TV-TWO is an application for TVs connected that offers consistent shoppers of broadcast television a simple method to change into a world with a customized video stream. A noteworthy piece of the arrangement is the way that the customary broadcast flag is viewed through the application. The TV-TWO Technology to set up another television biological community, with coordinate cooperation between users, promoters and substance makers.

The User Interface

The user has the accompanying route choices inside the main layer of the application:

  • Guide shows the program manage, the arrival to the application is performed once the guide is shut
  • Channel List shows the channel list, the arrival to the application is performed once the channel list is shut
  • Channel Up/Down permits to tune up and down, while demonstrating the TV window with channel data
  • Channel Up/Down permits to tune up and down, while demonstrating the TV window with channel data
  • Right on the D-cushion limits messages from TV-TWO
  • Return/Exit shuts the application
  • Enter permits to switch between the broadcast TV layer and the video stream layer

Pushing Enter conveys the user to the second layer that is embedded before the broadcast flag. The layer demonstrates a video stream that is naturally customized to the user. In the video layer, the controls are as per the following:

Enter permits to switch between the broadcast TV layer and the video stream layer. In the video’s route bar it permits to choose components

Channel Up/Down permits to change to the following, separately the past, video in the stream

Up/Down on the D-cushion enacts and shuts, the route bar with controls for the present video and data on the video length and additionally play position

Left/Right on the D-cushion permits to move in the route bar of the present video to play, delay, stop, quick forward, rewind or skip. Television TWO messages can be limited and short, reviews can be finished

Play/Pause/Stop/Fast Forward/Rewind control the video without the route bar


Ethereal-based tokens called TTV, Token for Television, will drive the biological system while guaranteeing security and equity.

At the point when individuals sit in front of the television two can begin streaming video get great outcomes and no cost supporter or prepaid.flow video is an extra channel that can be opened by squeezing the enter catch on the remote control. Concerning the offices television two can di kentrol through the user with the goal that simple decision of gori word like, brandish, most recent news, music, political news, nature adventure, instruction et cetera

Get the opportunity to utilize a platform that incorporates direct TV with private video streams curated by a supervised learning calculation, which permits more variety and pertinence of natural substance without paying a month to month membership expense. Experience the flexibility to skip videos and promotions and additionally the chance to pick the recurrence of adsReceive prizes to watch applicable supported messages and in addition share unknown information with sponsors by means of TTV .


Get programmed media focusing on and attribution highlights and requesting on TV they know from advanced advertisingEach per user writes about promotion commitment and natural video settings without being subjected to non-straightforward KPI extortion or announcing Can answer users in light of the gathering’s first-party technique without submitting information to TV – Two or a third party.TTV or TV-Two begins its ICO occasion arrangement on February 24th and will end on March 24, 2018.

So I’m almost certain now you understand I have a predisposition against service organizations and publicizing –

Well again this is one of my decisions that I truly enthusiasm for that sort. Not certain the amount I would put resources into this one yet it is unquestionably worth considering. Publicizing and utilities are two of the greatest enterprises that intrigue me and this one joins the two! Also on the guide they will discharge an application for Samsung and LG TV in April! That is enormous Think of the suggestions if this goes mainstream.


We will utilize the as good as ever standard crowdsale of the Interactive Share Offer (ICO) to guarantee an all the more reasonable and straightforward arrangement process.

Method of Crowdsale

Intelligent Coin Offering

Delicate Cap : 2,500 ETH

Hard Cap : 50,000 ETH

Conversion scale : 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV

Turn around Exchange Rate : 1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH

Token Supply for Crowdsale : 500,000,000

Deal Launch : 24 February 2018

Withdrawal Lock : 17 March 2018

Deal Completion : 24 March 2018

Token Distribution

Portion of Funds

Unsold tokens will be singed. The group’s confirmation is held for a long time. Any ETH done surpassing 90% of hard tops will be secured for a long time a keen contract. Keen contracts balance out the TTV cost via naturally purchasing the token back, if the market value falls beneath the issue cost.

Token for TV-TWO (TTV) will be dispersed as takes after:

Accessible for Purchases: 500,000,000 Token for Television will be accessible for purchase. Moderately, 75% of all tokens will be sold to general society for as long individuals

• Team: 15% of accessible tokens will be spared by TWO-TV. The token over three years.

• Supporters and Advisors: 6% of accessible tokens will go to supporters and TV-TWO counsel

• Campaign: 4% of accessible tokens will be given to advocates who have take an interest in Bounty and Marketing Campaign

• Market Maker: Any ETH done surpasses 90% of the hard top will be secured for a long time a shrewd contract. Keen contracts balance out costs TTV via naturally purchasing the token back, if the market value falls underneath the issue cost

• Unsold proof will be scorched

• Other proof won’t be made later on

Offering intelligent coins

Offering Interactive Coin Offering (ICO), which is our crowdsale mode, was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch to transform the jam into a flawless data amusement. They took the unopened model and presented the accompanying principles:

Members in the crowdsale offer and augment the business valuation for which they will take an interest. On the off chance that the business sum achieves the greatest deals examination, the member’s offer is crossed out and the commitment is discounted. On the off chance that they so pick, members have the likelihood to move them back. the offer from deal until the point when the withdrawal key period is come to. Markdown diminishes are dynamically given toward the beginning of the deal to inspire early interest. Singular purchasers can make different offers on different valuations.

The coolest piece of this is you can get paid to watch advertisements. In the event that you would prefer not to watch a promotion and you need to miss it, you won’t get paid. This is the way TV ought to be planned from the earliest starting point however it should not be possible as of recently! This is the eventual fate of television and whether the organization pulls it starting with no outside help or not stays to be seen but rather I like the possibility of ​​where it will work and I completely support them.


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