Universal Ðecentralized Asset Platform – a Blockchain Middleware for Tokenizing Everything

Hi, Meet me again, I’m Syella, I will tell you about Udap ico, so check this out.

Udap is really a blockchain service which lets you create decentralized software and tokenize any resources without even writing complex contracts that are smart.

The team chose to produce the growth of smart contracts and also tokenization of resources offered to the typical user.

Along with their universal pocket for both bookkeeping and direction of distinct assets could turn into a highly effective tool for financial direction.

We utilized to programmers of fresh block-chain services or platforms criticizing Ethereum because of its low rate, vulnerability, and also”clumsiness” of their digital machine (EVM), that your Udap team additionally believes outdated in contrast to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and JavaScript v 8. Additionally, Ethereum comes with a limit about the programming language-only Solidity, that disrupts the progress of software for inexperienced developers.

Why UÐAP is so important?

The idea here is to solve the problems by adopting and using state channel technology.

For example, the issue of scalability can be tackled because the technology treats blockchain as the dispute adjudication platform that normally is involved in the minute-by-minute operations, but only plays its role when contracts need to be executed and very important assets need to be protected.

By leveraging state channel, transactions can run remotely off blockchain and with this arrangement cost is drastically cut down.

In addressing the concerns often raised regarding privacy, UDAP gives users the technology to control the visibility of their assets.

Finally, as it concerns the degree of responsiveness, the platform by leveraging state channels would enable blockchain supported applications to provide the best possible UX in addition to a number of special features of decentralized ledgers.

It should be noted that UDAP does not in any way represent a generic State Channel framework. It is rather an implementation of State Channels that are guided to the applications that deal with non-fungible assets.

UPX Token 

UDAP Foundation issues the UDAP token (also known as UPX token). UPX tokens are used to make deposits required to become a UDAP service consumer. Transaction fees, gas payments (i.e. smart contract execution fees) and persistent storage payments are also usually collected in UPX tokens.

UPX tokens are implemented using the Ethereum ERC20 standard. The Total Supply is 10,000,000,000.UPX tokens can be acquired in the following ways: Token Distribution Event (TDE) Purchase of UPX tokens from secondary markets, such as cryptocurrency or token exchanges Airdrop (this method is intended as a means of popularizing the UDAP).

Token Details

Token – UPX

Platform – Ethereum

Type – ERC20

PreICO price 1 UPX = 0.0164 USD

Price in ICO – 0.0083 USD

Tokens for sale – 4,000,000,000



ሆ Q4 2017 – RESEARCH COMPLETED, Coding started, Core Team built up.

ሆ Q1 2018 – UDAP FOUNDATION LAUNCHED, Technical white papers released, Started coding Proof-of-Concept prototypes and demos.

ሆ Q2 2018 – UDAP CONCEPT COMPLETED, Expand eco-system and community.

ሆ Q3 2018 – UDAP MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT(MPV) DEPLOYED AND RELEASED, State channel modules complete, Harvest Asset Wallet (MVP) released, First app – UMedia (MVP) released.

ሆ Q4 2018 – UDAP MIDDLEWARE V0.4 RELEASED, Harvest Asset Wallet & UMedia officially released.

ሆ Q2 2019 – UDAP MAINNET INFRASTRUCTURE V0.5 BUILT AND SHARED, More business partner’s application released.

ሆ Q4 2019 – UDAP MAINNET DEPLOYED, C2C Asset Marketplace released, More community projects kicked off

ሆ Q1 2020 – UDAP MIDDLEWARE V1.0 OPERATED, C2C Asset Marketplace operated.

More Information Visit the link below: 

Website: https://www.udap.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.udap.io/whitepapers/UDAP-Whitepaper-English-v08.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/udapfoundation

Twitter: https://twitter.com/udapfoundation

Telegram: https://t.me/udapcommunity

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