UHIVE – A New Era of Social Networking

UHIVE is a new, innovative and easy-to-use social network . It integrates the worlds first physical dimension and Hybrid blockchain technologies. It’s an advanced network, controlled by A.I. and supports virtual reality. UHIVE’s innovative platform enables users to create & display their profile or walls with a digital physical location address in a world of infinite space, making discovery and exploration journeys to users and business spaces easier and more intuitive. Zoom in & out, maneuver left and right to explore adjacent spaces with an easy finger motion.

Users can have multiple profiles, one on the Civilized world and others on the Grey world. The Grey world is designed to bring freedom and to preserve users’ privacy to the maximum, and at the same time, it defines the thin line between people’s right to keep their activities and data private, and between making sure not to abuse the system and create illegal activities. With our innovative Hybrid Blockchain technology, users will have their identity, data, and activities totally secured and anonymous.

Like life, users’ spaces in UHIVE have a physical location in the network world, and based on the user’s engagement level, time spent on the app and some other factors, the user space will be more visible and attractive to other users, and this created a new marketing dimension, for example, if your space is near a famous space that has big traffic, most of the people visiting that space will see yours too, this will increase the value of your space location.

  • Offering a unique and very different discovery and search experience compared to other traditional social networks.
  • Enhance the visibility of brands, businesses and communities to all users by visual representations. Trendy topics will be identified easily.
  • New Marketing trends, by the utilization of high traffic from surrounding spaces and increasing organic visitors.
  • Offering the first of its kind, Hybrid Blockchain technology, which totally secures all the users data and activities, and give them the option to be anonymous.
  • Offering a new digital token to be used in the network along with a very well designed and self-sustained digital economy.
  • Giving free UHIVE Tokens to the socially active users on a weekly basis, like salaries.
  • A platform based on simplicity to provide a new & unique entertaining user experience.

The system is designed from the start to support VR (Virtual Reality), you will be able to put your VR gear and explore the
Civilized world and the Grey world, enter users’ spaces, watch movies, browse photos and read comments and articles in a new and innovative way. Plus, the system is built on a new A.I. layer, which will support object and face detection, video analysis, sentiment detection, and behaviour analysis, to give users the best possible experience.

UHIVE is a long-term project, it aims to keep innovating and to invest in the future of social networking by creating a new self-sustained digital economy, and by introducing the UHIVE Token. The UHIVE Token has high succeeding
prospects, as its value will increase with the following:

  • Trading on exchange platforms
  • All Ads on the platform will be paid in UHIVE Tokens
  • Being not controlled by a third party, will enable us to share %50 of our Ads revenue with our users (like a salary) increasing engagement and creating loyalty
  • Users will buy commodities and services with the social network using UHIVE Tokens

This will create a complete circular economy, meaning, with more users, and more demand, the UHIVE Token value will keep increasing.


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