Unlimited shipping with low cost can only be found in Shipit

Shipit Background Formed

Millions of people deliver packets every day. However, most senders experience problems with costly delivery services, late delivery, and also have high risks such as lost or damaged.

services provided by the government have not been efficient and costly. In addition, private companies are also the same, can not reduce operating costs so that the cost is re-charged in the cost to be in the responsibility of the customer.

About Shipit

Shipit is a collection of ideas and best practices for courier services, crowdsource and crowdshipping.We have created the best business practice design to create effective, efficient and unique services and low cost.

Just as Uber and BlaBlaCar have become a part of everyday life, Shipit will be an indispensable delivery tool because of the security and very low cost.

The idea developed by Shipit

a mobile app that can connect senders and travelers around the world. This is a cost-effective, fast and accountable solution for the delivery of the package.

In addition, this is a very good opportunity for travelers to earn the extra money they travel.Shipit can manage all shipments through its platforms, to make the complicated process simpler, and manage the delivery tools.

The application developed by Shipit is the first application to use smart contracts and blockchain as a tool to connect.

The purpose of Shipit

is to create an alternative platform for express delivery based on socialist economic principles, blockchain, and unlimited delivery.

Main feature

  • No customs fees or taxes, if the item is suitable for personal or small items and according to the law is free of charge.
  • The probability of theft or damage is lower, due to a reviews-based system then travelers will be more responsible.
  • Delivery to individuals and legal entities.
  • The cost is lower than using the delivery service because Sipit does not use the employee but the person on the monitor.
  • Personal communication by delivering travelers.
  • No documents and bureaucracy, this is more effective and efficient
  • The received from the sender is distributed fairly by the system.

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How it works

This app is very simple and intuitive. You just need to take a snapshot of the items you want to send using your smartphone camera, then select the range of shipping territory you want, set the size and value of the goods and the price you pay for the shipment.

after the system matches the input data, then the system will select the data of some travelers who have good data. after that, the customer can communicate with the candidates, the best choice how many in your hand, submit your goods and track at the time of delivery.

Shipit will verify its users and monitor all shipments. interactive applications that make deliveries simple and fast and security guaranteed.

Target Market

The Asia-Pacific region has long been a major focus for multinational corporations, as supply chains have gone through a process of globalization, and the demand for Western countries to export to the Asian region has increased.

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conclusions that I can understand

Sipit has a good program and there are also similar programs and running well. What matters to me is the scope or range of this unlimited business is the advantage of this program in itself.

The program is also creative, unique and different from others. If the program runs in accordance with the planned program then this will be successful in the market later.

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