Unique Method Applied by USDQ Project

All cryptocurrency platforms currently available will certainly offer a number of advantages or advantages by guaranteeing security and stability. Security and stability are indeed two basic things that need to be built and maintained by all platforms. But in reality, these two things cannot necessarily be realized to the fullest. This is certainly caused by various factors.

Therefore the USDQ cryptocurrecy platform offers several special methods, which can definitely guarantee stability. This method is a loan or credit service found on stablecoin. The first step taken by the user is to apply for the loan and provide a number of budgets. The amount given is of course having a higher selling value than the number of loans submitted. This is done because, if the given arrangement has the same selling value or a lower selling value. Then if something happens that causes the user to not be able to return the USDQ token, then the arrangement automatically belongs to USDQ. But it would be very detrimental if the sale value of the given bond dropped. Therefore, at least by giving a bond that has a higher selling value. So if there is a decrease in selling value, then he will still be able to replace a number of non-refundable USDQ tokens.

With all the facilities offered, there will also be no user time wasted. In addition there are also a number of additional advantages that are given, which are these advantages in the form of information services that provide accurate analysis relating to the trade market and cryptocurrency mining. Therefore in addition to obtaining loan facilities, users also get stability services.

The method offered by USDQ is one of the unique and new cryptocurency marketing strategies. Usually a guarantee of stability will be given if the user buys crypto coins or tokens in full. But on USDQ, users can enjoy all services offered only by submitting a loan request. Therefore, USDQ tokens are also called loan-based utility tokens.

One of the data that needs to be given when a user decides to make a loan proposal is the commission contained in the governance of Q DAO tokens. Therefore, through the token Q DAO users can determine some investment decision making that has the potential to affect other USDQ business ecosystems. The higher the profitability obtained by the user, the more productivity that must be done. Therefore, the higher the productivity intensity that the user goes through, the more varied the analysis and market predictions produced.

Every user who has a governance token Q DAO has the right to vote or choose the condition of a token that has high fluctuations, which has come out of the line of stability. So by holding a vote, users can choose to agree or disagree.

All collections obtained from users, will be stored securely in a special crypto wallet by using a private key. Therefore, users do not need to worry about the security facilities provided by USDQ. Because USDQ is not only responsible for maintaining security stability, but also the duty to safeguard all assets that have been entrusted by users to be managed. Of course this will make users more focused on doing productivity.

In addition to the principle of stability, USDQ also applies transparency policies in its financial system. This transparency service can users get by activating the scanner service feature. Where by utilizing this feature, users can view and review all transactions contained in the network system. Some of the things that users can access are the launch of USDQ tokens, repayment of loans and credit or loan schedules. So from that all of this will be displayed in detail, without being changed in engineering.

From the previous explanation we see that the owner of the governance Q Q DAO has the right to determine whether a token is suitable to be stabilized or not. But to include several token lists that fall into the problem category, this is a Q box task. Where previously the Q box will integrate mathematical algorithms, from here Q box can analyze cryptographic assets whose sales value drops past the specified line of stability.

All the features and features of USDQ cannot be separated from the sophistication of blockchain technology that ensures the security and speed of data transmission.


Website: https://usdq.platinum.fund/

Whitepaper: https://usdq.platinum.fund/whitepaper

BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5139238.0



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