Travelvee ( Innovative Booking Platform )

Along with the development of the era which is progressing progressively, therefore there is a booking platform that is very useful for those of you who like to travel or take a tour of the hotel after you feel tired of your tour, you can find tourist attractions and hotels what do you want.

Different from the old days that all had to search first and book it. but only by using this platform can you easily use it.

What is the ordering platform?
The ordering platform is Travelvee.

TRav 1.PNG

What does Travelvee mean?

Travel information is a kind of decentralized network of individuals who are willing to buy accommodation and accommodation, requests from members of the Travel stage: lodging, resorts, estates, chalets, residences, cabins, event houses, motels, lodging, and gampling.

Then what benefits will be obtained after using Travelvee?

The benefits that you will get are no longer need to be bothered for where you were to book.
You just search the Travel platform and then you search it according to your wishes and also according to the budget you have.

Travel will also give users the opportunity to buy accommodation that is not sold anywhere and is only a particular client at this particular time. Every offer from the hotel for exclusive platform users at a lower price than usual and that will never happen again.

You will also be spoiled with services from the Travele without paying any interest or discounts.
Then to offer price certainty in the Travel System, implement a system that can be determined by customers in determining prices.

you need to know that it won’t be perfect if a platform doesn’t have a token. because the existence of a token is very useful for users of the platform.
So from that the Travelvee Platform provides a platform that also provides convenience to make it easier for users to do transactions and other things.

Then what is the token and how much is it?
the below I will try to explain it to you about info and their prices. Before discussing the transaction info, I will try to explain to you about the Token that is owned by this Travelvee platform.

The Travelvee platform also has a token, where this can be easily used by you, this Token also has an Ethereum ERC20 standard that can be used to pay in this Travelvee platform.

Then what is the token?

The token is TRAVEL Tokens.
Token Travel is a token utility that is based on the ETHER-20 Ethereum standard. His main job is to pay an annual membership fee for all Travele endorsers who provide residential housing, places and other vacation facilities on the Travel stage. In the mix, you can pay TRAVEL tokens to anyone, with a previous plan.


  • Token Name : TRAVEL
  • Price : 1 TRAVEL = 1 USD
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Soft cap : 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD

Crowd Sale

  • Round 101/12/2018 – 31/12/2018 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 30% bonus
  • Round 201/01/2019 – 31/01/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 20% bonus
  • Round 301/02/2019 – 15/02/2019 1 TRAVEL = 1 $ + 10% bonus

  TRAVEL token distribution

1. FLIGHT and BOUNTY up to 2 000 000 TRAVEL tokens.

2. The public is sold to ICO for up to $ 30,000,000.

3. Sales Tokens – the price of TRAVEL tokens is tied to dollars. You will receive the TRAVEL token immediately after sending ETH to our address in the amount agreed upon by ETH to the dollar at the time of ETH delivery.

4. All tokens that will not be sold and transferred to Bounty will be burned!

5. There will be no additional emissions tokens!




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