A Cross Chain Protocol For Data Liquidity

What is Unification?

Unification is a blockchain-agnostic ecosystem of Data Providers, Data Consumers and End Users that utilises blockchain technology, machine learning and auxiliary software components to allow the monetised, secure transfer of data.

The ecosystem is built around a web of smart contracts, which allow the initialisation and flow of data transfer agreements between Data Providers and Data Consumers, while putting the control of the data flow in the hands of the users themselves, who ultimately own – and are remunerated for – their data.

The underlying blockchain provides security and transparency for the users that have granted or denied access to their data. It also provides the infrastructure to remunerate actors in the ecosystem. The supporting client and server software1 track the on-chain state of a data transfer at various stages, and channels the off-chain processes involved with request validation, data extraction, transformation and the secure transfer of the standardised data. Additionally, the server software ensures that data from diverse sources remains unified at the user level.

Unification maintains a curated repository of UApps within the ecosystem, which are discoverable to Data Consumers and End Users via the BABEL Front End app.

Here a potential use case for BABEL:

  • Julia has a Fitbit that collects her health data
  • She decides to monetize her data by selling it to a research institute on Unification’s marketplace
  • The institute receive the data and Julia (as well as Fitbit) receive payment in UND.

Julia gets paid because she owns the data and has the right to sell it. Fitbit, on the other hand, received payment because they collected and hosted the data. The institute, in return, get the data that they need, giving them the information they require to run more accurate research.

The project has a native token, UND — as mentioned above, and it will serve as a medium of exchange on the platform. End users may also use UND to pay for goods and services in Unification’s ecosystem.

Use Case

Unification’s decoupled architecture toolkits combine machine learning and efficient, transparent data transfers. This allows the development of autonomous applications designed to revolutionise enterprise and improve our everyday lives.

Some of the use cases where these tools optimise business processes include:

  • Building more efficient data transfers via state channels internally among different business divisions to optimise partnerships and improve user product experience.
  • Building more efficient data transfers via state channels externally with partners to optimise partnerships and improve user product experience.
  • Increasing the value of all actors’ data in existing and future marketplaces by building more valuable data packages and optimised offerings.
  • Integrating efficient crypto payment gateways to reduce payment fees and improve monetisation potential through new channels.
  • Ensuring compliance and standardisation with GDPR, DTP and other standardised models as they are adopted by the industry.
  • Acquire new users and increase user engagement through participating in Unified Verifiable Credentials ID system (UVCID).


Nov. 17 First presentation of Unification concepts at a private dinner in Tokyo

Jan. 18 Backend/Blockchain Dev Team recruitment, begin conceptual architecture

Mar. 18 Testnet Development begins

Apr. 18 Public presentation of Unification concepts at the Tokenomx Conference

Apr. 18 Final BABEL conceptualization, production begins with front-end dev team

May. 18 Early Stage Angel Funding

Jun. 18 HAIKU MVP Deployed on GitHub

Oct. 18 HAIKU Testnet Deployed

Dec. 18 HAIKU Mainnet Deployed

Jan. 19 Enterprise Outreach Office

Hard Cap and Valuation

There will be 1 billion UND tokens and the project aims to raise $12m for 25% of the token total. The remaining 75% will be distributed thus: 30% will be used for ecosystem development, 12% will go to the founding team, 15% will serve as a market support budget, 8% will be reserved for future team members, 5% will be shared among the project’s advisors, and the final 5% will be distributed to the Unification community.

20% of the hard cap will be raised during private sale, leaving 5% for the public sale. As a result, each person whitelisted for the project’s public sale has a max. contribution cap of 1 ETH. Additionally, there will be no token lock-ups for public sale investors.

On the other hand, there will be no bonuses for tokens sold during private sale and they are subject to this lock-up schedule: 50% released at the TGE, 25% after 3 months, and the final 25% after another 3 months.

Founding & future team tokens are locked for 3 years. Advisor tokens will be locked for a year or two, depending on the role of the advisor.

Price Per Token

1 UND = $0.048

Since there are no bonuses for private sale investors, the price per token is the same for both the private sale and the public sale rounds.

Important Dates

UND private sale is going on at the moment and allocations are being sold to investors that offer strategic value to the project — allocation size varies with how much value each investor offers. Public sale — and token distribution — is scheduled for October 2018.

Marketing Power

As at the time of writing, Unification had over 7000 followers on Facebook, 2600+ members on Telegram, 1000+ followers on Twitter, 20+ Redditreaders, and 18 subscribers on Youtube.

Be sure to be part of the really profitable bounty program.

Noteworthy Advisors and Investors

Andrew Lee, Advisor

  • Advisor to ChromaWay, Quarkchain, and Coinsuper.

Sishir Varghese, Advisor

  • Founding Partner at AlphaChain.
  • Advisor to Quarkchain, RSK, Coinsortium, and Loopring.

Henok Tekle, Advisor

  • Founding Partner at AlphaChain.
  • Advisor to Quarkchain, Loopring, Enecuum, Lydia.Capital, Coinsortium, Varanida, and many more.

Sam Marks, Advisor

  • Entrepreneur with 3 multimillion-dollar exits in 8 years.

Dan Tsui, Advisor

  • CEO at Kyokan Labs.
  • Contributor to various OSS projects in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Larry Gandt, Advisor

  • Sales Director at Ripple.

Amina Ebraham, Advisor

  • Director of Blockchain Initiative at Koch Industries.

AlphaChain, Investor

  • Prior investments in Mainframe, Libra Credit, and Quarkchain.

Esoteric Capital, Investor

  • No information on prior investments.

Noteworthy Partners

Team Members’ Areas of Expertise

Business experts

Neyma Jahan, Founder

  • Member, Board of Directors at SmartMat for almost 2 years (ongoing).
  • Founder of SmartMat for 4 years
  • CEO at WMaker Labs for 7 years.

Maziar Sadri, Product

  • Managing Partner at Summit Consulting for 9 years (ongoing).
  • Founder of NationalCatch for 2 years.
  • Research Associate at VentureOne for almost 3 years.

Will Mekemson, Outreach

Target market experts

Many members of the team are well-connected in the crypto scene and a number of them have market expertise. However, no team member has significant expertise in creating a unified data standard. Efforts are being made to remedy this with strategic advisor hires in the future.

Marketing experts

Maziar Sadri, Product

  • Marketing Team Lead for a year, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for 2 years and Relationship Marketing Manager for over a year at Yahoo.
  • Client Services Associate at SemiWeb for over a year.

Erica Blair, Communications

Will Mekemson, Outreach

Ryan Getz, Creative

  • Senior Marketing Consultant at Grab A Cloud for 7 years.
  • Marketing Director at Art Seen Alliance for 4 years.
  • Founder of GetzCreative, completing various freelance marketing projects, for 15 years.
  • Community Manager at Seamless Toy Company for 8 months.
  • Brand Manager at MartyParty for 8 months.

John Justus, Research

Meera Blair, Operations

  • Customer Solutions & Op. Specialist at Confident Financial Solutions for a year.
  • Administrative Coordinator at Freelance PA for a year.
  • Web & Graphic Design at Marenblair.com for 2 years.

Software engineering experts

Paul Hodgson, CTO

  • Senior Software Advisor at SmartMat for 9 months (ongoing).
  • Founder & Senior Developer at Codegnosis, a freelance consultancy, for 13 years (ongoing).
  • CTO at SmartMat for over 3 years.
  • CTO at youbundle.com for 2 years.
  • Senior Developer at Blue Lotus Group for 2 years.
  • Programming Contractor at Rivo Software for less than a year.
  • Data Warehousing Consultant at LexisNexis VisualFiles for half a year.
  • Technical Research Consultant at Royal Mail for over 3 years.
  • Web Developer at Sheffield Hallam University for over a year.
  • Github.

Maziar Sadri, Product

  • Founder & Software Architect at SmartMat for 5 years (ongoing)
  • Web Developer at SemiWeb for over 3 years.

Shawn Mclean, Architecture

  • CTO at Ankorus, an OTC securities exchange, for 7 months.
  • Founder & Architect at IvIAnalytics for over a year.
  • Lead Engineer for 2 years, Senior Flash Engineer for 3 years at Zynga.
  • Senior 3D Engineer at Kaneva for over a year.
  • Graphics Engineer at LucasArts for a year.
  • Tools Engineer at Electronic Arts for a year.
  • Github.

Indika Piyasena, Integration

Farshad Niayesh, Machine Learning

Ryan Getz, Creative

  • Web Developer at Pipeline Productions for 6 years.
  • Customer Service & Intranet Development at ServiceMagic for over a year.
  • Web Developer at joeisapunk.com for 2 years.

Blockchain development experts

Shawn Mclean, Architecture

  • CTO at Ankorus, an OTC securities exchange, for 7 months.

Farshad Niayesh, Machine Learning

Competitor Benchmark


  • $29.4M hard cap for 51% of total tokens (total valuation approx. 58M USD).
  • Current market cap of $6.6m.


  • $40M hard cap for 33.33% of total tokens (total valuation approx. 120M USD).
  • Current market cap of $5.4m


  • $27M hard cap for 49% of total tokens (total valuation approx. 54M USD).
  • Current market cap of $25m.



  • Moderate hard cap ($12M).
  • Awesome bounty program.
  • Strong advisory board (with executives from QuarkChain, Chromaway, RSK etc.).
  • Considerably strong team with expertise in software engineering and marketing.
  • No seed round, and no bonuses were given during private sale. This reduces the risk of the tokens being dumped during the TGE.

Potential risks for investors

  • The token’s use-case does not include incentivization for holding. However, changes are planned to that effect in the future.
  • With only 25% of tokens being sold, there is a high likelihood of inflation over time; especially with many parties having similar lock-up schedules.

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