PRE Sale
1 TRAVEL1 $ + 50% bonus 15/10/2018 – 30/11/2018 a maximum of $ 1,000,000

Crowd Sale

Round 101/12/2018 – 31/12/2018 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 30% bonus
Round 201/01/2019 – 31/01/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 20% bonus
Round 301/02/2019 – 15/02/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 10% bonus

Distribution of tokens TRAVEL

1.AIRDROP and BOUNTY a maximum of 2 000 000 TRAVEL tokens.
2.Public sale to ICO for up to $ 30,000,000.
3.During Token Sale – the price of the TRAVEL token is tied to the dollar. You will receive TRAVEL tokens immediately after sending ETH to our address in the amount agreed upon by ETH to the dollar at the time of ETH dispatch.
4.All tokens that will not be sold and transferred to Bounty will be burned!
5.There will not be any additional emissions of tokens!


September 2017
We carry out a marketing research for the interest of the market to a new way of buying hotel rooms. We conduct research among sellers – we communicate with managers and owners of hotels and tourist sites. We involve specialized industry specialists as consultants and experts

January 2018
The statement of the technical assignment for developing the platform Travelvee programmers, the development of the platform!

March 2018
Start of preparation of documentation for ICO

September 2018
Launch of the site with information about the ICO

October 2018
We represent and begin to test in the open mode Beta version of the Travelvee platform, we discuss with the community, we have access to register users and hotels.

October 2018
Start of Bounty company

October 15, 2018
Begin presale, which is limited by the implementation of $1M

November 15, 2018
Launch A version of the Travelvee platform and begin a two-year period in which we burn all the tokens received as a monthly fee from hotels.

November 29, 2018
Start bounty for hackers and programmers to identify bugs in the work of the Alpha version of the travelvee platform.

December 1, 2018
Launching the ICO

February 15, 2019
The finish of ICO

February 2019
Listing of the TRAVEL token on the decentralized IDEX and EtherDelta exchanges

February 2019
Registration of Travelvee Company in Liechtenstein

March 2019
Opening an office in Europe and selecting the necessary staff

April 2019
Launch of the advertising company platform Travelvee designed for 2 years

April 2019
Listing of the TRAVEL token on the exchange

May 2019
Launch site with information for investors – tokens holders, with reports on the movement of tokens, price, news, number of burnt tokens. Information about the development of the Travelvee platform, the number of users, the number of hotels, tourist sites. Turnover of the token received for services, a report on the money spent on advertising and popularization of the Travelvee platform and other expenses.

September 2019
Opening of offices in Asia, America and Australia.

April 2021
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 50% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2022
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 30% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2023
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 20% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

April 2024
Transition to a mode of operation in which only 10% of the tokens received from subscribers will be destroyed.

You can join or participate in the TravelVee sales crowd through the following links:


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