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The digital advertising market grew very rapidly over the past 4 years, even surpassing advertisements on television. One of the most promising types of digital advertising is programmed advertising. Magna Global estimates that the size of the advertising software market will reach $ 42 billion by 2020. Among the many advantages, the digital advertising market has many problems. These problems include low targeting of clients, lower paid publishers, and ad users not satisfied with quality.

Ubex wants to solve this problem by combining the advantages of technology programs, artificial neural networks, and intelligent contracts in one system. By using this, Ubex provides transitions and pay-per-click schemes in more targeted payments. This is the best and fairest model for all market participants. Usbex’s main mission is to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency.
Advertisers can automatically buy ad slots using the Ubex system.

The advantage of using Ubex compared to other advertising media:

Can maximize purchasing efficiency The neural network can process information for every visitor to the member network website. This network evaluates user interests, calculates the possible actions targeted for all offers and selects the most suitable ad. This can be done because of the track record of previous user actions and statistical data provided by the site owner. All of these inputs can improve network capabilities to make better predictions.

2. Blockchain-based smart contracts minimize user riskUbex aims to solve the problem of low trust in the world of digital advertising. Smart contracts allow the creation of relationships between advertisers and publishers to be more transparent and fairer. By implementing this approach, Ubex allows payment schemes per click to the payment model for targeted actions, the most attractive advertising model for advertisers.

What is programmed advertising? This means buying real-time ads on an auction basis. This concept is broader and includes limited auctions, as well as direct sales from advertisements. Programmed advertising is a set of methods for buying advertisements on the internet using automated systems and algorithms to make decisions about transactions. This decision was taken based on the socio-demographic conditions and behavior of users on platforms and advertisers.

The way it works is when someone visits a website page, there is an ad that is displayed. When a website is loading, the site analyzes the audience of the website, connects the data with client targeting and chooses the most suitable ad format. Then, the auction is conducted among advertisers whose target audience is in accordance with visitors from this website and who want to display their advertisements. During the auction, the highest bid and auction winner will be selected. Winning ads are uploaded to the website and displayed to users.

The target market for Ubex (programmed advertising market) is part of the digital advertising market. Basically, it is an advertisement shown through videos and online banners.

The advantage of this programmed advertisement is that it can make the purchase process faster, more efficient and more efficient. Advertisers can adjust their ad campaigns and monitor their productivity. This approach allows you to significantly increase targeting and actually switch to direct targeted audience purchases.


 Token info

    Token Name : UBEX
    Platform : Ethereum
    Type : ERC20
    Tokens for sale : 2,880,000,000
    Min. investment : 0.01 ETH
    Accepting : ETH, BTC, LTC
    Distributed in ICO : 72%
    Soft cap : 4,000 ETH
    Hard cap : 24,000 ETH
    Country : Switzerland
    Whitelist/KYC : KYC
    Restricted areas :USA, North Korea, Iran

Token Distribution



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