TREON – Bringing Crypto Revolution For Future Utility Payouts Treon.Treon (TXO) is a Ethereum Blockchain-based utility token and e-wallet to pay utility bills using powerful technology in a completely decentralized and secure manner. The utility sector has had centrally-intermittent customer innovations over the years.The disruptive blockchain technology used by TXO e-wallet offers wide opportunities for service providers to drive cost efficiency and increase profits while providing greater control to consumers for their use and wider financial inclusion and convenience. With Treon, we’ll make your utility bill payment a simple one-click experience – anytime, anywhere.Treon (TXO) is focused on providing exciting value-added services that will simplify utility management and payment processing like never before: consumers will instantly affect their payments using a simple combined dashboard. In addition, Treon (TXO) is on its way to bringing large numbers of new users to the crypto space by connecting billions of utility customers to Blockchain.
The vision of Treon.To reach a point in the future where utility consumers around the world use Treon token (TXO) as their preferred currency and payment tool of choice. We are ready to convince utility companies to accept Treon token (TXO) from customers because it is faster, safer, and cheaper to operate and use.Business Model :The future of the Utility payment experience.Treon’s business model is based on multiple streams of income derived from different utility services, primarily from distribution margins, transaction costs, and platform usage fees.Treon (TXO) will realize healthy margins while providing significant savings for utility providers.Treon rewards customers for using TXO tokens to make adoption and usage much more interesting. In addition, the savings will be a catalyst for utility companies to move their cross-trade contracts to Blockchain in order to manage their business transactions effectively. Through the consolidation of margins and costs above, the Treon business model is built to address the growing global market and become a true partner for utility providers, bringing real value to consumers and providers.Benefits to Consumers.User-Friendly Consolidation View :Customers will easily navigate the dashboard for full view of their consumption of various utility subscriptions; special notification will provide convenient early warning for payment or renewal.The inclusion of Unbanked :Treon (TXO) aims to bridge the gap for those who do not have bank accounts by providing easy access to the currency that can be used as a settlement tool for various utilities – offering the best service and value for money.Different Utility Account Management :Treon (TXO) offers the ability to fully and optimally manage multiple utility services on a single interface – a simple dashboard that covers all customer needs.Change and Optimize Consumption :The analytical capabilities of Treon e-wallet (TXO) will provide smart recommendations on how to optimize use, both to save costs and / or to save energy. Treon also plans to connect with relevant IOT services and use Artificial Intelligence to advance its analytics and service offerings.Recharging and Payment :Utilizing the Treon ecosystem, customers will be able to complete their payments for each of their utilities using methods that are safe, secure, smooth and usable.Payment Fee – Loyalty Program :Customers will receive prizes in the form of loyalty points when paying off their bills or adding their account using Treon e-wallet (TXO). This will be an additional benefit that customers will receive on any payments they make using TXO.Smart Notifications :Consumers will have the option to customize different notifications for all their utility providers to ensure timely updates and, more importantly, to avoid suspension of any services due to late payment.Benefits to Company.Transaction Cost Saving :Savings will reach up to 80% on existing transaction costs with the introduction of Treon tokens (TXO) that will incur a much lower commission or / or credit card or credit card fee.Partnership Agreement :Utility providers play a significant key role in our business model. Different networks are intermediaries, between utility service providers and end users of Treon.Industry Participation :Based on our extensive experience, industry participation goes a long way in the world of utilities.Treon Release Incentive Model :Each utility operator will receive an additional margin on the TXO tokens based on the volume of transactions annually on Treon.Educating Consumers :Our priority is to ensure that potential users have an actual idea of ​​how their products work. This takes effort to create awareness through various channels of communication.Application Support :Applications made by utility operators are not widely adopted by their end users. We want to take advantage of opportunities by partnering with various utility carriers and introducing the Treon (TXO) electronic wallet.Effect of Treon with Impact :Compared to other cryptocurrency organizations, we are fortunate enough to utilize utility companies as intermediaries between Treon (TXO) and end users.Incentives Use of Green and Renewable Energy :Green energy comes from natural renewable energy sources, which means they are naturally recharged. Treon (TXO) will provide a zero cost for green energy providers to promote and encourage customers to migrate their use to clean up renewable energy.Token.

  • Token = Treon (TXO) symbol.
  • Total Supply = Billion.
  • Allocation = 429.7 Million.
  • Soft Cap = 4 Million USD.
  • Hard Cap = 25 Million USD.
  • Currency = ETH and BTC.

Spend Allocation.

  • Technology = 60%.
  • Marketing = 25%.
  • Operation = 10%.
  • Law and Admin = 5%.

Allocation of TXO Token.

  • Founder = 9%.
  • Ecosystem = 5%.
  • Team = 2%.
  • Reservation = 84%.


  • Q1 2017 = Starting from idea and Planning.
  • Q4 2017 = Technical Architecture and Prototype Creation.
  • Q1 2018 = ICO Planning and Preparation.
  • Q4 2018 = Request a Token on the Crypto Exchange.
  • Q1 2019 = Onboarding Telecommunication Provider.
  • Q4 2019 = Agreement with Top-Up Distributors of Telecommunications.
  • Q1 2020 = Agreement with Payment Gateway.
  • Q4 2020 = Onboarding Electric Company.
  • Q1 2021 = Smart Contracts for Natural Gas Companies.
  • Q4 2021 = Water Onboarding Company Utilities.
  • Q1 2022 = Launch of Telecom reseller agreement.
  • Q4 2022 = Close all Reseller Agreement provider agreement.

The Utilities sector has had intermittent customer-centric innovations over the years. Blockchain technology used by TXO E-Wallet offers broad opportunities for service providers to drive cost efficiency and increase profits while providing greater control to all consumers for their use and wider financial inclusion and convenience.With Treon, we’ll make your utility bill payment easy once click, anytime, anywhere, and everything we do for your future becomes easier, happier, and more secure, let’s join us to make your life more perfect!For all the more detailed information, you can see the link below :



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