A Global Network Platform In Communicating and Collaborating With Blockcahin Technology

Uchit is a communication and distributed point-to-point communication (P2P)
platform designed at its core to improve the way people communicate with
each other / their audience and collaborate with team members.
Uchit completely eliminates the intermediary and allows users to directly
exchange information through the blockchain network. Uchit uses the
Ethereum Ecosystem as the main platform for transaction processing.
By encrypting the communications in the block chain and allowing the nodes to
communicate directly, Uchit can function as a fully decentralized exchange
for the transfer of data and value transactions, which allows users to communicate
and collaborate at will. Distributed networks can collaborate in a
reliable manner without a single point of failure.
This document seeks to provide an overview of the Uchit protocol and explain its
underlying technology and functionality in detail. We will break down the
key components of the application, compare it with existing non-blockchain P2P
communication applications and collaboration applications, and explain how
Uchit’s unique approach to decentralized incentivization, driven by contract,
seeks to transform the blockchain communication and collaboration space.
2 The P2P network of Uchit
Basic concepts: first, the Peers are connected to perform the first application, ie
Communication (text chat / voice chat / video chat). After the pairs are
connected and can communicate, they can collaborate easily (file sharing /
Use the same folders and editors of the programming project / shared screen, etc.).
2.1 A new way of visualizing communication
What happens if you bring communication to the global free market every day and
Allow users to find people freely, text chat, voice chat, video chat, file
sharing, screen sharing, host meetings , host webinars?
This was the idea that put Uchit into action in early 2016.
The communications industry has long been a victim of closures,
government interference and strict regulations derived from
By eliminating the central server and allowing network nodes to
communicate directly without external interference, Uchit aims to
revolutionize the way the world thinks about communication. Interrupting this
the market is a multi-million dollar company. In the long term, Uchit aims to
become the leading file exchange platform for users around the world.
2.2 Uchit Tokens – A brief description
The Uchit tokens (UCHT) are the core of the Uchit incentive protocol. Users can
“spend” UCHT in exchange for hiring people to join teams, requesting
communication with people, requesting files of people, buying
Teams templates (freelance) – as a market for new projects, etc.
accumulate UCHT, users can sell templates and assets, respond to
communication requests / join teams, etc. with the network (sowing) and be
rewarded with UCHT every time they communicate or collaborate. UCHT can
also be acquired in numerous cryptocurrency exchanges on the web, and
will be directly interchangeable for Ethereum.
2.3 uses cases
The first versions of Uchit will support the communication part: text
chat, voice chat, video chat, recruitment. We plan to expand support for other tools over time.
Some examples of use cases include having a market to buy and sell
prefabricated project templates, having live programming editors, live
TO-Do Boards, and much more. In each of these cases, users proactively
accumulate UCHT tokens as a reward for using the network. Because
the community has total control of the platform, the possibilities for growth are
We will continue to add features according to the demands of the community. We’re
developing this platform for users, then our mission is to solve your
problems, listen to your suggestions and meet your needs.
It is about us (the community, the users).
2.4 Decentralization as a central component of communication and
We firmly believe that communication must be decentralized and
blockchain technology used for maximum security. Traditional communication
Protocols are vulnerable to security breaches and stops that will be
no problems for Uchit users.
3 The application and features
Uchit is a communication and collaboration center based on Blockchain
Uchit introduces a communication center and collaboration tools for both
Individuals, Professionals and Commercial Entities that is not available with
existing tools
3.1 Core
The development of Uchit is the end-to-end solution for:
● Personal use, such as communication with friends and relatives.
● Professional use as collaboration for programmers, musicians,
artists, etc.
● Professional use as communication between Investors, Projects,
Freelancers, etc.
● Business use for companies.
● and much more.
We want to build the best collaboration and communication platform.
Helping these people –
● Friends and family looking for a quick end-of-text / voice / video chat and
file sharing.
● Teams want to work together on projects (prog)
● Teams want to work together on projects (programmers,
musicians, etc.)
● Companies want to hire professionals from abroad and want to
● People who want to organize webinar events
● Meetings business
● And many more (basically every person, let it be for personal or
professional use in any industry).
3.2 Special functions
Well, first, it’s based on blockchain technology, and the second thing is that it will
contain all the tools in one place.
You need text / voice / video chat / file sharing, collaboration programming,
chat equipment / file sharing, web seminars, etc.
Live editor for programmers
Market to find professionals, hire them, form a
Marketplace team to find templates / prefabricated assets to start your project.
NOTE – Many more applications will be made, for example, music maker and
much more, we will continue making applications used in all industries.
More and more features will be added from time to time.
3.3 Problems
We are not reinvesting the same platform in Blockchain technology, but
also solving multiple problems
Some examples –
● Find like-minded people for your projects
● Form a team
● Hire teams / professionals
● Work online as a team with people abroad
● Make the most of your time working online
● Synchronization while working online
● Need templates or assets
● Communication: multiple platforms, but lacking one or another
function for professionals
● Collaboration: we need tools for our industry standards
Many professionals and companies in the industry want to collaborate online, but
need the right tools in 1 platform. Industries that will be helped by us –
Software development, digital art, digital music, traditional music as well and
much more.
And do not forget the webinar function that will expand to a great
tool. Shows online physical products for a large audience, broadcasts,
podcasts and much more.
A Hub = Sample of content creators + Communication between people
(users, content creators, organizations) + Tools for content creators +
4 The Uchit
CRASS Infotech Foundation , one of the leading video game publishers in South Asia, is
working hard to make this platform.
The Uchit chips (UCHT) are standardized by ERC20 and are used to boost the
network movement . Users can earn UCHT tokens by using the main features of the
Uchit platform.
4.2 UCHT ICO Crowdsale Objectives
The aim of the UCHT ICO crowdsale is to distribute UCHT tokens to the
market. We seek to obtain the necessary funds to conduct the continuous
development of the application, as well as to maintain the standard business
functions. By contributing to the crowdsale, taxpayers are buying coins
that can be used in our network and should not be doing so with an
expectation of profit. The value of the currency can change at any time depending on the nature
of the assessed market value and has no intrinsic value in addition to its use in the Uchit
network and platform.
Soft Cap contribution period – $ 5,000,000
Amount to be raised: $ 50,000,000 / 60,000 ETH
Exchange rate – 4500 UCHT = 1 ETH
ICO period – May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018
Number of stages – 3
Stage 1 – Expression of interest, 50% bonus
Stage 2: Pre ICO, 20% bonus
Stage 3: public sale, 5% bonus
Total supply – 712,350,000
4.2.2 Distribution –
For the community – 65 %
Reserve Fund – 8%
Founders and Project Team – 10%
Advisory Board – 8%
Project Partners – 6%
Promotion – 2%
Rewards Campaign – 1%
5 Summary
We are making a communication and collaboration center based on
blockchain technology
Our basic plan: to make it very easy to find people, connect with them,
form a team or hire people, work together. We will continue to make
tools according to the needs of the community and the upcoming needs of the industry.
(The tools will be made for different different industries, for example, live editor for
5.1 Future plans
  1. Yes, we will develop APIs to allow other platforms to integrate our
    service and use Uchit in their platform as well.
    For example –
    Games can use our APIs and integrate into their games to have a Blockchain
    Text-based technology / voice chat.
    Any website can add Uchit chat / voice / video chat to your platform and
    can give communication features to your community.
  2. Keep adding more and more features to include professionals from ALL
by ;  binnhob
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