gambling support platform.
  Trueplay    is a platform for creating and supporting gambling. TruePlay is based on your own use of WinCoin tokens (WNC), which will provide a full set of inter platform settlements. Trueplay is not a game provider, but it only provides gambling licenses for projects with access to its software (software as a service).
Using TruePlay platforms to create their own projects, gambling companies receive a complete set of solutions: game integration, payment receipts, payments, support for legal, technical support.
Players receive full payment transparency and 100% reliability of their games.
TruePlay proposes to increase the speed of the game, retain all the gambling logic on the server platform (offchain) and use blockchain like the Fairplay system with its pre-match placement only hash of a series of previous game rounds made for chess players.
This approach, unlike the original RNG transfer or seed mechanism to the block chain, proposed by other projects in one form or another, allows
• simplify understanding of Fairplay models for players
; • apply a method of random numbers that are tested on the platform
; • exclude possible work infringement of RNG intruders
The inability to alter the data in a block chain will not allow the agency to falsify the outcome of the game and the inability to change a series of cryptographic hashes provides a security platform (it is not possible to get a series of hashes in a reasonable time). This series of solutions enables you to gain maximum game speed, ensuring your unchanged bet results for players, using certification in accordance with industry standards.
PLATFORM TRUEPLAY SOLUTION    TruePlay proposes to increase game speed, maintain all gambling logic on the server platform (offchain) and use blockchain like the Fairplay system with its placement before the start of the game only the hash series from the previous round of games was created for the players.
This approach, unlike initial RNG transfers or seed mechanisms in block chains proposed by other projects in one form or another, allows:
• simplify understanding of the FairPlay model for players
; • Apply a random number generator technique to the platform
; • exclude possible interruptions in the work of RNG attackers
The impossibility of changing the data in the block chain will not allow the agent to forge game results, and the impossibility of reversing successive cryptographic hashes ensures platform security (it is not possible to get the series from a hash at a reasonable time).
This series of solutions allows you to get the game’s top speed to ensure betting round results are unchanged for players who use certification in accordance with industry standards.
Revenue from a casino based on TruePlay is generated from bets in casino games. As in standard online casinos, and in real casinos, the main advantage of project owners in TruePlay solutions is revenue from game material expectations
. Platform work, which is transparent due to the use of block chains, is of great interest to the participants.
  WinCoin Wallet is the ecosystem shell and token store for its members. After signing up with WinCoin Wallet, users will have instant access to all projects connected to the TruePlay platform. Clients undergo the KYC procedure and no longer need to send their data to any project where they want to play. All calculations are performed using the Ethereum WinCoin marker, which complies with the ERC20 standard and represents one game currency for the TruePlay ecosystem. The introduction of a single game currency allows to provide full transparency for all calculations between all ecosystem participants (players, operators, game players, webmasters).
A series of rotations are stored on the platform only in the encrypted data storage and are never stored or sent in an open form.
For encryption, approved industry standards (AES-256 and above) are used.
All data transferred between the data warehouse and the platform is secured using SSL at the network level
And check game data from GameProviders to the operator.
   The core of the TruePlay platform will be the high-performance block system that will be removed
the current bottleneck is related to the number of transactions per second, the cost and size of their data,
published in
TruePlay will use TruePlayBC for the following purposes:
   • Conducting financial transactions with deposits and high-speed payments, payments
   partners and merchants, calculations between carriers and game providers, etc.
   • Publish and load combined and combined data from game vendors for verification
   payment platform.
   • Publish and download data for partner programs, including impressions, transitions,
   registration of players bindings, statistics and SmartContracts for payment to partners.
   • Publish, verify, route and transmit distributed content to the system
 TruePlayBC will be open to all interested parties, including carriers from partner providers and individual users.
   In order for anyone to access the required information without loading all the big data, TruePlayBC will have a hierarchical structure, a section,
bind and side chain test in a coherent tree structure in volume terms.
   Game data (rounds, checksums, statistics) will be separated from financial transactions
and data for partner programs (mapping-transitions-registration). This will allow you to flexibly measure the system, achieve performance and transaction costs. selection
The consensus mechanism will correlate with the specific task of the save game.
   Connecting the key anchors to an invertible primary key block, such as bitcoyne
Ensure system integrity as a whole and the inability to falsify platform participants after publication
   One of the most important issues for Carriers and GameProviders is the delivery of content from game players to end users by considering a large number of content copies.
   TruePlayAPK provides the SDK for PC / Android, enabling you to integrate into the following service platform apps:
   • Authentication Service
   • WinCoin Payment Service, where any application can get a chance to make calculations using WNC
   • Service discovery for dynamic resource addresses
   • Dynamic P2P routing – each application becomes a full member of the P2P network, passing traffic between nodes on the shortest path
   • You do not have to pay to integrate the game into your project
   • Ability to receive legal fees worldwide
   • No need to monitor financial flows, conclude contracts with payment systems, provide financial support to customers
   TruePlay is based on the use of its own WinCoin chip (WNC ERC20), which will provide a complete set of reciprocal solutions among all platform participants.
   Casino owners will use tokens to form their bank to negotiate with players, affiliates and game providers. Players use markers to place bets, deposits and withdrawals. This collective ecosystem will allow open and transparent history of open and transparent payments and settlements accessible to all participants.
   TruePlay implies WinCoin participation in the complete completion cycle:
   WinCoin Wallet will be the WinCoin store where users are first registered and used at all stages of joint completion:
   • Single registration of all users in WinCoin Wallet
   • To ensure the speed of a joint payment, depositing and withdrawing money in the casino will be done directly at WinCoin Wallet.
   • Instant Gambler Authorization in CASINO will be done using WinCoin Wallet (players do not need to register with CASINO, just to be the owner of WinCoin marker).
Total token emissions will reach 70,000,000.
Ke 6
WinCoin Sales Early 1300 WNC / 1.2 ETH
Stage 1 WinKoin Token For Sale 1200 WNC / 1.2 ETH
Phase 2 of token sales WinCoin 1100 WNC / 1.2 ETH
Step 3 sell WinCoin b1000 WNC / 1.2 ETH tokens
ETH Dompet WinCoin
WinCoin Wallet Core was developed
  • ETH reception is enabled
  • Receive a receipt from BTC
  • Smart contracts for the production and management of WNC and Backoffice for intelligent contract management
  • An API for deposit and payment with WinCoin Wallet at casino has been developed.
  • WinCoin Purse
  • User registration / authorization
  • API for authentication on external projects using WinCoin Wallet
MVP Development:
   WinCoin Wallet
  • Authorization and registration
  • A review of the state of the wallet, balance, transaction history
  • Buy WinCoin for bitcoin and terrestrial
  • Transfer WinCoin to another wallet
  • The API for automated authorization uses a wallet in a project connected to the platform
  • API for WinCoin auto deposit and withdrawal in projects connected to the platform
Casino MVP TruePlay:
  • Authorize using WinCoin Wallet
  • Instantly add account from WinCoin Wallet
  • Instant Exit to WinCoin Wallet
  • WinCoin can play more than 60 games
  • Integrated game providers: Spinomenal
  • Integrity control using blockchain technology
Advisor for the Foundation
For more information about TruePlay Pre-ICO visits:
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