UCIM is a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference held on November 26 and 27 2018 in Singapore. With futuristic technology that paves the way for a better tomorrow by narrowing the gap between the physical and digital worlds, seamless integration of internet money for a decentralized economy is now a reality waiting to manifest itself. UCIM aims to create a platform that brings together start-ups, thought leaders, investors and the media to explore the combined strengths of decentralized and potential industries and their impact on the economy. Interesting discussions, investment opportunities, and unique networks to establish sustainable and lasting partnerships, ideas and dreams – UCIM offers everything.

Thus, this event will offer a middle ground between traditional centralized structures and ideas that emerge from a decentralized economy. With this unlimited and friction-free network, the world will witness the integration of technology, business, ideas and dreams.

From Vision to Reality  .

The event aims to satisfy the growing global curiosity by providing the right information, expert opinions, and relevant content around futuristic technology with an unconventional approach.

The UCIM conference has been designed to include several events and opportunities that can be used for exclusive networks, form partnerships in closed groups of like-minded professionals, and participate in various events. UCIM will provide a platform to build lasting connections by holding events that include pitching, crypto trading, awards, round tables, private networks, and after parties.

Conference Agenda  .

Conference tracks cover a comprehensive and well-researched range of industries and technologies to empower disruptive leadership. Topics have been chosen based on trends that require an unbiased understanding and expert opinion.
UCIM Blockchain Conference


Exploring the ongoing efforts that have triggered the adoption and application of intrusive technology without limits, and what they hold for the future.

UCIM Blockchain Conference


Outlining the art behind gathering successful investment, investor relations, and meeting international requirements to establish a competent business.

UCIM Blockchain Conference


Map industry-specific scopes in all existing scenarios and the future to take advantage of the right opportunities for growth, expansion and disruption.

UCIM Blockchain Conference


Understand what current rules and potential across borders mean and how they can affect businesses that want to revolutionize this industry.

Who will attend UCIM? .

Blockchain fans, cryptocurrency, FinTech, AI, ML and other next-gen technologies from around the world will attend UCIM. With a balanced mix of investors, thought leaders, startups and media, this event will be a platform to spread the spirit of decentralization and innovation.


To empower startups that are able to bring about changes in global business space with futuristic technology

UCIM Blockchain Conference

Thinker’s Mind

To equip future leaders with best practices and inspiring thoughts.

UCIM Blockchain Conference


To capture conferences that cover all industries and technologies that make headlines.

UCIM Blockchain Conference


To throw high-impact investors and form valuable connections with thought leaders & Media.

Our speaker  .

UCIM will witness some of the best industry speakers together with the founder of the extraordinary blockchain and crypto companies to drive mutual progress. When agile professionals interact and network with experts from all over the world, and are accustomed to their views on the most pressing topics, it is able to trigger the neo-revolution.

David Siegel

CEO, Project Pillar

Bruce Porter Jr.

CEO, Global Boost

Igor Chugunov

CEO, Credit

Natan Avidan

CEO, ORCA Alliance

Sonja Prstec


Olga Feldmeier

CEO, Smart Valor

Pavel Salas

CEO, Tokenbox

Manny Fernandez

CEO, DreamFunded

Rana Gujral

Advisor, Investor

Dmitry Levit

Partner, Cento Ventures

Andriy Zinchuk


Babu Munagala

CEO, Zebi

Mohit Mamoria

CEO, Authorito Capital

Hailey Hu

Investor, B Capital Group

Kiren Tanna

CEO, ZEN Rooms

Mark Pui

Mitra, Cipher Ventures

Vincent Lim

CEO, Fanfare

Daniel morozov

Co-Founder, Nodepower

Anastasija Plotnikova

COO, Cannabis Global Corp Application

Alex Crompton

MD, First Entrepreneur

Vishal Gupta

CEO, Diro Labs

Nikolai Oreshkin

CEO, Elysium Venture Capital

Tuhea Singh

CEO, Propine Capital

Nathan Christian

Co-Founder, Malta Blockchain Association

Brian Wee

Partner, 8 Kapita

Varun Chatterji

Angel Investor

Prashant Kirtane

CEO, Travelstop.com

Mohan Belani

CEO, e27

Nebil I Aissa

CEO, Investors at Nexxo & Qpay

Aloysius Wee

Chairperson, ASEAN Legal Alliance

UCIM Blockchain Conference
Coming soon
UCIM Blockchain Conference
Coming soon
UCIM Blockchain Conference
Coming soon
UCIM Blockchain Conference
Coming soon

More information about UCIM can be found at https://t.me/UCIMIO

Website: https://www.ucim.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCIM-United-Conference-of-Internet-Money-1815207551894958/?ref=br_rs

Telegram: https://t.me/UCIMIO

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ucimofficial

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