What is UDAP?
UDAP is a blockchain based asset protocol located between the application and the public blockchain to provide a Quiet API and “Wallet Asset” for application developers to create strong blockchain based applications without writing any smart contracts.
In what we call the “Asset Oriented Programming” model, application developers take advantage of traditional Internet application architectures and use UDAP as a layer of asset tokens, transaction notaries and contract adjudication in the event of a dispute.
Singular Protocol
Singular is a new asset account model, which defines how things are pegged and how to deal with ownership and trade in a decentralized manner. The Singular asset model implements the concept: One thing = One smart contract
The Singular Project is a natural development in the spirit of some previous blockchain supporters who have imagined what the blockchain will achieve with smart contracts.
Conventional ERP frameworks have built a benefit model depending on the capacity and processing put together. Benefit display is a reflection of the benefits made by their guarantor who oversees a quality administrative framework, activities, and resource security. Not at all like the ordinary FKZ, UDAP resources show centers around institutionalization, interoperability, security, confidentiality, and resource credibility.
Administration actualizes state channel innovations to help applications precisely convey the reasons for their application between chains and offsets with the ultimate goal of achieving the best skills of the chain and determination in the chain. This is very important to limit costs and guarantee meeting the best clients. In fact, UDAP provides several modules to accelerate utilization, for example, Service Mark to handle the full lifecycle of crypto token resources.
Applications can immediately register based on the blockchain chain resources and offer embedded markets for their clients. Open the administration channel to allow applications to lead tasks that are generally interrupted and provide important blockchain, for example, ETH. This administrative mystery hides the responsibility to take advantage of brand innovation. A safe substance for computerized content resources that utilizes intermediary re-encryption innovations. Remote trade administration for decentralized resource exchanges, including applications for various monetary standards and assets. All wallets are inclusive for various, versatile, UI. UDAP imports resources from external applications, and enables clients to make use of computerized random resources directly in their wallets.
Solution with UDAP
The idea here is to solve problems by adopting and using state channel technology.
For example the problem of scalability can be overcome because technology treats the blockchain as a dispute adjudication platform that is usually involved in minute-by-minute operations, but only plays its role when the contract needs to be executed and very important assets need attention. protected.
By utilizing state channels, transactions can run from the blockchain remotely and with this setup fee drastically reduced.
In overcoming problems that often arise regarding privacy, UDAP gives technology users to control the visibility of their clients.
Finally, because it involves responsiveness, the platform utilizing state channels will allow applications that are supported by the blockchain to provide the best possible UX in addition to a number of special features from decentralized ledgers.
It should be noted that UDAP does not represent the generic State Channel framework at all. This is more of an implementation of Channes Countries which are guided to applications related to assets that cannot be exchanged.
Website: https://www.udap.io/
Whitepaper: https://www.udap.io/whitepapers/UDAP-Whitepaper-English-v08.pdf
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