Udap _ Universal decentralized assets platform-a blockchain middleware for tokens ever

What is udap

UDAP is an asset-based blockchain convention that can fundamentally decrease the expense of making asset arranged applications, both amid improvement and at runtime. For application designers and to make applications dependent on an amazing blockchain without composing any keen contracts, Asset Wallet was made. The administration helps applications rapidly tag in-diversion assets, for example, tickets, IP rights, testaments, and amusement assets. It likewise causes the application to make monetary forms in the application.

UDAP gives a few modules foraccelerate the improvement of utilization, for example, Service Mark to deal with the full life cycle of crypto token resources.

Technically UDAP provides multiple modules to speed up app development, such as:

Token service, to manage the full life-cycle of asset-backed crypto-tokens. Applications can immediately register token-based assets on chain and offer built-in marketplace to their customers.

State channels service, to allow applications to conduct transactions mostly offline and secured by public blockchains, such as Ethereum. Data obfuscation service, to hide the ownership of assets, using Ring Signature technology.

Secure content distribution for digital content assets, using Proxy Re-Encryption technology.

Exchange service, for decentralized asset trading, including app-currencies and asset tokens.

Universal wallet for versatile mobile user interface to deal with any token-backed assets that UDAP has helped to maintain


Udap Media is a marketplace for collectible track and other sorts of digital media property on your cellular telephone, it blanketed some complex blockchain programming modules like any exclusive token services, market, Proxy Re-Encryption, State Channel, Singular. UMedia is to demonstrate the technical skills of UDAP. It’s so clean to make a Dapp by UDAP. Developers can use UDAP’s middleware to transfer their regular commercial enterprise into token-primarily based enterprise just like UDAP Media does.


Udap Foundation Issue the Udap Token (also referred to as UPX token). UPX Token are Used to make deposits required to grow to be a UDAP carrier customer. Transaction fees, GAS Payment (I.E. Smart Contract Executive Fees) And Persistent Storage Payment also are typically amassed in UPX Tokens.

UPX tokens will tilized to make the commitments important to wind up a UDAP client benefit focus. Exchange charges, installments for gas (i.e. brilliant contract, execution of installments) and standing installments for capacity, when in doubt, are gathered in UPX tokens. UPX tokens are executed utilizing the ETHEREUM ERC20 standard. The aggregate offering is 10,000,000,000.

Token info

Token Name: UDAP

Platform : Ethereum

Type : ERC20

Token Ticker: UPX

Total supply: 10,000,000,000.

Tokens for sale – 4,000,000,000

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