TrigID-the first and only Internet-based way to show that a real-world human is who they say they ar

TrigID future is very good. It will be one of the first row coins in a few days. The way it is going forward in the future, it is understood that it has good potential in the future.

How It Work

TrigID uses a novel scheme, inspired by geometric triangulation. It takes common identifiers, encrypts them, then reduces their information content to 20 or fewer bits. This “mashing algorithm” makes what we call “Identity Vectors” that are really just arcs in a giant identity graph.

These arcs are no use by themselves. That’s why they can encoded into a public blockchain. One 20-bit Mash, for example, can represent more than 2000 possible tokens from identifiers of any type. That’s from the US alone, and it’s before third parties start adding things like medical record ID’s, tax file numbers…

The TrigID Personal App

Available soon on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The TrigID Personal app allows you to claim your identity and ensure the accuracy of your key information. You can buy the ID tokens you need with an in-app purchase.

You can also use TrigID Personal to validate the personal information of anyone else. Just key in the personal information that person claims – the app will Mash it and validate it against on-chain arcs. The app will also validate a face image or voice print.

Use it to maintain your own TrigID secret phrases and private keys. Each is paired with a public key, so you can use it to verify your identity when dealing with banks, telcos and other entities the have KYC requirements. If you ever feel a phrase or key has been compromised, you can just remove it and add another.

During the community consultation period TrigID Personal will run against the TrigID sandbox.

The First Universal Digital Identity System To Solve Real-World Identity Problems.

Real international troubles like finding your scientific document at the equal time as you’re mendacity on an emergency room taking walks table. Like facts that the man or woman you’re sending your coins to is who they’ll be saying they’re, and they actually do very very very personal that vehicle. Knowing that the man or woman you are becoming advice from over the net honestly is a genetic counsellor. Or that your election vote truly came from you.

TrigID is the number one and simplest Internet-primarily based absolutely totally way to show that a actual-global human is who they’re announcing they will be. It enforces “one person, one identification” and you may affirm that actual-global identification with real-international identifiers like the use of pressure’s license numbers, SSN’s, addresses, cellphone numbers… All besides giving all and sundry those identifiers.

What’s more, you may preserve a few passphrases in your head and use one or greater of these to reveal who you’re to every person, anywhere.

How is this feasible? TrigID is a modern-day, patent-pending “zero facts” validator of identity information inspired with the beneficial useful useful resource of geometric triangulation and its whole stucture is baked into public blockchain so it cannot be hacked or faked.

This is the piece of Internet infrastructure that the arena has been searching ahead to.

  • Instant Know-Your-Customer (KYC).
    With retained anonymity.
  • Anti-Money-Laundering (AML).
    “One person, one identity” simplifies tracking.
  • Crime & Terrorism Prevention.
    With widely-distributed anonymous alert frameworks.
  • Patient and health-record identification.
    Fewer unnecessary deaths and less waste.
  • Data integration and record sharing.
    Enabling precision medicine and new machine-learned cures.
  • Safer Peer-to-Peer Commerce.
    Safe, simplified, person-to-person trading.
  • Identity for Everyone.
    Including the one billion people who are no-one and don’t count.
  • Financial Inclusion.
    For the two billion unbanked and three billion who live on less than $2.50 per day.
  • Fraud-proof electronic voting.
    Safe, speedy and fair voting — from home.
  • Safe National Identification.
    Findable, checkable identity with no Big Brother.
  • Decentralized Social Networks.
    Privacy and real self-expression without the need for Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Universal Data De-identification.
    The only true breach and compliance protection.
  • Data Cleansing.
    Eliminate wrongful disclosure, waste and embarassment.



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