Every day, there are many people use postal delivery services, online shopping, online ordering, …v.v.
The triwer project is designed to optimize the services and needs of people. Is this project really better than traditional services? For example, a person placing an order over the internet takes a large amount of time to receive the item. Or you receive a purchase order from the customer, when the item shipped, you receive a cancellation order. or you are the shipper, you complete the delivery but not the reward, …. There are many other disadvantages in the traditional field, the Triwer was created to overcome these disadvantages.
Summed up about Triwer:

When a delivery order is placed, a smart contract is started that includes a hash signature of the delivery information, including the sender and receiver details, carrier, insurance company, item weight, size, HS code, intermediate data and so on. The items are validated through Blockchain and delivered to the sidechain until the completion, which occurs when the delivery, and if all confirmations of the reference point are confirmed, the contract will be executed.

Digital currency is the key to the function of technology and payment into and out of smart contracts, all transactions with the main blockchain or the right are electronic and so electronic tokens are coded. The TRW trier will operate on the currency platform. Triwer will organize wallets for all parties and stakeholders, but mobile applications will also incorporate an automated exchange application, such as ‘Coinify’, automatic transfer of Fiat money or electricity bills. Other to TRW to trade under smart contracts.

When making and signing a smart contract, the shipper pays for the trust services contract, keeping TRW until the contract is completed, electronically confirmed by the recipient upon receipt, when all Parties to the contract shall be paid proportionally. TRW receivers may decide to archive and retain TRW to pay subcontractors or contract parties in the future or transfer their Wallet Balance to electronic money or Fiat money when they decide on the right well suited.
Limitations of traditional services:

Outside of the largest online retailers, especially Amazon, who has accepted distribution as the basis for their business model, the final consumer experience of their distribution is dishonest. consistent and flexible, in particular:
• No record of distribution options available: Multiple mailing addresses, window options, different billing addresses.
• Non-existent or inconsistent tracking: between different service providers or tracking of partial delivery. The most important track is the last mile.
• Large distribution windows: for example, in the morning or afternoon, the recipient may be wasting time waiting for delivery.
• Lack of flexibility of delivery options, best prices, best service, high-end features such as same day delivery, difficult to change delivery options when ordering.
• Contracts: Most larger carriers require a client contract, which makes it less often difficult to arrange delivery.
• Poor comparison mechanism: large price gaps between service providers and even the current comparison sites and online brokers.

You can refer to the project’s roadmap:

The members of the development team are highly appreciated:

TRIWER will overcome all these disadvantages, I believe that this project is quite suitable for the present time and very potential in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my review!!



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