The new ideas are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is  Ubcoin market, a distributed market (P2P) worldwide where everyone can securely and rapidly buy or offer items or administrations utilizing cryptocoin (UBC)


Ubcoin (UBC) is an utility token that will be utilized for the finish of agreements canny and cost in the Market Ubcoin.

Ubcoin market is a distributed market (P2P) worldwide where everyone can securely and rapidly buy or offer items or administrations utilizing cryptocoin (UBC).

Ubcoin advertise take care of the considerable number of issues since exchanges in the market Ubcoin settled in a computerized money with no banknotes or Fiat, which is impacted by advanced shrewd contract, and the market offers an extensive variety of merchandise and ventures, read more on the whitepaper.

Ubcoin Marketplace

Ubcoin Marketplace is a worldwide cell phone market to purchase and offer genuine merchandise for cryptographic money. Ubcoin Marketplace – the following jump to UBank, which drove versatile installment applications in Eastern Europe. Presently with Ethereum blockchain, money trade exchanged UBC, and keen contracts shared to purchase merchandise for cryptocurrency.Ubcoin advertise turns out to be a piece of the application UBank as the accompanying new highlights:

Distributed Interaction

Cut out however much as could reasonably be expected delegates. This stage encourages the smart execution of agreements between autonomous gatherings.

Legitimate Market

We are creating AI innovation to pre-screen the vender posts for potential infringement of reason, profound quality, wellbeing and reasonable treatment.


Blockchain empower decentralized commencement, finish and satisfaction of the exchange. Coordinate installments made under the agreement astute.

Idealize Interface

Interface plan we acquire amicability and consistent experience purchasing and offering merchandise all around.

Open people group

We are attempting to open our API to build up the best adjustment of the stage to particular neighborhood needs. Likewise we visualize the contribution of an outsider supplier (ie sending organizations, public accountants).

Ubcoin Marketplace is an expansion of UBank portable application:

Organizations are as of now a significant long time since 2009

Our present items, UBank, has in excess of 16 million establishments around the world

We comprise of 50+ designers, top administration ability and counsels

Ubcoin will enhance and reevaluate the current item offer

Samsung items as of now on all cell phones sold in the CIS,

Specialized plan

Ubcoin apply blockchain innovation stage to make, oversee, and work cryptographic money tokenized and the stage itself.

Market Opportunities Analysis

Computerized shopping is expanding in commonness on the planet. Number of computerized customers over the world is anticipated to surpass 2 billion individuals by 2020.

In the retail classification, Online shopping more at appreciate contrasted with use in Offline or shopping in customary markets.

How Does Ubcoin Work?

To the extent it goes — every second advanced mobile phone sold in CIS nations comes pre-stuffed with the UBank application as of now pre-introduced locally available. UBank is a standout amongst the most widely recognized default applications and the following stage is the production of the Ubcoin Market in the officially existing Ubank application. That normally implies, there will immediately be more than more than two million clients with the application introduced on their telephone.

Starting today, Ubank as of now has within comprehension on the best way to treat financial specialists the correct way and furthermore convey them the guarantees they make. With in excess of 16 million individuals who have downloaded the application on an overall premise, they comprehend what they’re doing. Also, out of those in excess of 16 million downloads, more than 5 million of them are presently enrolled clients who are currently utilizing the application. Over that, in excess of 20 million exchanges are prepared by Ubank’s framework consistently since the time of 2013. That is an enduring, predictable client base that has been occurring for over 5 years now.

The biological system for Ubank is intended for trading merchandise to transform them into digital currency and afterward back again if require be. The stage and application are effectively overcoming any issues that has existed between this present reality and digital money.

The Ubcoin commercial center is the place the crossing over of the hole is going on. It’s the following jump pushing ahead for the Ubank application. What’s more, now they are one of the main versatile installment applications in Eastern Europe.

Because of the Ethereum Blockchain innovation, and I’s security in addition to productivity, the trading and exchanging of the UBC cryptographic money is working better than anyone might have expected. This is additionally enhanced because of the shared based keen gets that are making the stage considerably more alluring for the clients on it. It works awesome for purchasing products with digital currency and the other way around. Ubcoin’s Marketplace is before long going to end up a piece of the Ubank Application as another element.

This will ideally energize the mass selection of the application as they advance it alongside the computerized resources that are a mean for contributing and a way to make settlements both. The distributed communication will be utilized to remove however many of the middle people as could be expected under the circumstances. What’s more, the stage thus will likewise encourage the execution of basic yet propelled brilliant contracts that work between two diverse autonomous gatherings included.

It’s in a perfect world going to help transform it into a lawful commercial center finish with AI innovation that will be utilized to pre-screen the presenting put by merchants on shield individuals from conceivable encroachments of reason, profound quality, wellbeing and at last quality, merited look after all gatherings included.

Presently, as though this isn’t enough — the stage will likewise give clients the chances to really profit by the decentralized system. The inception and settlement of the organization and the effective satisfaction of exchanges and additionally installments are going to instantly increment upon the execution running under the brilliant contracts.

It’s an exceptionally sturdy, solid and out and out flawless interface that is intended to bring agreement and the consistent experience of purchasing and offering genuine products online everywhere throughout the world.

With the open network, the objective has been endeavoring to open their API, in order to build up the best adjustments of the stage being admired for the particular nearby needs of the clients. They likewise have a dream of enhancing commitment of various outsider suppliers like conveyance organizations and public accountants. You can download the application on the application store or get it on Google.

Token Details

Token – UBC

Platform – Ethereum


PreICO price1 UBC = 0.00005 ETH

Price in ICO1 UBC = 0.00009 ETH


Limited Private Pre-Sale 57 %

Stage 1, 2 -21 April 29 %

Stage 1, 22 April – 11 May 14 %

Tokens for sale2,000,000,000



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://ubcoin.io/

White Paper: http://doc.ubcoin.io/whitepaper.pdf?v1

Facebook: https: //facebook.com/Ubcoin-838741126308809/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin

Telegrams: https://t.me/ubcoinmarket

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109856.0

Medium : https://medium.com/@ubcoin

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