Unibright is the first integrated framework for the integration of blocked businesses. The Unibright framework allows cross-block and cross-system connections and provides all the system components to support the blockchain business integration process. The goal of Unibright is to capitalize on the promise of blockchain technology for all its propulsion companies.
We consider blockchain technology as information | knowledge | Information} is technically applied during the decentralized peer-to-peer and offers the possibility to highlight and save the data and functions in a single block, a good contract. Some options are secure with blockchain technology, such as security and the integrating data integration business is already underway and there will be cases where the existing technology actually serves to satisfy the pressure, even if the area unit of this technology is based largely on technical information in the last decade Perhaps the completeness of the last millennium, its predestination can be used in the field of business integration.
We address the requirements and demands of a safe and economical business integration.

Mission Unibright

The size of our squares is definitely positioned to be the main provider for most business-based blocking integration. we try to transfer the security of the use of blockchain technology to successive levels for business professionals. Our mission is to provide the best integrated framework for blockchain-based businesses
integration. we have a tendency to expect blockchain technology to be absorbed and therefore want to produce blockchain technology that allows and beneficial for people who conduct real business and crypto not “just” the exchange in all stages of Unibright system analysis that dress’ I have to control two levels modeled to achieve blockchain based on most of the business integration with beaux-level computer code and application levels directed by the user. Each level of measure squared is provided with additional details in the following sections.

Potential blockchain technology

The size of the global blockchain technology market is priced at USD 509.1 million for 2015 and is expected to gain momentum during the forecast period. The Blockchain technology is one of the latest technological trends that promise in the world of information technology. Regardless of the use of blockchain technology as a tool for commercial integration, experts agree on potential blockers for growth and distribution.
The promise of blockchain technology

Some of the mutually agreed upon benefits and promises of Blockchain technology include:

Transactions can not be modified or eliminated due to the cryptographic structure of all blocks in the chain.

The exchange of information between two parties without intermediation through a third party eliminates the risk of the counterparty.

Durability, reliability, long life
Due to its decentralized structure, blockchain does not have a central point of failure, since it is more capable of resisting malicious attacks.

Lower transaction costs
By eliminating third-party intermediaries and the general costs of exchanging assets, blockchains have the potential to reduce transaction costs.

Changes in public obstacles can be seen publicly by all participating nodes.

Common problems appear

It is difficult to update and implement smart contracts in several block chains.
The teams need to integrate Blockchain into their existing ERP / IT systems.
Blocking developers are rare and expensive; The intelligent contract is complicated and there is a very important error.
Companies do not understand how to analyze blockchain data into something useful for employees and customers.


Unibright Explorer monitors ongoing business processes in all intelligent contracts and related systems. It helps to present data inside and outside the chain to boards that are useful and easy to understand.
The Unibright Visual Workflow Designer offers anyone the ability to create powerful Blockchain-based solutions without the need for expensive programming or coding capabilities! Determine the business integration workflow visually, without coding skills.
The Unibright connector connects the existing IT environment with multiple restrictions and smart contracts, using a predefined smart adapter set.
The Lifecycle Manager Unibright Contract transforms a visually designed workflow into a platform-dependent code by pressing a button! This produces intelligent contracts for the most appropriate block chain automatically.

Why should we choose UNIBRIGHT?

Here are some reasons why you should choose Unibright: UNIBRIGHT

Existing off-the-chain (ERP) and blockchain systems are integrated into the process through intelligently configured intelligent adapters

Template-based Business Workflow Smart is designed and visually customized

The generated code is implemented, maintained and updated as a special block chain intelligent contract

intelligent contracts and connected systems are monitored through a collection of queries generated from Smart way automatically

selling token

ICO was launched on April 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. M. UTC (14:00 CET) and will last for 4 weeks, ending on May 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m.M. UTC or ending instantly when all tokens are sold.

Distribution of tokens
67% on sale of general tokens
9% is sold to seed investors
6% to the team (confined for 12 months)
12% of cold storage liquid reserves
6% of legal sale / token fees Sale

bonus of chips
Promo / reference: each token sale participant receives a unique referral link. By sharing that link with other users, participants automatically get a 5% bonus transferred to their wallet from a newly purchased token using the reference link.
First quarter token (25,125 Mio UBT): 10% bonus
Second quarter token (25,125 Mio UBT): 5% bonus
Time token (50.25 Mio UBT less token bonus): 0% bonus

Distribution of the sales results of tokens
(at least) 50% for platform development
(up to) 20% generation templates for Business-Case Use
15% for public relations and marketing
15% of alliances in the industry, customers start-up pilot


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