TrustED – The Academic Credential Verification on Blockchain

ICO market is nowadays pretty similar to the Wild West during the gold rush period. It is possible to earn money very quickly, sometimes even good money, but you have to find a perfect spot, or in this case, a good project to invest. Common thing to the Wild West? No guaranties and almost no law. It is pretty easy to find bad cowboys which are going to promise you golden mountains to steal your last piece of bread. So in all this mess, if you want to find your gold nugget, you can trust just your own brain composites.

After my research, I found this project in which I really put my faith: TrustED. Very likely you haven’t heard about them, project is made by great team members. Nevertheless, guys have an advantage, many other teams does not: already existing product made on a very perspective field. But these are not all pluses I found in this project. Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot.


The TrustED concept was conceived in 2017 in Adelaide, Australia when founder Kosta Batzavalis was put under the burden of having to find the paper copies of his academic credentials he received several years ago and present them to potential employers. From here on in, the concept of digitalizing academic credentials become apparent, and through innovative blockchain technology the TrustED concept poised to revolutionize the way we receive, share and verify our academic credentials. TrustED expanded significantly in the first 6 months, partnering with Californias NetObjex and Dubai’s BlockGemini to produce an all in one solution which enables academic institutions to store and issue academic credentials, students to digitally hold and share their academic credentials, and employers and other verifying third parties to instantly verify ones academic credentials.”

TrustED is an academic credential verification service, that brings honesty, legitimacy, and convenience to the human resources industry. The TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. Permissioned parties will have the ability to confidently verify academic credentials of an individual through the TrustED platform, bringing an end to existing lengthy, expensive and manual processes.

Benefits Of Trusted Platform

The TrustED platform helps overcome the currently dysfunctional system by enabling academic institutions to store credentials and certifications on a distributed global ledger, rather than centralized databases.
Employers can validate credentials of prospective employees without requiring third parties, or a lengthy process.

TrustED will invite credential issuing authorities, like academicinstitutions, to participate on the platform and issue credentials for their graduates in digital form through the TrustED platform

Credential holders and graduates will be able to create an account on the TrustED platform and have access to their verified credentials at all times.

Why use TrustED PLATFORM

If an institution shuts down or ceases operations due to wars or other calamities, the academic records of students are still accessible and verifiable.

Potential system downtime, or server issues with the current system will no longer be an issue.

24x7x365 accessibility to view and verify academic credentials.

Impossible to now fake certificates/diplomas.

Easy to use mobile application for verifiers to verify academic credentials.

Students will now have access to a digital copy of their academic credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reducing the risk associated with losing a paper copy so that they can easily get their certificate in hand.

The TrustED platform will ensure that the recipient’s academic credentials remain permanently intact and immutable. This will minimize the risks associated with losing your credentials in the future.

In the event that individuals need to share their academic credentials in an immediate circumstance, they can do so through the TrustED application. This is particularly useful if an employee needs to share their academic qualifications with their employer, or a student moves to study abroad and needs to provide their current academic credentials.

With academic credentials being stored through IPFS, it will use cryptographic mechanisms, ensuring that the individual maintains full control over who can view and access their credentials, while maintaining the anonymity of their information.


The TrustED ITO will offer the TrustED Token (TED) to participants, which will be an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum Mainnet. The ITO will commence with a private pre-ITO, followed by a public ITO that will take place in four stages

Token Name :TED

Token Type : ERC20

Total Token Supply : 1,720,000,000.00 TED

ITO Token Supply 1,204,000,000.00 TED

ITO Duration Q1 2019

Soft Cap :$11,000,000

Hard Cap :$21,070,000

Price for one token : $0.02

ITO min purchase US$10

Private Pre-Sale Oct 1, 2018 — Jan 20, 2019

ITO Jan 20, 2019 — Mar 20, 2019

TrustED will employ the use of TrustED tokens (TED) an ERC20 compliant token to facilitate the purchase of Trust Credits (TCRD) which is a native token to TrustED, utilized for all payments and transactions within the system.


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

The TrustED platform will feature a secure ecosystem that will facilitate and enable academic institutions to securely store credentials and certificates in a cryptographic manner through the use of the IPFS storage mechanism. Institutions will gain benefits because this distributed accounting mechanism is immune to any space or opportunity for security attack or system outage.

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