UMC Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform for managing paid content and creating

Hello everyone,on this occasion, I will explain about a very good platform, which is about UMC, what is UMC? for a short explanation, let’s read my article below.


About the project

UMC platform is based on smart contracts and operates using high-speed artificial intelligence. It makes advertising in instant messenger effective, reliable and as comfortable as possible. All actions can be done quickly and easily through the easy-to-use interface.

Now, it’s easy to manage ads in instant messaging for any user – individual, large company, channel owner, or experienced smm manager. No additional fees and efforts!

Universal Marketing Company is already actively growing. The first original product was the Telegram bot. At the time of ICO launch, it passes through the second part of the beta test. In parallel, the remaining components of the system are being developed.

Flexible settings, built-in analysis, manual or fully automatic mode options, paying for unnecessary commissions are not the entire list of benefits each participant received from the UMC platform.

You can pay for any ads and paid services in the UMC ecosystem. All financial transactions at UMC are made exclusively in UMCC tokens.

You can be anywhere in the World and easily and conveniently order ads. No extra commissions, no exchange rate difference!

UMCCis a completely transparent collective settlement mechanism among all ecosystem participants, potential value, and demand.

Implementation of technology from UMC platform

The UMC platform technically incorporates server sections, which govern all the working logic, interfaces to interact with users and interface with the platform partners.

UMC platform functionality

The Universal Marketing Company (UMC) platform, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is designed to manage paid content and create SMART ads in instant messaging. Specifically, as a platform aggregator, UMC was created to reduce the cost of managing, managing and promoting media networks in instant messengers.

The first instant messenger with UMC paid content implementation is Telegram. The choice of the platform is clear because Telegram worldwide is a symbol of freedom, independence, and decentralization, a symbol of the crypto industry. The UMC platform provides the most effective management of all types of content to create exactly the type of information that can meet all audience requirements.

One of the most important features of the UMC platform is the functionality of the SMM and its additional non-core functions.

Today we will talk about the function of the UMC platform that he did for SMM.

And in one of the following articles, we will notify you about the UMC functionality for users and notify you of additional non-core functions.

Token Sales – UMCC
Privat Seil – January-June 2018
Pre-Sales – July 2018. Token-Season – August 2018. Token Price – 0.1019 $ Minimum cost is 6 255 241 $ Maximum amount of cost is 22 550 000 $ 500,000,000 UMCC distributes Token distribution: 64% – sales 14 % – 5% team – 5% adviser – 2% marketing – bonus and 10% air drops

Using tokens
UMCC Token (created on blokcheyne Ethtereum) will be the only means of payment in the internal UMC platform. These tokens can be purchased at all stages of ICO, in exchange after their listing or on an internal exchanger. This platform will be to seize a percentage of all transactions, and at the end of each quarter, 100% of net profit will be allocated to buy UMCC tokens at market prices in foreign exchanges. The tokens purchased will be burned, and the price plan, with emissions reductions, will increase.

Team members are represented on the site, but there is no possibility to become familiar with their page on LinkedIn. The founders of the project are Sergey Petrik and Grigory Rybalchenko. The CEO of this project is Dmitry Kozlovsky. Unfortunately, much information about their previous activities could not be found. The site and vaytpeyper stated that the team has enough experienced staff in both SMM-marketing, digital marketing and proper software development and blockcheyn technology, AI smart and contract. This team has three advisors, and we managed to find their profile on the LinkedIn network. We are talking about Irina Heber (lawyer, technological specialist, IT, blokcheyn), Nikolai Babenko (co-founder of threefold Foundation) and East Tmuslime (founder of Top Traders group, and president of Asia blockchain Assocation).

Everyone has to decide whether to accept or not participate in sei-se tokens. This project really has prospects, in the face of the growing popularity of messengers among users around the world. Of course, the number of in-app ad campaigns will also increase. Developers do not offer anything supernatural, but they offer a simple and easy tool to optimize and simplify the advertising process from creating the ads themselves and to analyze their effectiveness, which will reduce the time and resources of advertisers. Therefore, the UMC platform will definitely have its own users.

– Team and UMC platform concepts
Q4 2017
Team development and UMC product concept development
– Development of UMC platform
January-April 2018
Development of Beta 1 of the first platform product – Telegram BOT (main function)
– May-June 2018
Development of Beta 2 from the first platform product – BOT Telegram (additional function and integration with fiat payment system)
– July 2018
Development of GM for first platform product – Telegram BOT (integration with blockchain)
– August-September 2018
Development of the “Exchange” function
– October-December 2018
Development of WEB interface of the platform
– Development of “Bots” exchange

– January 2019 – ….
Introduction and development of Artificial intelligence
– Going to the Big Data

– Scaling the UMC platform
August-October 2018
UMC on WeChat
– November 2018 – January 2019
UMC on WhatsApp
– February 2019 – …
UMC on other messengers
January-May 2018
Private sale and Pre-sale
– ICO WEB-site development

– May – July 2018
Smart-contracts programming
– Tokens issuing
– Tokens distribution.
– Public sale.

[July 01, 2018]
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