Universal Recognition Token (URT)

The Job Sector has dependably been the go to calling for any designing or examining understudy. They endeavor to get a 9 to 5 paying employment with every one of the advantages that the organization furnishes with it, for example, increases, rewards and extraordinary advantages for their family and wellbeing. This is all the more so in the creating and immature countries where occupations at a corporate office is viewed as something equal to owning the entire organization that they are working at.

Each and every understudy is in the rodent race and that isn’t terrible, since they need to maintain themselves and their family and the most straightforward route other than to begin a business is to land a paying corporate position. It likewise furnishes them with a suspicion that all is well and good that they’ll get the compensation for the measure of work they put in, not at all like in a business where it might fluctuate radically and has a touch of fortunes on play as well.

Be that as it may, at the present guidelines, these augmentations and rewards are very little of impactful as they were previously and with the way of life rising each year, with swelling in play and the administration acquiring stricter standards and more duties to be paid, these rewards and advantages look small. Likewise, the organizations are not deliberately granting their performing staff and representatives, it is only that there exists no stage where they can track and furnish with legitimate advantages that they merit for the measure of work that they’ve put in.

There is additionally the way that these rewards and rewards for good execution have never been changed much since it was first presented and it may be the case that it is superfluous in current principles. It was made taking into concern the gauges of the past. This implies they get the same rewards and augmentations that was allowed when the everyday conditions were unique.

Widespread Recognition Token Platform

They plan on taking care of the previously mentioned issues by making a stage in light of Blockchain that will encourage the organizations and industry better track their workers execution and reward them in like manner, proposing specific prizes as indicated by their profiles, territory, foundation and impactful on their lives and effortlessly redeemable by them.

This stage being controlled by the Blockchain implies that it is significantly more secure and the information is considerably more secure than the conventional principles. It is additionally decentralized and the intensity of say does not lie in the hands of the organizations or people. It is additionally straightforward, permitting the approved and clients to have the capacity to check the exchanges, exchanges and workings of the stage.

ICO and Team

They plan on controlling their stage by presenting the Universal Recognition (URT) Token which depends on Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token standard. They are yet to report the dates and points of interest on their Crowd Sale as of composing.

The Founders and rest of the group has satisfactory involvement in Software Development, Blockchain, HR, Community Management and Design individually. The warning board comprises of famous and experienced Business Owners, Business Developers, Professors, CEO, Blockchain Advisors, Analysts, Investors, Entrepreneurs who additionally bring along their aptitude in fields of Business Development, Marketing, Blockchain, Investments and Finance.


The reality of the matter is that the greater part of the endowments, prizes, coupons and vouchers go unredeemed and this has occurred with a significant number of us as well. This is on account of either the reward is improper or difficult to reclaim expecting you to invest considerably more exertion than what you’d put in to get the reward.

This is a truly specialty field with very little rivalry and they appear to have great token financial aspects set up. The group appears a bit too little and not as different as other Blockchain Project.

It stays to be checked whether they can convey on their guarantee and they could have a go at expanding themselves later on.

Website – https://urtoken.net/
Whitepaper – https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/urtoken/URT-WPv07b.pdf
ANN – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4550909.0
Telegram – https://t.me/ur_token

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