Communication and Collaboration Hub based on Blockchain Technology.
By encrypting communications in blockchain and enabling nodes to communicate directly, Uchit can serve as a completely decentralized exchange for data transfer and value transactions – enabling users to communicate and collaborate at will. Distributed networks can work together without trust without a single point of failure. Uchit aims to integrate all professionals, companies, employees, and business collaboration assets into an integrated blockchain ecosystem, which will make projects and businesses truly efficient, transparent and reliable.
What is the Uchit Project  ?
Uchit  is a distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) collaboration and communication platform designed essentially to improve the way people communicate with each other / to their audiences and collaborate with team members. Uchit completely removes middlemen and allows users to instantly exchange information through blockchain networks. Uchit leverages the Ethereum ecosystem as the main platform for transaction processing.
Uchit introduces communications centers and collaborative tools for Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities that are not available with existing tools. Uchit development is a tip-to-end solution for:
  • Personal use such as communicating with friends and family.
  • Professional usage such as collaboration for programmer, musician, artist.
  • Professional use such as communication between Investor, Project, Freelancer.
  • Corporate use for corporates.
  • Website sites that want to have community features on their own website. (We will provide API).
  • and there will be many more of its other features.
Who’s behind Uchit.?
CRASS Infotech, one of the leading Video Game Publishers in South Asia is working hard to create this platform. Uchit token (UCHT) is the ERC20-standard used for power movement on the network. Users can obtain a UCHT token by using the core features of the Uchit platform.
Uchit P2P Network 
Basics – First Peer is connected to the first app called Communications (text chat / voice chats / video chat). Once peers are connected and can communicate, they can easily Collaborate (Share Files using programming and editor project folders or share the same share). as:

  • New Way to Use Communications.
  • Uchit Token for Short Overview.
  • Use of Case.
  • Decentralization as a core component of communication and collaboration.
Uchit will take you everyday communication to the global free market and let users find people, text chat, voice chat, video chat, file sharing, sharing screen, host meetings, hosted webinars. This is the idea that made Uchit act in early 2016.
The communications industry has long been the victim of shutdown, government interference, and strict regulations derived from decentralization.
By removing central servers and allowing nodes on the network to communicate directly without outside interference, Uchit aims to revolutionize the way the world thinks about communication. Disturbing this market is a multibillion-dollar effort. In the long run, Uchit aims to be a leading file sharing platform for users worldwide. as shown below:
Applications and Features Uchit 
Uchit  is based Center for Communication and Collaboration Technology Blockchain. Uchit introduces communications centers and collaborative tools for Individuals, Professionals and Business Entities that are not available with existing tools.

You need text / voice / video chat and file sharing, programming collaboration tools, team-based tools, webinars. Set up targeted connections, find people, create a team with this Uchit platform with ease.

Here at Uchit we have all the tools for you:

  • You want to build a project and need people to help you or want to hire professionals for your project.
  • Now you want to collaborate with your team.
  • You want to host a Webinar / Business Meeting.
  • You just want to chat and share files with your friends and family.
  • You want to add community features on your own website. (We will provide API).
We do not reinvest the same platform in Blockchain technology, but also solve many problems, like the following examples:
  • Find like-minded people for your project.
  • Form a team.
  • Hiring Team / Professional.
  • Working online as a team with people abroad.
  • Get the best results from the time you work online.
  • Sync while working online.
  • Requires a template or asset.
  • Communication – many platforms, but do not have one or other features for professionals.
  • Collaboration – we need tools for our industry standard.
The goal of UCHT ICO crowdsale is to distribute the UCHT token to the market. We seek to obtain the necessary funding to foster continuous application development and maintain standard business functions. By contributing to crowdsale, contributors buy coins that can be used on our network and should not do so with earnings expectations. The value of a coin may change at any time based on market value assessed naturally and has no intrinsic value other than its use on the Uchit network and platform.
Contribution Period
  • Soft Cap: $5.000.000.
  • Amount to be raised: $ 50,000,000 / 60,000 ETH.
  • Make: 4500 UCHT = 1 ETH.
  • ICO Period: May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018.
  • Number of Stages 3 Phase.
  • Stage 1: Statement of Interest, Bonus 50%.
  • Stage 2: Pre ICO, 20% Bonus.
  • Stage 3: General Sales, 5% Bonus.
  • Total Supply: 712,350,000  UCHT .
Distribusi Token Uchit
  • 65%:  For Community.
  • 8%:  Reserve fund.
  • 10%:  Founder and project team.
  • 8%:  Advisory Board.
  • 6%:  Project partners.
  • 2%:  Promotion.
  • 1%: Kampanye Bounty.
For more information about this project you can see the link below:
Bitcointalk Username:
ETH Address:  0x7978AD1E3c14460ffc80fc361C2d6a1bF29754Dd

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