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Peaceful greetings of the universe, this time I will discuss about ICO or project Trends, thanks for taking time to read this article. Sampean Pancen Ngeten (JOSS).

In a large number of platforms that make investing in crypto currency safe, it is very difficult to choose the one that really suits you to make you successful. Perhaps, when you learn about Trends, then the circle of prospective candidates for this place will be a little narrower. Therefore, to understand what the project team offers us is simply necessary, for a person who is interested in crypto currency.

Luck is not the key to Success

The world of the trainnig is incredibly complex, and the factors that affect it can remain incomprehensible even for professionals. Nevertheless, the photos of successful people who have made a fortune on trading with crypto assets attract more and more newcomers who want to experience their wit and good luck on the stock exchange.

True, a small percentage of people are lucky, even those who know absolutely nothing about the patterns of work of this market. Let us tell you more: the author of these lines personally knows a successful investor in the crypto currency, which does not understand the basic concepts that we are talking about when we consider projects related to the world of blocking technologies.

This phenomenon can be explained by two reasons:
In the growing market, every trader is successful. This rule is known to most professionals. But for a beginner, it may be unknown or not fully understood. This is due to their self-confidence, which, subsequently, leads to collapse. Because so many successful were at the end of 2017 and so few of them became today – there were only investors with a truly analytical mindset.

The novice knows whom to listen to. This rule is valid not only for trading crypto currencies or any other assets. It is just as true for any other craft: “Learn from those who are smarter than you.” If a person comes into the business of trading with crypto currency, the only way to achieve success is education and self-education. And if you add to it examples of successful work, the flexible mind will immediately find itself.

Someone thinks that some people who invest in the crypto currency are just lucky. Well, this is difficult to disagree, because luck in business, as in life, is one of the key moments. But success does not consist of a single case of luck, but someone who calls a succession of successful transactions of another person a fart, simply does not know the word “professionalism”.

As you know, we are not one of those who advocate to rely on luck, and our review of the Trends platform is a vivid confirmation of this!

Listen to Professionals

Trends is a project of a group of analysts who offer their services to investors who have just come into this business, and even for those who have been in it for a long time. After all, mistakes at the start can not be avoided, right? Not so, if you immediately start using Trends.

Thanks to the fact that a whole group of professionals is working to present fresh, relevant and accurate information to platform investors, the negative consequences for a beginner’s cryptofortfolio can be completely avoided.

When you just started to be interested in crypto currency, everything around you seemed complicated and incomprehensible. The most interesting is that no one will ever tell you everything – it’s too difficult to choose where to start. And only when you faced the laws of this sphere face to face, then the understanding came by itself. However, very often, the price for such knowledge was too high.

With the start of Trends use, the first steps of the beginner will be much safer: as if a child who does not know how to swim was a little supported at the first attempts, and not immediately dropped to the depth. Depending on the chosen package of services, the investor is offered a set of tools that he will use: this includes various types of alerts, results of analytical studies, and so on. As always, those who pay more – get more.

Thus, when evaluating the logic of thinking of the best and on the way doing self-education, the novice becomes competent in the issue of working with crypto-currency assets. Perhaps, after a certain period of time, he does not need the services that the platform offers.

Trends Roadmap is compiled only for the current year. Apparently, they decided not to jump in front of me and this approach seems right to me, there is time to understand how the project develops, how the ICO will pass, what mistakes to take into account and how to adequately plan further actions.

As of June, Trends was supposed to start developing the platform, conduct a Private sale, and also launch a mass marketing program and form a community. By the end of the summer, they will hold two Pre-ICO stages and begin the Main Sale ICO, the second phase of which will end by the end of October. In November, they will conduct beta testing of the platform, wallets created on the PC and mobile devices.

By the end of the year a new project development map and whitepaper will be drawn up. For more details, go to the company’s Whitepaper .

The Distribution of Tokens Will be as Follows:

2.5% for Bounty, Airdrops and Faucets
, 5% for Private sale, Pre-ICO and company founders
7.5% – partner reserve
75% of tokens allocated for main sale
Total number of tokens for distribution – 100 million TRND.

The project already has a professional and versatile team, but still offers to join them, so if you have outstanding skills in blocking, marketing, developing programs and mobile applications, you are there!

Also, the guys have excellent advisors, with the experience of which you can find on the official website of the project

Subscribers in social networks do not have so many children yet, either it is too early to expect high results, or people have not yet realized all the salt of the project. Telegram channel has collected almost 2 thousand subscribers, and Twitter only 600 people.

But, guys, I think it’s better to join the project as soon as possible, its potential is huge, judging by the estimates of many platforms:

Trends is a good ICO program.
Think business is pretty fantastic. It attracts people regularly.
Experienced and skilled cooperation is difficult to achieve.
We can build the ability to achieve goals.

More Information Visit The Trends Link:

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