Universal Ðecentralized Asset Platform

What is UDAP?

UDAP is a blockchain-primarily based asset protocol that sits among applications and public blockchains to offer Restful APIs and an “Asset Wallet” for software developers to create powerful blockchain based totally programs without writing any smart contracts.

The Goals

Our ultimate goal is to build the Internet of Assets. Its value proposition has a clear boundary, and includes the following concrete deliverables:

  1. Develop an asset protocol through understanding the “assets” in our world from a blockchain perspective, and create abstraction of the general behaviors of assets; Define convenient APIs for traditional vertical applications to integrate with blockchains, which would not require application developers to have a deep understanding of blockchain and decentralization technologies.
  2. Provide a reference implementation of UDAP protocol, on top of Ethereum initially. We abstract the most central part of decentralized computing, decentralized storage technology and decentralized messaging mechanism into a concise and effective API.
  3. Implement a Universal Asset Wallet(UAW) for end-users. The UAW will capture the most useful interaction patterns with assets that allows users to store, copy, transfer, sell/buy, and trade a variety of assets deposit from third party applications in one place. Such a design for third-party application development, in fact, is a very favorable news, because the third-party platforms can focus on the current core business logic without having to figure out how to build their own assets blockchain and user Interaction.
  4. Engage cloud service partners to offer Asset Blockchain as a Service (ABaaS) so that organizations can easily create their own private or consortium asset chains that can connect to the UDAP public chain for value exchange.
  5. Build a global C2C marketplace to enable asset trading and exchange without intermediaries.
  6. Support business to transform to token economy as a technology enabler through

• a highly scalable architecture that allows for linear scalability and supports thousands of applications and near one-second response with finality, with a total throughput of 10k~100k TPS.

• an end-to-end privacy protection mechanism that may handle highly sensitive asset information for their customers.

• a unique security model to reduce attack surface.

NO.1 Protocol – Singular

Singular is a new asset account model, it defines how a thing is tokenized and how it deals with ownerships and tradings in a decentralized way. The Singular asset model implements a concept: One thing = One smart contract

The Singular project is a natural development in the spirit of some of the earlier blockchain proponents who had envisioned what blockchain with smart contracts would achieve.

NO.2 Middleware – UDAP

The fundamental concept of the Internet of Asset Protocol is to build a “Thick Protocol + Thin Application”.

Application developers only need to have sufficient knowledge and understand their business logic and user experience, Therefore, the application is thinner and easier. A thick protocol based on UDAP middleware helps them to accelerate the blockchain development, to secure the transactions, and to reduce the development costs.

UDAP Middleware Core Services

Token Service

The service helps applications to quickly tokenize in-app assets, such as tickets, IP rights, certificates, and game assets. It also helps application to create in-app currencies.

State Channels Service

The service implements state channel technology to help application to properly partition their application logic between on-chain and off-chain, to achieve the best of off-chain efficiency and on-chain persistence. This is critical to minimizing the cost and providing the best possible user experience.

NO.3 Asset Wallet

Harvest Wallet is an Asset Wallet that supports ERC20, ERC721 and Singular types tokens. It provides individual users with great convenience and a unified interface to tokenize, manage and publish their own tokens, various fungible and non-fungible assets, and third-party applications can plug-in the wallet too.

  1. Mint, manage and publish tokens
  2. Support third-party apps that generate wide range of assets.
  3. It provides a programmable UI for third-party applications to develop a complete user experience

NO.4 Applications

UMedia is a marketplace for collectible music and other form of digital media assets on your mobile phone, it included some complicated blockchain programming modules like all different token services, marketplace, Proxy Re-Encryption, State Channel, Singular. UMedia is to demonstrate the technical capabilities of UDAP. It’s so easy to make a Dapp by UDAP. Developers can use UDAP’s middleware to transfer their normal business into token-based business just like UMedia does.

More different Dapp coming powered by UDAP, such as: Ticketing, Social, Education, Gaming, Health, Supply Chain Finance, Data Center, Technical Community, Travel, E-Commerce, Library and so on.


2017 Q2 icon

Project kickoff

2017 Q4 icon

Research completed

Coding started

Core team built up

2018 Q1 icon


2018 Q2 icon

UDAP concept completed

Expand eco-system and community

Technical white papers released

Started coding Proof-of-Concept prototypes and demos

2018 Q3 icon

UDAP Minimum Viable Product(MVP) deployed and released

Singular Smart Contract Framework released

State channel modules completed

Harvest Asset Wallet (MVP) released

First app – UMedia (MVP) released

2018 Q4 icon

UDAP middleware V0.4 released

Singular Framework 0.5 release

Harvest Asset Wallet beta release

UMedia officially launched

Community Support Program launched

2019 Q2 icon

UDAP mainnet infrastructure V0.5 release

More business partner’s application released

2019 Q4 icon

UDAP mainnet deployed

C2C Asset Marketplace released

More community projects kicked off

2020 Q1 icon

UDAP Middleware V1.0 operated

C2C Asset Marketplace operated


Udap Foundation Issue the Udap Token (also referred to as UPX token). UPX Token are Used to make deposits required to grow to be a UDAP carrier customer. Transaction fees, GAS Payment (I.E. Smart Contract Executive Fees) And Persistent Storage Payment also are typically amassed in UPX Tokens. UPX Tokens have carried out the usage of the Ethereum ERC20 Standart.

Token Detail

Token Name: UDAP

Token Ticker: UPX

Total supply: 10,000,000,000.

Token distribution

Public-sale: 15 %

Private-sale: 25 %

Foundation: 30%

Advisor: five %

Private: 25%

Team: 15%

Partners: 10%

Allocation of Fund

Incubation: 20%

Other: 5%

Legal: 5%

Marketing: 20%

Development: 50%

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