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Block chain technology has numerous technical challenges to be solved before becoming mainstream. A number of organizations have been formed to deal with these challenges, mostly working on research and development necessary to raise the encryption currency to the next level. In most cases, there is no clear path of return on investment for investors funded to the project.
Transaction currency funds are exchanging trading funds such as stocks etc. ETFs or exchange funds have assets such as stocks, commodities or bonds, but sometimes deviations may occur occasionally, but close to the value of net assets Arbitration mechanism Most ETFs are tracking indicators such as stock price index and bond index. Due to such low cost, tax efficiency, stock characteristics, the ETF is attractive. In this case, we will discuss the cryptographic fund. General understanding is necessary. How cryptocurrency is, because you know how to use the currency function you can make it advantageous when you decide on your investment. Hundreds of coins made up of important players like small coins Bitcoin and Ethereum we called altcoin, each coin is unique and offers its own use case.
Ubonium is a financial technology company based in the financial district of London, UK Ubonium was born as an invention of Blockchain as Bitchin Technology during technical innovation. Bitcoin has many block chain technologies and encryption currencies known as altcoin. However, the need for complete and robust technology to customize simple and complete methods for integrating the movement and storage of digital assets into the block chain ecosystem in an easy and secure way is increasing more and more .
Ubonium’s innovative products and sustainable financial services complement each other with the Ubonium ecosystem, offering not only comfort and safety, but also competitive prices. Users can invest all Ubonium products and services, and they can be used safely, scalably and in encrypted environments. This is an important factor determining the success of the financial system block chain.Ubonium ETCF platform and ETCF fund, UBOPAY, UBOBANK, UBOCARD funds set Public method for market participants to interact with new alternative activity classes in everyday life In order to do so, please visit the website   https://www.ubonium.com/
Various articles of ubonium:
  • ETCF Market Platform & ETCF Fund
  • UBOPAY mobile system
  • UBOCARD Card Debit & ATM Card
What is UBONIUM?
Ubonium is a financial technology company that uses block chain technology to innovate high-quality products and services, providing superior financial services to the public.
Our mission
The mission is to provide customers with an excellent block chain-fed financial service, where customers recommend us to their families and friends, employees are proud, investors seek long-term returns. Our vision

Vission will be a No. 1 block chain company in the financial industry over the next five years.
Our value
  • Firstly, focus on customer’s needs
  • Respect everyone
  • Dare to give up
  • I will never stop innovation
How do you implement UBONIUM WORK?
Ubonium is the name of a fame that provides a token system for payment solutions. For encryption, hints and techniques are useful for users. They can learn these things and avoid it by reading it.
• How to select a scheme and strategy
• broker and site to be suitable
•  the appropriate selection of bonus
It’s a bunch of hands-on tips and techniques instead of wonderful and exotic theory. By describing in detail how to communicate with others, this is the true meaning of being a person who will succeed in life. It is not essentially an academic, but for many reasons it is an interesting self-enlightenment book. Provide full confidence with the help of practical suggestions. They are designed for everyone who wants to achieve results in life.
Cryptography is a source of practical hints, not based on information alone. It is the key to success in marketing and sales peaks. You can get good skills and read your career at the height of glory.
It will build an advantage as well. It is the best source to give defects and oversights to expert calculations as indicated by current rates. This will serve to provide data and also to choose an estimate of the amount with the help of the purchasing rate in the global business sector. This is widely useful in many ways. This is a user friendly way to provide high quality service.
Factors that benefit
Very volatile and fairly young cryptocurrency reduces risk. The power of the ETCF makes the virtual day’s price change intense.IT diversifies his or her cryptocurrency fund.ETCF holds ETCF funds because of that factor even if you are a beginner of cryptocurrency The merit of watching is worth noting. However, the fee for trading at once when you buy or sell the whole department will work as a fast bird if you participate in a presale or ICO. The future of cryptographic economics

Cryptocurrency It is increasingly obvious that adaptation of cryptocurrencies as a valuable medium has reached the mainstream market as market capitalization reaches US $ 50 billion and as early as 2020 will reach US $ 1 trillion It is becoming. Decentralized Application Development and Encryption As the communication volume increases more and more, the need for cheaper and safer application demands will be forecast in the near future. Please see the detailed information https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K1yStOltj5ts8tcb-48v0Aq212HIz3D0   / View
Market participants seek ways to use digital assets more conveniently and quickly in their daily lives. The traditional banking business we know is obsolete and no longer relevant for providing financial services to the mainstream market.
The way in which the business is done is forever changed by the use of smart contracts on the block chain. Unreliable transactions will be the name of the game in future business. UBOPAY? Ubopay

It is a unique mobile payment system developed and managed by Ubonium. The UBOPAY application can be downloaded on both Android and Apple Phones. UBOPAY is a hybrid mobile payment application in that it supports both user-selected local currency and payment in cryptocurrencies. Currently, UBOPAY has been developed and tested using Bitcoin, Ethereum, UBOCOIN. The mobile payment system plans to introduce a more general currency as a payment method. With the integration of UBOPAY and UBONEX’s Central Encryption Cipher Exchange Network (UBONEX), all processing is done seamlessly and instantaneously with encrypted encrypted files. Users can enable UBOPAY ‘s Smart Select function and autonomously use their own currency and cipher payment each time the user makes a payment. Depending on the receiving side or the merchant,

Ubobank is a bank dedicated to encryption. Unlike traditional banks, Ubobank does not provide services to users, many of Ubobank services are free. It acts like a traditional bank, but does not impose a transaction fee on the user. Briefly, Ubobank provides Virtual Currency Holders with virtual banks as services (BaaS). Provides a cold wallet service for storing, managing, transferring, and receiving encrypted currencies. Ubobank provides one of the best cryptocurrency security available on the market, which helps cryptocurrency holders save, move and use cryptocurrencies. Utilizing bank-grade security protocols, Ubobank Cold Vault can not access malicious hacking risks from the Internet. Ubobank Security Protocol

  • Protected and encrypted password for accessing the virtual account
  • Personal image confirmation for confirming login to user
  • Transfer to unknown wallet and payment phone authentication (OTP)
  • Cold Volt Balancing is mirrored in real time to the user’s virtual account and the wallet address is not disclosed
  • Ai for fraud detection related to transaction behavior
Ubocard is an extension of payment service from Ubobank. Users can balance with virtual accounts (cryptocurrency balances) and make payments using Ubocard. Ubocard debit card will be issued to all Ubobank customers. Ubocard is deducted from prepaid cards, Ubobank for credit cards and Ubopay for local currencies. Since the card operates on the VISA network, it can be used anywhere in the world where VISA and MasterCard are accepted. Since UBOCARD is an ATM card, users can withdraw funds from the ATM supported by the global payment network. All Ubocards come with ATM pins for safe cash withdrawals from ATM machines. Since Ubocard will automatically convert the encrypted balance to US dollars, accepting cards on the VISA network will never be a problem.
Ubonnon’s solution  applies evolution theory. In other words, every technology needs to have a period of evolution, during this period it is necessary to coexist with conventional systems until the new technology is fully adapted to mainstream. This ensures that Ubonium’s products and services are actually applied on multiple levels of the financial system.

Ubo Coin Tokin (UBO)
The Ubocoin token sold at Ubonium ICO is an ERC – 20 and ERC – 223 Ethereum compliant token. They can be used safely and will not make external calls after March 1st on the ICO start date. Ubocoin Token is designed with scalability in mind. Along with all the products and services offered in the uvcoin ecosystem, uvo coin plays an important role to bring value to the owner. Since all Ubonium products and services use Ubocoin, transaction costs are close to zero, and trading speed is optimized. Two of the main reasons Ubocoin is used as the best token in all Ubonium products.
Token Name: UBOCOIN
Token Symbol: UBO
Function: Exchangeable Utility Token
Token Sales Start Date: March 1,
2018 Token Sales End Date: May 10, 2018
Cost per UBO Token: 0.001 ETH
Token Type: ETHEREUM
Smart contract: ERC 20 & ERC 223 standards
compliant Softcap: $
3,500,000 USD  Hard cap: $ 60,000,000 USD
Token conditions: Early termination possible up to 70 days with automatic early termination of token sale UBO token issuance maximum: 300  million
Blank token: All unpaid tokens are automatically and permanently destroyed.
How to guarantee the payment of ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH & FIAT
When using Ubocoins to purchase UBO ETCF funds, the token owner is exempt from the 0.45% selling / selling spread fee on the ETCF market platform.
This allows the token owner to obtain exposure at the ETCF market with zero entrance fee. Also, when using Ubocoins with Ubopay, the transfer of coins to other wallets is free. Likewise, Ubocoin’s token owner significantly reduces exchange fees each time you convert any currency on Ubonex Exchange to Ubocoins. When Ubocoins is moved from Ubonium platform to another Ubonium platform, there is zero charge at any time.
During UBOIUM ICO, UBO tokens are sold at a fixed price of ETH 0.001 per UBO. However, we believe that its value will rise sharply as UBOBAN UBOBANK & UBOCARD platform is released. The reason is that Ubocoin is a scalable and usable coin, it is an application of many real cases where the demand for coins may increase, there is a possibility to reveal the true value beyond today’s value. However, as legally prohibited, it is not desirable to guess the price of future coins. Please be aware that there is a high risk of investing in Cryptocult which may lose the invested capital.
Ubocoin will be listed on exchanges such as Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Huobi and Quoinex.

Team & advisor
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For more information, please click here:  Website: https  :   //www.ubonium.com/

Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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