The present TV biological system has been broken. Telecom companies far and wide manhandle showcase control as guardians to expand publicist costs, lessen payouts to makers and increment shopper membership costs. They effectively block advancement in conveying substance and promoting innovation to keep up their oligopolistic position and advantages. Numerous shoppers are properly disappointed about the condition of the communicate TV. They appreciate the recline idea of a settled program plan, however might want to see more premium substance that is adjusted to their survey examples and interests. In the meantime, mechanical goliaths, for example, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix need to assemble their walled cultivate around the TV biological system, anxious to acquire control through information and access to purchasers. Television TWO offers the group an answer as an open stage. Visithttps://television more data.

We need to set up an immediate connection between purchasers, content suppliers and promoters (see Figure 1). The individual players are enabled to seek after direct collaborations on the blockchain, to decentralize the biological system and to incapacitate oligopolistic TV systems, communicate suppliers and innovation goliaths, since they effectively obstruct open development.

What is TV-TWO

Television TWO is an all new ‘open substance stage’ for people who are hoping to amalgamate their consistent TV involvement with that of “customized video gushing” alternatives. Therefore, clients can end up aware of value online substance at no additional membership costs. The stage makes utilization of a local token to oversee the trading of data inside its biological system, and takes into account financial trades to happen between customers, content suppliers and promoters.

The present TV biological system is broken. Broadcasting organizations the world over misuse the market, as gatekeepers raise the expenses of marketing experts, reduce portions to creators and addition enrollment costs. They successfully incapacitate headway in giving substance and elevating advancements to keep up their oligopolistic position and good conditions. Various buyers are impartially baffled with the state of the convey TV. They value the sad thought of a settled program design, yet should need to see more premium substance acclimated to their audit illustrations and interests. Meanwhile, advancement goliaths, for instance, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix need to amass their fenced plant around the TV biological community, searching for greater imperativeness through data and access to purchasers. Television TWO offers the gathering an open stage course of action. Visit https://television more information.

We have to set up a prompt association between purchasers, content providers and promoters (see Figure 1). Particular players have the benefit to lead arrange associations on the partition, decentralize the environment and debilitate oligopolistic telecom organizations, convey providers and advancement goliaths, as they viably dispirit open improvements. In region A.1, we confirm our announcement that telecom organizations are dealt with as oligopolies. In light of the lessons of the item publicizing space, which encounters distortion, diminished detectable quality and brand security issues, we will advance forward for more information https://television, making straightforwardness up significantly show.

Television TWO is parceled into two layers:

The foremost level, which is entered after the application starts, includes a discuss movement with all standard TV limits.

The second level, came to by crushing Enter on the remote control, demonstrates a tweaked video stream.

For the essential run, the application is showed up as showed up in the base board. Starting there forward, running the application quickly passes on the customer to the primary level – the present channel, which is appeared in the TV window. Notwithstanding the way that the study experience has not changed, the Hbb advancing flags sold by communicating organizations are maintained a strategic distance from the customer. Now and again there means that the entry to the TV stream TV-TWO. In the central layer of the application, the customer has the going with course options:

Enter empowers you to switch between the TV impart level and the video stream layer. Things can be picked in the video course board

Channel Up/Down empowers you to change to the accompanying or past video in the stream

Starts Up/Down on the D-Pad and close the course bar using the controls for the present video and information on the length of the video, and furthermore the playback position

Left/perfect on the D-Pad empowers you to play, delay, stop, snappy forward, rewind or skip in the course bar of the present video. Television TWO messages can be kept to a base and short, overviews can be done

Play/Pause/Stop/Fast forward/pivot video control without a course bar

What is TV-TWICE?

The application for canny TVs, used as another gateway for coordinate transmission in mix with an altered video stream as an additional channel.


Advancement for dealing with another TV biological system with organize correspondence between customers, marketing specialists and substance producers.


A custom marker in perspective of Ethereum called TTV, a token for TV, will invigorate the biological system while ensuring security and sensibility.

How it capacities?

Stage 1: Install the TV-TWO usage of your Smart TV.

Stage 2: Synchronize your wallet from your TV set with various contraptions.

Stage 3: see the convey and your redid video stream.

Stage 4: Check the markers that you have assembled.

Stage 5: Exchange your chips for air, bitcoin or Fiat.

Token Distribution

The Token for Television (TTV) will be conveyed as takes after:

a. Accessible for Purchase: 500,000,000 Tokens for Television will be accessible for procurement. In relative terms, 75% of all tokens will be sold to general society amid the crowdsale.

b. Group: 15% of the accessible tokens will be held by TV-TWO. The tokens are vested more than three years.

c. Supporters and Advisors: 6% of the accessible tokens will go to supporters and counsels of TV-TWO.

d. Crusades: 4% of the accessible tokens will be conceded to supporters that have taken an interest in the Bounty and Marketing Campaign.

e. Market Maker: Any ETH conferred past 90% of the hard top will be secured for a long time a shrewd contract. The keen contract balances out the cost of the TTV via naturally obtaining back tokens, should the market value dip under the issue cost.

f. Unsold tokens will be singed.

g. More tokens won’t be made later on


The TV-TWO stage makes an application that enables individuals to associate customary TV, video on cell phones, make a decentralized economy in reality, helping content makers make more expert substance. Publicists, content distributers, content clients have a cozy relationship, advance, make a group of financial esteem trade. The TV-TWO stage takes care of the issue of the transmission business that spotlights on sponsorships, postponed development. The TV-TWO stage has 3 highlights of advanced TV, computerized video, the most noticeable computerized youtube: stage; blockchain; Token.

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