Two Gap – Connecting Bonds to Blockchain World

What is Twogap?
TwoGap Crypto Platform for Crypto Investors The Opportunity to Acquire Powerful and Bigger-Scale Stop-Loss Products. It is called CryptoBond TwoGap platform will help issuer to encrypt traditional Bonds into CryptoBonds, which are circulated in the Crypto Market. Besides that, Twogap platform also supports investors, the market is expanding, and the market is becoming stronger. The Twogap platform is named after the two-gap model published by Hollis Chenery in 1962. This model posits that if the investment is required for growth is a fixed rate, investment deficits would be the main constraint on growth.

On the Twogap platform, we also provide TGT tokens for the incentive mechanism. These are not security tokens, but utility tokens. They unlock all the features and transactions on the Twogap platform. As a result, they are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The size of the Globe bond market is 1.6 times larger than the stock market (more than $ 100 trillion). The naturally potential demand for TGT tokens is therefore enormous.

Coinmarketcap is now $ 267 billion. The market capitalization of Crypto Global Futute is calculated using CryptoBond market capitalization and market capitalization. We will describe all the key modules of the project in the following unique document in order to facilitate the understanding by customers, investors, contributors, researchers and partners of the Twogap platform’s vision and its evolution in the Globe cryptocurrency market. .

Mechanism of solution

Based on tracking, evaluating and researching supply and demand, the Twogap platform offers a wide range of encryption, issuance, transaction processing, warranty, brokerage, sale and purchase of Twogap Bonds. via: 4.2 Solution Mechanism 11 CryptoBonds Encrypted Links (with no programming interface and more graphics)

Aim of the TGT token

Since the sale of chips will take place in August 2018, the main purpose of these chips will be to equip the end user with the keys that will activate the functions on the platform Twogap. This is to facilitate the initialization of the beta version of the Twogap platform in October 2018. The secondary objective of TGT chip sales will be to boost Twogap’s brand awareness through commercialization, attracting more users. There is no tertiary objective of selling tokens.

In particular: the TwoGap platform will be based on the EOS block-chain and will present two functions:

  • Feature One: ODAeyes – Manage and track ODA flows while handling – maximize transparency, resist corruption, and improve the efficiency of capital use.
  • The second feature: Cryptobond – bond issue, guarantee, transaction processing, sale and purchase Bonds – bonds of governments and third world enterprises receive a direct approach to world capital.

Crypto Investors organizations and individuals have more channels of direct investment in bonds rated by rating and government bonds of developing and underdeveloped third world countries. The principle of investing is not to put all the eggs in the basket, so it’s investing in a hedge with a lower average risk than a cryptoresource, and higher than a business and government bond from the first world. A fascinating segment of the concern for investors, interest rates on business and government bonds of the third world will be higher than from the first world.

The volume of the bond market is twice as high as in the stock market. Thus, the potential attractiveness of the Twogap platform is huge, in other words, it is an opportunity for the crypto-investors of organizations and individuals to learn and take care of this project.
It is to be hoped that with the broad advancement of technology, we will not ignore the responsibility of society for the overall development of mankind. Anyway, let’s take part in creating a better life for everyone and for ourselves.

TGT Token Distribution

TGT Token is the ERC20 Standard Maximum 210 billion TGT tokens will be issued 33% for ICO privatesale and crowdsale 33% reserve for the strike (mechanism encouraging all parties involved in TGT Economics tokens) 33% for ICO + 33% for the Incentive mechanism = 66% belong to the community 4% for Bounty 15% for R & D 15% for the team and advisers.



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