TwoGap A Life Changer and Decentralized Asset Management Platform

Cryotobonds are coming, are you ready for them? The current market cap is $ 211 billion. Global Security Market Cap estimates that shares have been estimated at $ 65 trillion and Bond has $ 100 trillion. Currently, only $seven hundred billion is traded on daily basis out of $ 100 trillion in bonds. To make a comparison, only $ Two hundred billion business is traded daily in the stock. Russia’s Cyberbank CIB Blackchain is the first person to get commercial binding with technology, while the country is trying to control cryptocracy. These bonds are about $ 20 million, 6 months of maturity, and A6.8% annual coupon Berkeley’s Mayor Ben Bartlett has planned to use Micro Bond from Blockcon technology to take advantage of the city for things like affordable housing and better city transportation for senior citizens. He is also trying to reduce the prices of these bonds so that more people can afford them. Investors need to protect their investments with cryptobonds. Tougap Atheri Blockchain is a platform based on technology. The token ERC is 20 and will reduce the gas prices and the market will stop inflation. Cryptobonds can have fixed interest or interest can be bidding. In the Oaks protocol, one can build a relayer and the fee is collected every time it helps in the business. Relayers also help in broadcasting orders. Our financial system is changing because we know whether you are ready or not. Cryptocurrency is here to stay in the form of binding.

Decentralized Asset Management Platform

Togat uses a decent resource management platform through a blockcon technology. This company is in the process of managing property with its modern platform. If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, then two gaps can be a company for you. Their token launch is scheduled for December 2017.

Blockchain Technology

twogap blockchain technology.PNG

There are many computers planted in a block series.

No person or company owns Blockchen.

There is no central source of data.

All users of Blocken receive the same real-time data.

It can not be copied or removed.

Blockchain is a decentralized database, which means that there is no owner in it.

Everyone receives the same information.

It is difficult to track due to the large number of computers connected to Blockchain.

Advantages of Using TwoGap
The benefits of using toggle as your platform resource management platform include all the benefits of BlockKen Technology. In addition, they are ready to charge by offering professional services. Cryptocurrency startups are popping up completely. Make sure you invest in one which will be successful.

Speed of transactions is reduced to seconds.

The database is encrypted and secure.

There is no risk of identity theft.

Cost is reduced because there are no third-party intermediaries.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is also known as a self-executing contract. This type of contract is built into the blockchain database. It enforces the terms of a contract without the user having to do anything extra. Generally, you will get a lawyer or a notice rental and you can wait while preparing the contract you also have to pay them. With Blockquote Tech, with the addition of the currency in the account, the contract requirements begin to work. It adds the necessary information to your account without lifting a finger. It then sets up rules and penalties and starts applying them. Everything is secure and fast, with zero waiting on your part….


TwoGap Token

The togap’s token is called togap Wealth or TGW. To perform an activity on the platform, TGW tokens are required. This gives the buyer the opportunity to access, use and participate in the technology protocol of togap. It is similar to buying an access key to unlock software on the device and does not include any other investment interest. This ensures that TGW tokens satisfy the Howrah test. The launch date for these tokens is scheduled for December 2017. If you are considering transition to a decentralized value management platform, then there is everything necessary to successfully manage your assets in two gaps. Tougap Blockchain is a professional company at the forefront of technology trend. The two Gap’s decentralized value management platform ensures that the security, speed and cost savings of users are saved. To learn more about ToGep, join their website, blog, or their community, to stay informed the forum.


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