Advertisement is a very essential tool for creating awareness about several products and services and has been discovered as an effective marketing strategy that boosts the sales of goods and services. Advertisement these days is not limited to fliers, TV and radio commercials alone but has included the social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp where according to research more sales are made especially because all these platform have an instant feedback avenue where advert owners can contact consumers directly.

However advertisement through the use of social media messengers are limited hugely and this is because its application faces a couple of challenges such as increase in financial costs needed to run it, lack of means to evaluate whether it reaches its target audience or not, lack of transparency between advert owners and advert sites especially regarding payments of commissions, tediousness of choosing which advertisement channel can be suit different purpose etc.

There is therefore a need to even all these odds associated with the use instant messengers which is exactly why UMC was created with all in one features which will alleviate all these challenges and create an avenue for the effective management of paid contents and the implementation of smart contract enabled advertisements in instant messengers.


This is a blockchain technology enabled platform with artificial intelligence backing which will be the first of its kind as it is created for the sole purpose of helping users manage paid content and in the generation of smart contracts powered advertising to be used in instant messengers

How UMC works

The UMC platform is created on the basis of smart contracts and artificial intelligence which will make the process of advertisement through instant messengers easy, trustworthy and comfortable especially considering the fact that all transactions occurring are through a simple user interface and managing of advertisements for different types of users e.g. individuals, corporate bodies etc without the need to pay extra.


The platform also supports the use of integrated exchange system with an in built wallet to be used in storing tokens and for the exchange of fiat currencies to universal marketing company coin or from one cryptocurrency to another with ease and this allows payment with different cryptocurrencies possible since they will be exchanged to UMCC token first.

The platform makes use of the blockchain technology to remove various problems faced in marketing and this is done by ensuring transparency concerning all activities regarding payment, allow borderless payments through the use of UMCC token.

Tokenized economy
The token of this platform is known as Universal marketing company coin which can be otherwise denoted as UMCC and is structured based on the ERC-20 standard.


It provides a means by which users can get advertisement easily regardless of where they are in the world without increase in commission or the addition of other charges.

It provides an avenue for users where they can pay advertisement providers through the use of the UMCC token that is powered by the platform
The price of the UMCC token is very cheaper and upon acquisition of this token, users gain access and enjoy all the different functions the platform has to offer.

In conclusion, the UMC platform will totally change the outlook of marketing by empowering users with the ability to select the type of adverts they want to see while also effectively managing them.

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