The TRIGGMINE platform is an intelligent automated emailing system that also adjusts to the ever-changing parameters and business characteristics of each customer. This platform works with the most artificial and disturbing artificial intelligence in the ground (blockchain technology.) From my findings, I can confidently say that the TRIGGMINE mail delivery system is email marketing. Next level users do not need to configure endless lists, prepare mailing lists and database segments because the system has been designed to handle it based on user data. Find out that the TRIGGMINE system will help you analyze your business, suggest the best scenario and also ask for code to simulate the user after the store you connect to it.The TRIGGMINE system is very intelligent and active, it can apply case-by-case scenarios to each user, analyze reasons for user behavior, and respond to their preferences. By the way these systems are designed, all users of the TRIGGMINE system can manage their customers regardless of their number from the first time they enter the store to buy something for loyalty. lasting;This system can help users increase their business income by an average of 30%.
How does TRIGGMINE work?
Triggmine feature
Automatic email campaign. Triggmin presents a whole new level of access to the client, providing AI system entrepreneurs to automatically create your discs with just one click.
Template Library – More than 150 e-mail templates that you can select and send to your customers.
Smart deals – The use of this blockchain technology ensures security and security when it comes to who is responsible for the business results of the user.
Master Nodes – allows you to create and execute knowledge contracts in the background.
The first function after registration is booking the access key, which allows you to access the Triggmine service.This will require you to purchase Triggmine Coin (TRG) to perform any function on this platform. Then you can set up an email campaign by starting with AI based tools. Here you fill out some of our requirements for your business.
Once received, Triggmin will use AI software to perform a variety of background checks to ensure the best possible propositions for each of its users. This will be done by selecting the appropriate email template, theme and content. If you’re satisfied with the quality, you can submit a campaign or create a thread to submit
The main advantages of Triggmine:
Know the customer
Easy to use
Optimize email content
Increase ROI
The automation program is less expensive
Increase lead yield
Less common features
Increase the number of open bids
Globalization of global business is no longer a trend, but a reality that businesses must accept. Otherwise, they risk falling off the radar of the customer. SaaS marketing automation solutions can help them avoid slipping into the end of the eCommerce world.
Small and medium enterprises are at their most difficult
business, because they need to reach the global and local market to succeed, but they do not have the right marketing opportunity to do so.
Email marketing automation can accelerate the growth of sme’s. However, existing tools do not work with them because of high costs and inconsistent features. It is therefore important to develop an appropriate solution to produce the desired result at a low price.
Triggmine streamlines email marketing processes for small businesses and helps them build engaging customer relationships. Triggmine is a combination of AIdriven solutions for email marketing and AI-based blockchain technology, marked by seamless integration, experienced teams, easy-to-use, and loyal partners. The result is an unprecedented solution to accelerate your business.
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