United Conference of Internet Money


Internet money has enabled monetization of ideas paving way for technological revolutions that could not have been imagined a few years back. UCIM envisions to catalyze decentralization in its true essence by bringing together people and experts who believe in its power.

By doing so, this event will offer a middle ground between the traditional structures of centralization and the emerging ideas of a decentralized economy. With this borderless and friction-free network, the world will witness an integration of technologies, businesses, ideas, and dreams.


The event seeks to satisfy the growing global curiosity by providing the right information, expert opinions, and relevant content around futuristic technologies with an unconventional approach.

UCIM conference has been designed to include several events and opportunities that can be leveraged for exclusive networking, forming partnerships within a closed group of like-minded professionals, and participating across various events. UCIM will provide a platform to build lasting connections by hosting events that span across pitching, crypto trading, awards, roundtables, private networking, and after parties.

Who will attend UCIM?

Enthusiasts of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, FinTech, AI, ML and other next-gen technologies from across the globe will attend UCIM. With a balanced mix of investors, thought leaders, startups, and media, the event will rise up to be a platform for propagating the spirit of decentralization and innovation.


For empowering startups capable of bringing a change in the global business space with futuristic technologies

Thought Leaders

For equipping the leaders of tomorrow with the best practices and inspiring thoughts.


For capturing a conference spanning across industries and technologies that are making headlines.


For pitching high-impact investors and forming valuable connections with thought leaders & Media.

Conference Agenda

The conference tracks span across a comprehensive and well-researched set of industries and technologies to empower disruptive leadership. The topics have been picked on the basis of trending developments that require an unbiased understanding and expert opinion.


Exploring the ongoing efforts that have fuelled border-less adoption and implementation of disruptive technologies, and what they hold for the future.


Unravelling the art behind garnering successful investments, investor relations, and meeting international requisites for setting up a competent business.


Mapping industry-specific scope across existing as well as future scenarios for leveraging the right opportunities for growth, expansion, and disruption.


Understanding what the current and potential regulations mean across borders and how they can impact businesses seeking to revolutionize this industry.

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