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What is a network unit?
Network units are a way to design multi-player games, and developers can easily integrate multi-player functions. Create a platform where hardware owners can provide services to their owners, use Ethereal block chains and smart contract capabilities. Then gamers can get tokens from the platform by connecting the Wallet to the game account and becoming an active client. Therefore, the network unit has its own mining process in two very different but interesting ways to get tokens.
Unit networks are a way to decentralize multi-player games and give developers an easy way to integrate multi-player functionality. We will use Ethereal blockchain and its intelligent function to create a platform that allows hardware owners (service providers) to share bandwidth and CPU resources that are not used by developers who traditionally need their own servers to push multiplayer functions and get tokens to do so. Gamers can take tokens from the platform by connecting their wallets to their game accounts, so the client is a network unit that has a unique mining process in two very different but interesting ways to mine the token.
Administrative systems are an approach to decentralizing multi-player recreation and giving designers simple methods to coordinate the spotlight of many players. We will use the Ethereal blockchain and Smart Contract for audit. MAKE A Platform That Enables Owner Hardware (PROVIDER SERVICES) Share the capacity to transfer unused data and CPU assets WITH engineers who mostly need their own dedicated servers. to make tokens. At the same time it can have the capacity to separate chips from the stage by connecting them to their entertainment records to eventually become dynamic clients.
As such, organizational units have one form of mining information in two completely different but interesting approaches to separate tokens.
Verification Rundown is carried out arbitrarily between hubs or requests
Some hubs are associated with inspection procedures
Fame can be given by verification and check candidates
Clear popularity with terms without grunt (positive) and negative with complaints (negative)
Hold time, cheat nature and lots of it.
Confirm dynamic customers
Active users are players who are connected to them. This is done through our dashboard and not the game itself to avoid potential problems in the game market. This game will provide a unique code that users can enter into smart packaging to get prizes for playing. Behind him, it will back up with the ending keywords.
Problems that Occur in the Community?
Computational resources are wasted
Which is very rented and bandwidth is not used optimally. Incorrect Server Package, requires you to review MORE PLANNED Subscriptions Higher than Required, OR the average owner of a controlled computer Who uses it to browse the web for reviews, occasionally writing Candy Documents and Candy Games Are Specific Examples of Husbands.
Our solutions to all problems can be solved or selected by the network unit platform.
Trash becomes a treasure
There is a lot of processing power and unused bandwidth, the Network Unit intends to use it in heart Decentralized Infrastructure Controlled Blocking Games used for multi-player Savvy reviews cover costs and reliability.
Multiplayer functions can be easier and cheaper to integrate.
We integrate easily, Unity Asset developers can be free of complicated network code writing and the infrastructure that manages it. This will be available at Unity Asset Store, a very popular third party market for Unity Engine.
Players can extract chips by playing
Unique Network Units BECAUSE Their Verification Process Reward players who link their portfolios to their game accounts with tokens, because they help verify PROVIDER SERVICES. This will not only help increase the Active User Period, but CAN also attract new Players in your game Looking for new Ways to review extract marks and have fun in the process.
There are no unsold or remaining numbers. Minimum Goals Our minimum funding objectives for Crowd sales have been set to 3333 ETH. If the minimum is not After the completion of the main Crowd sale, all funds will be returned to the contributor, minus marketing and legal fees. The budget will be allocated as follows:
Price bonus
Unit Token Network
Users with more than 10,000 NU tokens will be able to get more tokens by hosting or relaying by renting their hardware
Developers who like to have multiplayer network solutions that are easily integrated, safe and stable can rent a unit infrastructure network using NU tokens.
The developer will receive a fine if one of their hosts is punished. This will be the token given by NU
The NU Token will be traded on the exchange
Active clients are players who participate in the verification process. They help make the network stronger and safer. For their participation, they receive a portion of the tokens given to masternode operators, based on their contribution.
For Game Developers
MMORPG allows many players to interact in the game world together. In general, MMORPG
Today’s models are free to play but premium content can be purchased. This model has attracted the attention of many users; most of them will not buy premium content. NU will also
An attractive option for developers who want to save on hosting costs to make it more reliable and speed up service. In addition, the development time can be reduced by using our multi-player framework which is flexible and not from the start.
The use of the “Free to Play” model was originally used to attract more players. This can be very difficult for developers who put their hearts and souls into the project only to find that the costs to maintain it are far greater than they expected. This puts them in an unfavorable situation because of the need to invest their own money just to keep their project alive. Every opportunity to save money is an opportunity to allow project developers to survive, giving them more time to improve and manage to solve it.
The “Free to Play” MMORPG model is not the only use for the NU platform. This is also beneficial for subscription-based multiplayer MMORPG and FPS games, each game-based or real-time-based title change that does not have a particular genre. There are opportunities to save money for better service is an advantage because it ensures that the profit margins are greater and the losses are minimal and, most importantly, the developer can save time.
For Service Providers
Holders of 10,000 + NU tokens will be eligible to rent their hardware to NU as a platform
Service provider. They will receive as a gift to rent their resources to the developer. This not only makes the network stronger and safer but also allows holders with the opportunity to mine by contributing to their hardware. This is a business that is very genuine and pure transaction where both parties have mutually beneficial arrangements.
For Active Clients
Active clients are players who have linked their wallets to their game accounts. Their role is to add an additional verification layer to the service provider. This is to make our network stronger
and more reliable. This not only encourages gamers to install or connect their wallets, but also gives these users the opportunity to mine while playing games that support their choice.
Masternodes Technical Features / Masternodes Service Providers will be asked to provide stock and run host applications. Host this application will serve requests based on the multiplayer framework
During pre sale Sale & Crowd, 55% of NU’s supply will be available for purchase (15817083 NU). The rest will be distributed as follows
The token that has not been withdrawn from our Smart contract resulted in NU tokens because it received contributions from ETH because that would be there

Roadmap for developing timeline

● Bad Badr Company Registration
● Release of Smash Wood 3D on iOS and Android

● El Mirador release on iOS and Android with the support of Cardboard VR
● Expansion of Holographic and VR Research & Development for applications, games and entertainment
● Experimentation of netcore viability for multiplayer server functionality

Q1 2017
● Research on the current Hosted Multiplayer Framework Solution
● Code Research Optimization for Dark Experiences in VR & Holo

Q2 2017
● UDP and RUDP library experiments
● Zombie Mocap Development
● Spatial Mapping Implementation for HoloZombies

Q3 2017
● Bled of State Political Fighting Game Release to iOS and Android.
● Application Unit Network Service Provider Proof of Concept Development

Q1 2018
● Early Smart Contract Development for Reputation Verification
● Evidence Network Unit Framework Release Concept Demo
● Get more Programmers as Contractors and / or Staff

Q2 2018
● Convert UDP and RUDP libraries to .netcore.
● Viability Study of TCP integration.
● Development of Initial Smart Contracts for Active Client Verification

Q3 2018
● Early Smart Contract Development for Standing Methods
● Initial launch of Service Provider applications

Q4 2018
● Release of Unity Asset Network Unit with the initial function of Real Time Action Networking.

Q1 2019
● Research on Blockchain storage and database resilience
● Release of Featured Titles 1

Q2 2019
● Control Integration of reliable RUDP and or TCP protocols

Q3 2019 ●
Title of Release of Flag 2

Q4 2019
● Release of the Next Phase Unity Asset Network Unit with TCP and / or RUDP functions.

Q1 2020
● Release Title Upload 3

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