Ubex ICO – How Blockchain and neural networks will change the world of ADVERTISING!?

Greetings to all readers of my small blog. Today, let’s talk about digital advertising, yes, the one that is so boring for all of us. The Internet advertising market generates insane money! Most recently, literally 5-10 years ago the main advertising platform was television, but with the constant growth in the number of Internet users, more and more advertisers are switching to the Internet. In 2017, Internet advertising, for the first time in human history, surpassed the television’s turnover of funds. This trend will remain unchanged and the bias towards Internet advertising will only increase. Why am I so sure? It’s simple, advertising by its “nature”, will always strive to where the most solvent paying audience, that is, on the Internet. However, already now in the field of Internet advertising there are many unpleasant moments that ”

Regular users of the Internet are forced to watch absolutely irrelevant, low-quality and intrusive advertising. Advertisers overpay for each attracted customer due to an underdeveloped targeting system, as well as poor analysis. Webmasters and owners of various platforms, receive profits much less than they should in reality, because of intermediaries and inefficient client search system, as a result of empty advertising spaces. All these problems and not only are completely solved with the help of modern technologies, neural networks, blocking, smart contracts.The new Ubexproject will combine all these technologies to create a global decentralized exchange of advertising, with many effective and convenient functions. Inside the Ubex systemadvertisers, ordinary users and owners of Internet resources, will be able to interact effectively with each other, not costly and without intermediaries, let’s understand more in detail how this will be achieved !?

What are the advantages of using neural networks and smart contracts ? The Ubex system operates on the basis of neural networks, the algorithms are programmed in such a way as to maximize the effectiveness of advertising while reducing its cost. When you visit a site connected to the Ubex system, the user will see the advertisement, which he most likely wants to read. Neural networks analyze all the activity of the site visitor, then analyze the ad units that are suitable for his interests, among them the best option is chosen and only after that the advertisement is shown to the end user. The use of smart contracts on the blockbuster Ethereumwill make the relationship between site owners and advertisers transparent and open. Advertisers will be able to pre-register all conditions in a smart contract and pay only for targeted actions, and not for clicks that are simply twisted … Owners of Internet resources will receive a regular stream of clients on the Ubex platform, they will no longer have to “run around” the Internet in search for orders for advertising.

The Ubex advertising exchange will be located on the site www.ubex.com. Even a schoolboy will be able to deal with the exchange, since it will have a pleasant, intuitive interface. On the main we are waiting for two main sections, one for advertisers, the other for owners of Internet resources. The site will include full optimization for mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, etc., which will allow you to control the process from anywhere.

The Ubex system will be using programmable advertising, it’s a whole set of algorithms that allow you to fully automate the selection of advertising, targeting, payment for advertising. When visiting a site connected to the Ubex system, the audience of this resource is analyzed, then targeted advertising based on the targeted data is selected. Then there is a mini-auction among advertisers, whose target audience is the given site visitor, the advertiser whose bet wins, will eventually show his advertisement to the user. The entire procedure for data processing and auction is fully automated, and it takes 1 – 2 seconds, a person can only monitor the results.

Wallet, tokens and the possibility of mining. The wallet inside the Ubex platform will support a number of popular crypto-currencies, as well as the main UBEX token, which will be used for all payments. The wallet will support exchange and automatic conversion with other crypto-currencies. The need to use your own token is due to the inability to pay from third-party accounts automatically, using traditional crypto currency. The token allows you to bypass this restriction by setting quotas (norms) on the selected address. In addition, a token and a smart contract allow you to create a mining system. Mining of UBEX tokenswill be available to site owners who transmit detailed statistics to the trainee of the Ubex system. For help in system training and data mining for the core, the miners at all will receive 5% of the total profit.

Consider the details of ICO and budget allocation. A total of 4 BILLION tokens of ERC20 UBEX standard will be issued , there will be no additional emission and the number of coins is final. All investors need to undergo the KYC procedure (know your customer). Residents of the United States, Iran, and North Korea unfortunately can not take part in the ICO.72% of all UBEX will be available for purchase (not sold tokens will be destroyed)
15% reserved for the team and advisors (blocked for 1 year)
10% reserve fund for unforeseen waste
3% allocated to the Bounty campaign to promote the project

  • The cost of the token is 1 UBEX = 0.00001 ETH
  • HardCap – 24,000 ETH
  • SoftCap – 4 000 ETH
  • The minimum investment is 0.01 ETH
  • Buy is possible for – BTC, ETH, LTC

The money collected during the sale will be distributed as follows:

  • 30% for the development of the main product
  • 6% for legal support
  • 10% for a subdivision that will be engaged in operating activities
  • 14% on management of commercial activities, communication with exchanges, hiring of employees
  • 18% for business development in key regions and creation of client pools
  • 22% for marketing and new partnerships

The large team of the Ubex project includes the most experienced specialists in their fields. Since the project is aimed at the advertising segment, the team has many cool marketers and experts in promoting the CEO. And also there are technical specialists: programmers, block developers, specialists in the field of neural networks and data processing.
All members of the team have profiles in the most popular Business-social network Linked.in, you can get acquainted with the profile of each member of the team on the official website, you will find all necessary links at the end of the article.The plan for the development of the project began in 2016, when the team began creating an advertising platform for the promotion of PayDay Loans . After the successful completion, it was decided to develop UBEX. The further technical plan looks like this:

In conclusion, I would like to note a few positive points, which in my opinion will positively affect the further development of Ubex. The most important factor is that the project has already collected more than 20 000 ETH, and so the software was assembled and the project was successfully launched. A very competent advertising campaign, as a consequence of increasing the positive HYIP, all popular video bloggers and online publications about crypto-currencies, you can view reviews on the Ubex project. A very well-written technical document, after reading that, it becomes clear that the developers are fully aware of all the risks (for this even a separate chapter at the end of the Whitepaper is highlighted). Well, of course, you can not fail to note the quality site, the developers are not too lazy and made beautiful. In my opinion, the sphere of Internet advertising requires significant changes in the direction of transparency, the introduction of Blockchain technology, will remove a lot of unnecessary links and make the process open.

Following more information;

Official website: https://www.ubex.com/
WhitePaper: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-ru.pdf?4712 The
thread on the Bitcointalk forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index .php? topic = 3393244
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubex_ai/
Telegram: https://t.me/UbexAI
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UbexAl/

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