Ubcoin – The World first decentralized investment platform using cryptocurrency


UBCOIN is the market platform built on blockchain that for a peer 2 peer exchange of cryptocurrency to real-life goods. The platform will help an individual to sell/buy his or her goods at ease in exchange and in return he or she will get the UBC token which can to fiat anytime. The only gateway for cryptocurrency now is cryptocurrency to fiat, but because of regulations and banking, Ubcoin is establishing that eliminates the entire restrictions to make buyers buy goods from sellers that need cryptocurrency in a peer 2 peer systems. With the blockchain technology all transactions are secured and transparent to everyone and with UBCOIN anyone can transact anywhere and anytime in the world.


According to forecasts of the forecasters, people who own crypto-currencies will have more than 200 million by 2020. The main idea of their popularization is the implementation of real services and sales of goods for these tokens. There is a huge need for the emergence and development of new sites for trade in goods for the cryptocurrency.


There is an opinion that mobile commerce will soon surpass traditional trade, with 65% of commercial transactions expected to be made online in 2020, so the potential is large enough, it remains to prepare an infrastructure that can enable consumers around the world to invest in cryptography and To enjoy the purchasing power of its crypto-investments, creating a digital market where people can freely and safely buy and sell goods through cryptocurrency. The startup Ubcoin is ready to implement this solution.

the solution in the developing a global and decentralized marketplace for exchanging real goods for cryptocurrency and vice versa has been undertaken by the Ubcoin project which is an extension of the Ubank mobile application. We will try to look into the main idea and features of this undertaking in more details so that to be able to make an investment decision.

A lot of consumers, cryptocurrency miners and investors are finding numerous applications with the platform of Ubcoin, since it offers a variety of benefits to them. It purely relies on smart contracts and it is being designed over the blockchain of ethereum (ETH). It uses peer – to – peer mechanism for its operation.

History of Ubcoin

Ubcoin market got emerged from its parent company known as ‘UBANK’ where Ubank is a leading mobile financing company located in Eastern Europe. Ubank was established in the year of 2009, with a user base of around 16 million all across the globe. It also has a mobile application, which helps the users in accessing Ubcoin easily from their mobile devices. Of course, Ubcoin mobile application is now available as a default installation feature in most of the renowned smartphone brands like ‘Fly’, ‘samsung’ (galaxy models) and so on. Such default installation is done in countries like Armenia, Moldova and Russia and so on.

When a user does not have the mobile application of Ubcoin, he can also be able to download it directly either from the google play store or from the application store.

Ubcoin Ecosystem

The ecosystem for Ubank is designed to exchange goods in order to turn them into a cryptocurrency, and then back, if necessary. The platform and application successfully overcome the gap existing between the real world and the cryptocurrency.

The Ubcoin market is the place where the gap is blurring. This is another step forward for the Ubank application. And now they are one of the leading mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to Ethereum Blockchain’s technology of security and efficiency, the exchange and trading of UBC’s cryptocurrency are working better than ever. This has also been improved through smart peer-to-peer contracts that make the platform even more attractive to users on it. It is great for buying goods with cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Ubcoin’s Marketplace will soon become part of the Ubank application as a new feature.

The platform, in turn, will also help to facilitate the implementation of simple but advanced intellectual contracts that work between two different independent parties.


Ubcoin Marketplace is powered by Ethereum blockchain and the exchange traded UBC cryptocurrency, enables these endeavors with peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying and selling goods. The smart contract technology allows the Ubcoin Marketplace, to ensure safety, executability, intractability and verifiability of a transaction, successfully facilitating peerto-peer transactions. The Smart contracts ensure that transactions are seamless, secure, enforceable, transparent and decentralized. The delivery economy facilitates explosive growth in the form of direct manufacturer-to-consumer transactions, allowing for much more attractive pricing for both buyer and seller. The Ubcoin Platform applies blockchain technology to create, manage, and operate tokenized cryptocurrency. The platform operates on Ethereum-based smart-contracts. Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain technology, and i’s security plus efficiency, the exchanging and trading of the UBC cryptocurrency is working better than ever. This is also improved due to the peer to peer based smart contracts that are making the platform even more attractive for the users on it. It works great for buying goods with cryptocurrency and vice versa.

Ubcoin unique Features

It is a decentralized investment platform with highly advanced blockchain supported transactions.

It is a simple, easy but efficient platform for making investments via cryptocurrencies.

It never requires the conversion of users’ money into fiat mode, since it is an acceptor of cryptocurrency payments.

It accepts all kinds of cryptocurrencies including bitcoins (BTC), and Ethereums (ETH) and so on.

It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

It ensures smoother and secure transactions.


As of today, Ubank already has the inside understanding on how to treat investors the right way and also deliver them the promises they make. With more than 16 million people who have downloaded the app on a worldwide basis, they know what they’re doing. And out of those more than 16 million downloads, over 5 million of them are now registered users who are actively using the app. On top of that, more than 20 million transactions are processed by Ubank’s system every year since the year of 2013. That’s a steady, consistent user base that has been happening for more than 5 years now.

The ecosystem for Ubank is designed for exchanging goods to turn them into cryptocurrency and then back again if need be. The platform and application are successfully bridging the gap that has existed between the real world and cryptocurrency.

The Ubcoin marketplace is where the bridging of the gap is happening. It’s the next leap moving forward for the Ubank application. And now they are one of the leading mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain technology, and i’s security plus efficiency, the exchanging and trading of the UBC cryptocurrency is working better than ever. This is also improved due to the peer to peer based smart contracts that are making the platform even more attractive for the users on it. It works great for buying goods with cryptocurrency and vice versa. Ubcoin’s Marketplace is soon going to become a part of the Ubank Application as a new feature.

This will hopefully encourage the mass adoption of the app as they promote it along with the digital assets that are a mean for investing and a means to create settlements both. The peer to peer interaction will be used to cut out as many of the intermediaries as possible. And the platform in turn will also help to facilitate the execution of simple yet advanced smart contracts that operate between two different independent parties involved.

It’s ideally going to help turn it into a legal marketplace complete with AI technology that is going to be used to pre-screen the posting placed by sellers to protect people from possible infringements of reason, morality, safety and ultimately quality, well deserved care for all parties involved.

Now, as if this isn’t enough — the platform will also give users the opportunities to truly benefit from the decentralized network. The initiation and settlement of the company and the successful fulfillment of transactions as well as payments are going to immediately increase upon the performance running under the smart contracts.

It’s a very durable, reliable and downright impeccable interface that is designed to bring harmony as well as the seamless experience of buying and selling real goods online all over the world.

With the open community, the goal has been striving to open their API, so as to develop the best adaptations of the platform being idealized for the specific local needs of the users. They also have a vision of improving engagement of different third-party providers like delivery companies and notaries. You can download the application on the app store or get it on Google.


Ubcoin Artificial Intelligence System is created under the supervision of the Chief AI Officer Kirill Kosolapov. And has five applications to it. These applications are; Content Moderation, Price forecasting, Personal Recommendations, Improving Quality of Photographic Content, and Identifying Suspicious Ads and Behaviour. These applications are discussed extensively on Ubcoin medium page. https://medium.com/@ubcoin


Ubcoin cuts through the hype with a sound application utilizing new revolutionary technology to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world. Investors are not betting on an unknown invention or just an idea. The value stems from an experienced team and a transparent business model solving a real problem and capturing a tangible opportunity that no one knows better than the crypto investors. Ubcoin Marketplace seizes the following opportunities :

How to use cryptocurrency for real world purchases?

How to obtain cryptocurrency for a newbie mass consumer?

Ubcoin Strategic Partners and Investors

The Ubcoin Marketplace is aligned with a select group of strategic partners, leveraging existing ties to develop a progressive vision for the future of the digital asset economy. Building national and international relationships with innovative companies enables resource-sharing, collaboration, and valuable opportunities to grow our company’s success.

These strategic partners include



Runa Capital


Token – UBC

Platform – Ethereum


Hardcap – 29 000 ETH

Public Token Sale IS LIVE! And it will end 19/08/2018. The Stage 7 discount is 7%! The MAX contribution is UNLIMITED (the min. is 0.0000001 ETH)! 1 ETH = 8 640 UBC with 7% discount included!

ICO will be held from 2 April till 27 August 2018


Limited Private Pre-Sale – 57 %

Stage 1, 2 -21 April – 29 %

Stage 1, 22 April – 11 May – 14 %

Tokens for sale – 2,000,000,000

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://ubcoin.io/

White Paper: http://doc.ubcoin.io/whitepaper.pdf?v1

Facebook: https: //facebook.com/Ubcoin-838741126308809/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin

Telegrams: https://t.me/ubcoinmarket

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3109856.0

Medium : https://medium.com/@ubcoin


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