Truegame launched the project in the year 2017, received positive feedback from professional community and focus groups, improved the product, attracted players, took care of gambling license, and prepared an efficient marketing strategy to attract more users to the platform. We are now fully ready for market expansion and scaling. We have a strong team of experienced professionals with great competence in games development, leads generation and online marketing. The team includes well-known experts from gambling, blockchain and iGaming industries. There are also specialists with vast experience in token listing on stock exchanges.

The first ICO with a fully working iGaming project that received extremely positive feedback from the community. Truegame is a truly unique iGaming product: users are already playing more than a dozen different games (scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, giftboxes, etc.). We closed a private round of funding within 24 hours and even refused additional capital. We launched our product together with a team of specialists from the gambling industry, and now that we’re proven, we are ready for scale-out and market expansion.

About Truegame

Truegame is a blockchain based online game room for lotteries and gambling.

The platform enables you to participate in lotteries, win valuable prizes, play dice and many other games. Our collection of games is constantly updated.

We created Truegame using the benefits of innovative blockchain technology: smart contracts, publicity, equality, and security.

How does truegame work?

Truegame uses the blockchain technology to give its users absolute transparency and fair chances when they play there. How does the company do it? By using smart contracts to ensure that the numbers of all the games are randomly generated and that every game will be stored publicly on the blockchain.

This means that someone that plays using the Truegame platform will definitely be protected against scams, which are pretty common in this industry. The result of each game played on Truegame will be stored and can be consulted. This means that these results are not falsifiable.

The blockchain used by the company was created by the own company, so, via a thoughtful and flexible architecture of the blockchain, the company is able to enjoy the best of the technology and apply this technology to its games.

Since the blockchain does everything, since randomly generating numbers to be used in the games to distributing the winnings of the players, you can be sure that the rules will be strictly followed. You can access the source code of the company on Github:

Why Truegame ?

This year, the global online gambling market capitalisation will exceed 50 billions of dollars, but there has always been a serious issue of trust.The players don’t trust casino managers, and are even unsure about the online games (casinos, lotteries, poker rooms).

The great strength and attraction of our project is that by using a blockchain and smart contracts logic we make games, lotteries, and prize draws completely transparent for the players. The results of each game are verifiable in the blockchain open registry. The winnings are distributed by the blockchain automatically, without the casino manager being involved.

Token info

Token: TGAME

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

Price in ICO: 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME

Tokens for sale: 210,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment: 0.1 ETH, BTC, LTC

Distributed in ICO: 70%

Soft cap: 2,000,000 USDT

Hard cap: 9,000,000 USDT


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The Team:


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