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The current Television Ecosystem is broken. TV networks around the world are abusing their market power as gatekeepers to increase prices for advertisers, lower payouts to content creators and drive up subscription costs for consumers. They actively hinder innovation in content delivery and advertising technology in order to sustain their oligopolistic position and benefits. Many consumers are rightfully frustrated with the state of broadcast television. They enjoy the lean-back nature of a fixed program schedule, but would like to see more premium content personalized to their viewing patterns and interests. At the same time, tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are looking to build their walled garden around the television ecosystem, eager to acquire more power through data and access to consumers. TV-TWO offers the community a solution in form of an Open Platform.Visit for more information.

We aim to establish a direct relationship between consumers, content providers and advertisers (see Figure 1). The individual players are empowered to pursue direct interactions on the blockchain, decentralizing the ecosystem as well as disarming oligopolistic TV networks, broadcast providers and tech giants, as they are actively hindering open innovation. In section A.1, we validate our claim that TV networks are organized as oligopolies. Based on learnings from the programmatic advertising space that is plagued with fraud, limited viewability and brand safety issues, we will leapfrog TV ahead visit more information by building transparency right into the core of the model.

TV-TWO is divided into two layers. The first layer, which is entered after starting the application, consists of the broadcast signal with all standard TV functionalities. The second layer, reached via pressing Enter on the remote control, displays the personalized video stream.

For the first launch of the application, an onboarding is displayed to explain the basic functionality. After that, starting the application directly leads the user to the first layer — the current channel displayed in the TV window. While the viewing experience is unchanged, Hbb banner ads that are sold by TV networks are hidden for the user. Occasionally, a reminder on how to enter the TV-TWO video stream is displayed. The user has the following navigation options inside the first layer of the application:

  • Guide displays the program guide, the return to the application is performed once the guide is closed
  • Channel List displays the channel list, the return to the application is performed once the channel list is closed
  • Channel Up/Down allows to tune up and down, while showing the TV window with channel information
  • 0–9 allow to jump to a distinct channel number directly
  • Right on the D-pad minimizes messages from TV-TWO
  • Return/Exit closes the application
  • Enter allows to switch between the broadcast TV layer and the video stream layer

Accordingly, pushing Enter brings the user to the second layer that is inserted in front of the broadcast signal. The layer shows a video stream that is automatically tailored to the user. On the first use, navigating the video stream is explained. On the fourth use, a survey on genre preferences is conducted by pushing left or right on the remote. Similarly, at different points during the video stream, short questions are posed to the user for additional TTV (e.g., asking the user for an age bracket). If none of these special situations occur, a suitable video link is requested and played. Once a video is completed or skipped, the progress is documented in the TV-TWO ledger system. The process is automated through a supervised learning algorithm. Occasionally, a reminder to check back on the broadcast signal is shown. In the video layer, the controls are as follows:

  • Enter allows to switch between the broadcast TV layer and the video stream layer. In the video’s navigation bar it allows to select elements
  • Channel Up/Down allows to switch to the next, respectively the previous, video in the stream
  • Up/Down on the D-pad activates and closes, the navigation bar with controls for the current video and information on the video length as well as play position
  • Left/Right on the D-pad allows to move in the navigation bar of the current video to play, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind or skip. TV-TWO messages can be minimized and short, surveys can be completed
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Fast Forward/Rewind control the video without the navigation bar

What is TV-TWO?


An application for Smart TVs used as the new gateway to linear broadcast combined with a personalized video stream as an additional channel.


The technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers.


A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV, the Token for Television, will fuel the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Install the TV-TWO app one your Smart Tv.
  • Step 2: Sync the wallet from your TV to your other devices.
  • Step 3: Watch Broadcast and your personalized Video Stream.
  • Step 4: Check the tokens that you have collected.
  • Step 5: Trade your tokens for ether,Bitcoin or Fiat.

How does it scale?

In order to overcome the currently limited scalability as well as increasing latency and transaction fees of Ethereum, we are employing off-chain signature patterns. State channels are used to facilitate interactions between market participants.

Interactive Coin Offering

The Interactive Coin Offering (ICO), which is the mode of our crowdsale, was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch in order to turn crowdsales into a game of perfect information. They take the uncapped model and propose the following rules:

  • Participants in the crowdsale submit both a bid and a maximum sale valuation at which they are willing to participate.
  • If the sale amount reaches the maximum sale valuation, the participant’s bid is canceled and the contribution is refunded.
  • If they so choose, participants have the possibility to withdraw their bid from the sale until a withdrawal lock period is reached.
  • A progressively decreasing discount is given at the start of the sale in order to motivate early participation.
  • Individual buyers may place multiple bids at different valuations.


We will employ the new and improved crowdsale standard of the Interactive Coin Offering (ICO)in order to guarantee a fairer and more transparent assignment process.

Token Distribution

The Token for Television (TTV) will be distributed as follows:

  • Available for Purchase: 500,000,000 Tokens for Television will be available for purchase. In relative terms, 75% of all tokens will be sold to the public during the crowdsale
  • Team: 15% of the available tokens will be retained by TV-TWO. The tokens are vested over three years.
  • Supporters and Advisors: 6% of the available tokens will go to supporters and advisors of TV-TWO
  • Campaigns: 4% of the available tokens will be granted to supporters that have participated in the Bounty and Marketing Campaign
  • Market Maker: Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the hard cap will be locked for two years in a smart contract. The smart contract stabilizes the price of the TTV by automatically purchasing back tokens, should the market price drop below the issue price
  • Unsold tokens will be burned
  • More tokens will not be created in the future

Allocation of Funds The funds

collected in the crowdsale will be used as follows:

  • Engineering and Development: 60% of the funds will be used to sustain and grow the Engineering team in order to accelerate development of the TV-TWO application and its interaction with the decentralized TTV ecosystem
  • Marketing: 14% of the funds will be used to grow the user base of TV-TWO with both promotional efforts and TTV incentives
  • Partner Engagement: 6% of the funds will be used to acquire content and advertising partners that commit to jointly growing the TTV ecosystem
  • Legal and Administration: 10% of the funds will be used to cover legal and administrative costs associated with running TV-TWO
  • Contingency: 10% of the funds will be set aside for unforeseen developments

Unsold tokens will be burned. The tokens of the team are vested over three years. Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the hard cap will be locked for two years in a smart contract. The smart contract stabilizes the price of the TTV by automatically purchasing back tokens, should the market price drop below the issue price.




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