The technology is getting advanced in a serious manner. Every day is a whole new day due to the blessings and advancement of technology. It has made up a number of changes and cryptocurrency has brought one of the major ones. By the help of this transaction process has gone much easier.

By using the blockchain network, transaction of any purpose can be done at any time within a fraction of second and it does not even require any physical currency for it or need to stay longer in a bank queue. But it needs a lot of security to be ensured. From that point of view Uncloak has developed an advanced blockchain network to secure the user’s data from being exploited.

About Unloak

Uncloak says it is the next generation of cybersecurity for threat management. It is the world’s first blockchain powered cyber threat solution for putting the business one step forward from the hackers.

It represents the current view by proposing the new generation with cybersecurity for the application and bug bounty token rewards in the blockchain network. It produces the external cryptographic tokens proposed by the users for some related matters of Uncloak. The system of Uncloak enables cyber threat detection process with:

  • Advanced and artificial intelligence for checking out the public and hidden internet data for “Zero Hour” cyber threats.
    It ensures the cybersecurity scanning for the next generation vulnerability
  • Uncloak is powered by true blockchain 3.0 to facilitate the verified IT scanning experts for the global collaboration to resolve the cyber threat vulnerabilities and rewards to a fully automated system

Issues in Blockchains


Currently, the world’s major issue is the computer hacking system as it breached the data to release the ransomware and it is occurring at an alarming rate. It is predicted that cyber-crime is going to cost around $6 trillion annually by 2021 and there will be no boundaries in it.

There is some sort of shortages in making solutions to the security for the identification of newer threats. This permits the users to shut them or close down whenever they find some threats into their system. It is even capable of hacking Governmental level of data. For them, Uncloak provides a commercial tool for the closer gap maintaining significant revenue throughout some sectors for susceptible cyber crimes.

Uncloak System

The system of Uncloak is based on the Artificial Intelligence for the analytical tool. These tolls are for the intuitive, automated and seamless with the performance of the security check.

This gives the users an ability to cue through the cyber jargon to understand the remediates resolving the issues relates to the cybersecurity. It deals with such issues by resolving all the issues related to cybersecurity. It works successfully in evaluating the computers of the company and network infrastructure even in the absence of innovation of tools.

This will require some specialized, highly skilled manpower, time for extensive setup as well as some significant costs. Uncloak also seeks this level of cybersecurity to make sure the availability of mass scale at a lower cost with simplification of user interactions.

Uncloak has installed a unique and a scalable blockchain network ensuring security to its users no matter whatever the cost it takes. This helps the users to use and invest in the organization ensuring a high level of security so that the users can be stress-free while making transactions and Uncloak takes good care of their users.

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