UMKA is more than just a decentralized labor market.
It is an efficient project implementation and a team-building tool based on the blockchain technology.
The decentralized application UMKA is based on a fast turing-complete blockchain with inexpensive and flexible smart contracts (AgileSC) along with the Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) Delegated Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, based on EOS.IO.
UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system:
-digital passport;
-secure contracts using the unique Agile Smart Contracts technology;
-assets for fast work of smart contracts and financial security guaranty;
-15 cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies;
-arbitration system;
-project groups for cooperation with groups of freelancers;
-GNMT — Google Neural Machine Translation integrated in UMKA’s chat;
-free online courses from world’s leading universities;
-expert communities.


Token Issue and Allocation
UMK Token Description
The UMK token is an ERC20, token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. UMK is a security and an investition token. It gives its owners the right to pursue their investment interests.




Token sale dates
1 May 2018 
-closed presale of UMK tokens
1 June 2018 – 1 August 2018
-public sale


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