UDAP – Blockchain Middleware for Tokenizing Everything


UDAP is just such a decentralized platform on the blockchain with AI technologies, which allows anyone who wants to design their own smart contracts according to specified rules. And it is now as simple as setting up your own website with a template. And the function will be absolutely no different from large and cool projects on its own blockchain .

Well, we figured out the demand, we need to move on to the functional features.

Key features of UDAP

The UDAP platform itself will operate inside the Ethereum blockchain. No, the developers do not exclude that it is possible in the future UDAP will outgrow Ethereum, but it will be primarily located there. At the same time, the Singular protocol , which is an asset interaction model, will determine the rules for their formation. But I suggest not to delve into the technical subtleties, they can always be gleaned from the WhitePaper project, but focus on the main elements of the ecosystem.

Since the main element of the UDAP system is a public blockchain, customers who want to use the platform and release their own tokens will need only basic knowledge of the operation and organization of smart contracts . In other words, you just need to understand how this should work, and specify the set of functions that they will perform.

To manage the released assets, a Harvest Wallet application will be created , with the help of which it will be possible, including issuing assets, to regulate their issue. And it will also be possible to interact with third-party applications to obtain greater functionality. Well, for example, with cryptocurrency exchanges for conversion.

ICO project

A total of 10 billion UPX tokens will be released, which will be distributed as follows:

UDAP looks very good, like a project and a future product. There is definitely a prospect in this, but it must be borne in mind that several companies are moving in this direction at once. The advantages of UDAP are partners, activity and quite an experienced team. So follow this project is definitely worth it. Below are traditional useful links.


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