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Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile market for the purchase and sale of goods for crypto currency.


The company’s goal is to provide consumers around the world with the opportunity to invest in crypto currency and use the purchasing power of their crypt investment by creating Ubcoin where they can freely and safely buy and sell goods for crypto currency.

Ubcoin Marketplace is a logical and exciting platform with the prospect of improving the mass consumer experience by providing a universal global market where the goods and services correspond to the crypto currency. Utility and investment potential in one convenient quality product. 
Soon, mobile commerce will soon surpass Web commerce, and by 2020 will reach 37% of the world’s population. 
Purses with crypto-currencies are mainly concentrated on mobile devices, with more than 65% of wallets being mobile. The global population of buyers will exceed 2 billion people by 2020.
To date, more than 16 million users have installed the application to facilitate the management of their daily finances, scattered across various banks, maps, services, and even countries. 
Ubank has put everything together in one convenient and intuitive interface. The application processes tens of millions of transactions using its own technologies.

Ubcoin is a mobile application.


With the help of the application, people will be able to: 
• Easily become owners of crypto currency, selling goods. 
• It’s easy to spend your crypto currency buying goods in the real world

In the app, sellers are interested in obtaining crypto currency for their goods. Buyers are beginning to understand the crypto-investment.

Smart contracts guarantee that transactions are transparent, safe, enforceable, and decentralized. The company is developing advanced technology Al. 
The technology of intellectual contracts allows the Ubcoin Marketplace to provide security, 
availability, insolvability and verifiability of transactions, this facilitates peer-to-peer transactions.

The team’s achievements include the fact that they launched uTalk. By 2010, more than 5 million users regularly used uTalk. Samsung, LG and Fly Mobile preinstalled the uTalk application on more than 22 million smartphones.

Leading smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, Fly and others, pre-install Ubank on all their smartphones designed for the markets of dozens of countries.



The team behind Ubcoin has been working together since 2009. 
Ubcoin Marketplace is coordinated with the selected group of strategic partners, using existing links to develop a progressive vision of the future economy of digital assets. 
The development of national and international relations with innovative companies allows for the exchange of resources, cooperation and valuable opportunities for the development of the company.



Advanced technologies are being developed to help sellers avoid any potential security breaches. 
The profile of the seller is transparent and will always be checked and even encouraged. 
Blockchain allows decentralized initiation, settlement and execution of transactions. Payments will be immediately after the execution of carefully thought out intellectual contracts. 
Perfect interface: 
Ubcoin strives to open the API to the community to develop better adaptation platforms for the needs of the global community.

At the initial stages of the project, the focus will be on customer acquisition and geographic expansion. The platform sees significant potential in the development of the 
markets of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America. 
One of the most important goals of the ICO is to finance global expansion. Depending on the success of fees, the platform plans to spend from 25% to 40% on international marketing.


1 Стадия Token Sale:
Начало: 2 Апреля 2018
Конец: 21 Апреля 2018
1 UBC = 0.0000892857 ETH
1 ETH = 11 200 UBC)

2 Стадия Token Sale:
Начало: 22 Апреля 2018
Конец: 11 May 2018

1 UBC = 0.0001077586 ETH
1 ETH = 9 280 UBC

3 Стадия Token Sale:
Начало: 12 мая 2018
Конец: 31 мая 2018
1 UBC = 0.0001250000 ETH
1 ETH = 8000 UBC

The project plans to achieve success in any country within two years through its pre-installation strategy and joint promotion with smartphone manufacturers. 
To complement its distribution strategy, the project plans to create regional marketing teams. Part of the marketing budget involved with the sale of tokens will be spent on: a more in-depth study of local markets.

Samsung and Fly pre-install the current product on all smartphones sold in the CIS, including the flagship Samsung Galaxy 9. The 
Ubcoin token is native to the ecosystem of a peer-to-peer market. Smart contracts 
do not allow any other crypto currency to facilitate transactions on the market. In the form 
of sales and purchases in the market is growing, the demand for Ubcoin token will be organically increased. 
The long-term value of these tokens begins with the utility, and their price also depends on supply and demand.


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