We will provide Article to present the “ TROY ( Fort Knox In Your Pocket )” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.

TROY is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged into gold or fiat. TROY is backed up by real gold, which is 20,000 oz of gold bars supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia) that can be owned by users by purchasing it using TROY tokens.
But is that only what makes Troy special? not! Troy more than that, Troy has a technology and storage warehouse that will store Troy Gold Tokens & other cryptocurrency, storage for personal files and media.
The TROY Vault is the world’s leading cryptocurrency wallet in terms of security and ease of use. You don’t need to worry about your assets in TROY Vault, because TROY Vault is a safe and secure storage place.

Who is TROY for?

*Crypto holders who would like a real-world outlet for their cryptocurrency through TROY’s products.
*People who wish to secure access to their digital assets in cryptocurrency’s most secure wallet — The TROY Vault.
*People who wish to access cryptocurrency through an easy to use application
*People who wish to introduce their friends or colleagues to cryptocurrency without a complicated process.
*Those who value TROY’s incorporation in Malta.
*Institutional investors entering crypto markets can purchase TROY’s GOLD tokens instead of traditional, more volatile tokens in order to protect their holdings.
* Safe & Simple
Offering three key biometric security, customers can combine or use separately face, retina, thumb print or password as key access to their Vault.
* Secrecy & Privacy
Your private key is stored only on your mobile, which means it cannot be accessed from outside sources or stolen from cloud-based storage.
* Ether & Token SupportThrough the TROY connection to Ethereum Blockchain, users will be able to send any token or Ether to friends or family — quickly and easily, even if they don’t have an account or wallet!
TROY Has Three Products
1. Our Cryptocurrency the TROY GOLD Token
2. Our Gold Products we will make from the gold supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited that our customers can purchase using TROY GOLD Tokens
3. Our Secure Digital Vault which takes the properties of your standard crypto wallet and adds world leading security for your personal files and media, real time crypto and market updates and manages your crypto currencies portfolio.
TROY Will Provide Three Real World Solutions To Crypto World Problems
* Fluctuating Cryptocurrency Volatility
* Regulatory Compliance
* Ease Of Use And Wallet Security
TROY Vault — Features
Valuable assets are traditionally stored in physical vaults, which are secured by highly sophisticated security systems, why should your Digital Assets be any different?
TROY is developing the world’s most secure multi-function cryptocurrency wallet, whilst maintaining simplicity for inexperienced users via easy to use cross platform mobile and desktop applications.
Core Features
The TROY Vault’s personal portfolio management system will provide:
1. Advanced multi-level biometric security
2. Personal portfolio analysis
3. Secure Private Keys
4. Updates from global crypto & precious metal markets Automatic Accounts
5. Multi-wallet Creation
6. Paper wallets
7. Securing of personal files
8. Trading Center
9. Secure moderated social interaction
10. Web3.js
TROY’s ERC-223 Smart Contract
When we were preparing our Smart Contract we took took a long time comparing our options based on protection, compatibility and how easy it would be for our customers to use. With these considerations in mind we decided to use the ERC-223 Protocol and here’s why:
* Improved Security
 ERC-223 handles transactions explicitly. It protects token holders from accidentally sending tokens to a smart contract. So far, this issue has resulted in more than $600,000 being lost to various smart contracts. With ERC223 this problem is in the past.
* Lower Fees
ERC-20 conducts a transaction by sending tokens to the smart contract, and then forwarding the tokens to the recipient, this results in two transaction fees
ERC-223 sends the transaction direct to the recipient without the requirement of two transactions and thus costing 50% less.
* Blockchain Speed
As ERC-223 only requires one transaction as opposed to two, this technically halves the transaction speed. As a result, bloating of the Ethereum blockchain is prevented
And Receive A 40% Bonus!
Sale Progress
Token Sale Schedule
Third Party Agencies & Organisations
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My Eth address: 0xF07e50bA855AAdB23F425A1Ce636Ecfc26e8a68E

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