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UDAP is associate plus-based blockchain convention which will basically decrease the expense of constructing asset organized applications, each amid improvement and at runtime. For application designers and to create applications keen about an incredible blockchain while not composing any keen contracts, plus notecase was created. The administration helps applications speedily tag in-diversion assets, as an example, tickets, IP rights, testaments, and amusement assets.

Conventional ERP frameworks have engineered up their profit models keen about brought along capability and process. A profit show could be a reflection of benefits made up of their guarantors that oversees quality administration frameworks, activities, and resource security. Not the least bit like customary FKZ, the UDAP resource demonstrate centers around institutionalization, ability, security, secrecy and resource believability.

UDAP Foundation dispatches UDAP token, compressing UPX. UPX tokens are utilised to create the commitments vital to finish up a UDAP consumer profit focus. Exchange charges, installments for gas (i.e. good contract, execution of installments) and standing installments for capability, once doubtful, area unit gathered in UPX tokens. UPX tokens area unit dead utilizing the ETHEREUM ERC20 normal. the mixture giving is ten,000,000,000. you’ll be able to get a lot of kernel information from the specialised documentation of the venture, and additionally, build inquiries within the social media platforms as indicated below or within the elementary discussion string.



Q4 2017 – RESEARCH COMPLETED, Coding started, Core Team built up.

Q1 2018 – UDAP FOUNDATION LAUNCHED, Technical white papers released, Started coding Proof-of-Concept prototypes and demos.

Q2 2018 – UDAP CONCEPT COMPLETED, Expand eco-system and community.

Q3 2018 – UDAP MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT(MPV) DEPLOYED AND RELEASED, State channel modules complete, Harvest Asset Wallet (MVP) released, First app – UMedia (MVP) released.

Q4 2018 – UDAP MIDDLEWARE V0.4 RELEASED, Harvest Asset Wallet & UMedia officially released.

Q2 2019 – UDAP MAINNET INFRASTRUCTURE V0.5 BUILT AND SHARED, More business partner’s application released.

Q4 2019 – UDAP MAINNET DEPLOYED, C2C Asset Marketplace released, More community projects kicked off

Q1 2020 – UDAP MIDDLEWARE V1.0 OPERATED, C2C Asset Marketplace operated.

Info Token

Token – UPX

Platform – Ethereum

Type – ERC20

PreICO price – 1 UPX = 0.0164 USD

Price in ICO – 0.0083 USD

Tokens for sale – 4,000,000,000

Distributed in ICO – 40%

More Information
Website https://www.udap.io/
Telegram Group https://t.me/udapcommunity
ANN Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5069084
Bounty Program https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5071808.0


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