UHIVE: Innovative Social Network with Physical Dimension


In a sense, a new world of digital economy is about to be born. As your space grows in audience size, the surrounding spaces become a desirable focal area; users will able to organically spot your space from faraway.Given the human nature and psychology when attracted to certain sceneries, like when driving through a metropolitan city and your eye spots a very long queue at a store front, or a high-rising building standing out from surrounding buildings, your eyesight triggers and ignites your mind’s curiosity .The embedded algorithms will give intrinsic value to adjacent spaces as they will be relatively affected. Individuals and businesses will offer you money for it.


UHIVE Token is a token used within this new social network, it can be exchanged for other currencies, and
in time, it will have a huge value, just like gold in real life, a social network that mimics life requires a way to value things within this network.
UHIVE will introduce its own digital currency (UHIVEToken), tha tis similar to gold in real life .The UHIVE Token is divisible, portable, recognizable and, most importantly, scarce in terms of a limited supply, and abundant relative to its consumption and circulation. UHIVE Tokens will be the trading currency for products and services within both worlds.
Users can contribute to the economy of UHIVE by engaging with other users, and by posting and sharing media. Spending more time in the network will be rewarded wih UHIVE Tokens, which eventually can be exchanged for global currencies (USD, GBP, Euro, JPY, etc…) on the digital currency exchange platforms. This network is self-sustained, with its independent advertising revenue stream ,which is relatively proportional to the number of active users. The value of UHIVE Crypto Tokens will be sustained at the start and is bound to grow with time. Human needs are unlimited, the UHIVE social network will allow people to do numerous thing :earn money, establish a new digital life, explore things you never knew existed, have fun, socialize, meet new people, and much more.

Our vision is to revolutionize and lead the way to the future of social networks, enriching the lives of users with a new and entertaining social platform experience. We aim to exceed expectations and share our success with all users. Our ambitions, commitment to constant innovation, and our technological abilities in advanced A.I. and block-chain technology, all helped UHIVE to launch a new social networking era.





The Amazing Team behind this great project


Website: https://ico.uhive.io

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